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  1. Won’t need a little blue pill to fly the flag if we win!
  2. I watched the full replay today as part of my pregame warm up. Apart from the obvious sublime game from Max, it is easy to overlook how great Trac, Clarrie and Viney were. They belted the Cats midfield. I would love to see Jack get the Norm Smith - his final series has been immense.
  3. No horlicks for Old Dee tonight - he has to stay awake until the end.
  4. Hang in there old Dee. Crank up the pacemaker, charge the defibrillator and enjoy the ride
  5. and Bailey Smith, Liberatore, The Bont, Daniel, Treloar….,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. Strange that Langdon or ANB didn’t poll, and Salem only in one game - confirms that if you are not a mid-fielder don’t bother, the award doesn’t apply to you.
  7. Clutch Cargo is his doppelgänger
  8. 31 votes would have won it most years. Never mind, the Norm Smith is his.
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