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  1. Triple M is playing the call from last night right now if anyone wants to sync the coverage
  2. I've been able to keep myself distracted. Watched the Ryder Cup this morning, went to work for a couple of hours to do some Grand Final Grazing Box deliveries and now I'm home. I went via Nathan Jones house this morning and gave him a freebie as a congratulations on his twins and career. Now I'm going to dominate the races at sandown, have my first beer in 5 weeks and enjoy the arvo
  3. Ripper of a message on Jason Bennett's linkedin page last week
  4. True I had forgotten about that. Another option could be to chromecast from the 7+ app, pause it from there and then sync it to SEN...
  5. SEN app is generally about 30 seconds delayed from live. If you have the ability to pause live tv (either via kayo, foxtel etc) I'd be pausing your live tv for 30 seconds and getting it into sync with the broadcast via the SEN app
  6. I was at the 2017 GF with my old man. Both as neutrals (via MCC ballot). My old man got up and left 5 mins into the last qtr and said to me "I can't sit here and watch these bastards win one before us"...I lasted until full time. The last 15 minutes when everyone in the ground knew the game was over was absolutely party time in the stands and there was outpour of emotion. As I was walking back to Richmond station I was walking head on into 30k people going from Punt Rd oval back to the MCG. As I sat on the train going home I thought 'I can't wait for this to be us'...fast forward nearly 12 months as I walked out of the MCG after we had just beaten Hawthorn in the Semi. I was daring to dream. Alas it wasn't meant to be. Fast forward 3 years and the world has been flipped on its head. Regardless of your position & fall out of covid, the last 18 months have been totally awful. Personally, if I didn't have footy to watch I don't know where I'd be. Would I love to be at the MCG this Saturday? 100%...would I settle with watching us win a flag for the first time in 57 years on TV? 100%. A bit like how Andrew Gaze said (when Australia were going for gold in the basketball) "I think of those that have been along for the journey have their DNA on this". If we win, the Premiership Cup it will have my DNA on it, my old man's, Nathan Jones, Neale Daniher, Jim Stynes - it will have all of our DNA all over it! I'll look forward to the unfurling of the flag in front of our 70,000 members. Go Dees!
  7. Not saying he's best 22 as he clearly isn't, but set shot 40m out directly in front in a grand final - he's the bloke I'd have kicking for goal
  8. It sounds like he is advertising on the behalf of a friend. I can't see a link or contact details at the moment. I'll let you know if I come across any
  9. Is it the same bloke on Facebook posting this?
  10. Not sure. The question was asked on Twitter but no answer. There was a digital copy of the preliminary final record so presumably there would be a grand final one
  11. Hopefully a nice piece of memorabilia to keep. On sale next Monday at 7 eleven, supermarkets & newsagents
  12. I'm in an odd position where I have access to the Jones address via work. We're delivering Grand Final Grazing Boxes and I'd love to buy him one and deliver it to him, but I'm also aware that's its a breach of privacy.
  13. We've knocked up a 'Grand Final Grazing Box' at work so I'll be on the road delivering those. The initial plan was to have them all out by Friday but I reckon I'll leave a few for Saturday to fill in time. I'll get the quaddie at Flemington and let the good times roll into the big game.
  14. MFC only (No particular order:) • Jeff Farmer vs Hawthorn 1998 at Waverley (ran length of the field) • Adem Yze vs Freo 2008 at MCG (checkside on the run from the boundary) • Adem Yze vs Adelaide at the MCG 2002 Semi Final • Peter Vardy vs Adelaide at the MCG 2002 Semi Final • Andrew Leoncelli vs Adelaide at Football Park 2001 match winner • Max Gawn after the siren round 23 2021 match winner • Tom Mcdonald vs West Coast 2017 match winner • Travis Johnstone vs Essendon 2006 Elimination Final after Whelan had just decked Hird • Jack Watts vs Collingwood Queens Birthday 2017 sealer • Mitch Hannan vs Geelong Elimination Final 2018 • David Neitz vs Hawthorn 2002 MCG. Came out of full forward at a million miles an hour and put McCabe on his backside and snapped the goal • Jeff White match winner vs Western Bulldogs MCG 2005 • Jake Melksham vs Hawthorn MCG 2018 Semi Final • Christian Salem vs Essendon MCG 2014 match winner • Clayton Oliver vs Adelaide 2017 AAMI Stadium
  15. I prefer this one from the 90s (which may or may not be in tattoo territory if we win)
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