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  1. Clarrie Trac Sparrow Lever Spargo Jordon
  2. We should remember they are coming off a 6 day break and travel to and from WA. Has to be an explanation for the slow start.
  3. A lot down including Bowza, Petty, Gus, Melksham, Hunt. Langdon out. Will be happy to win whatever the margin.
  4. Looks like Harmes will miss. TBC is never good.
  5. I think freeing him of the captaincy has been good for him - it seemed it was a burden that impacted his focus on football. He is a critical cog in the midfield wheel. He breaks packs apart allowing Trac and Clarrie etc to mop up the spills. I just love what he is contributing.
  6. Max is the only ruckman on the leader board so shaping up for a 6 times AA
  7. As long as he doesn’t get pinged for holding the ball
  8. Totally disagree. It was hard to fault our backline as a unit. I think he was on Ryan a lot of the time and beat him comfortably. I just wish he wouldn’t do those dump kicks into dangerous spots.
  9. They look at the result which was a badly concussed player. With the duty of care you’re assumed to be guilty, rightly or wrongly
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