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  1. he has been crippled by injury and recovery is doubtful.
  2. No way are we as good as the dogs. We crapped in our own nest on the back of some lazy losses, consistently poor selection and average game day coaching. Our top half dozen players are ok, the rest below AFL standard. The only thing we got right is the fitness/medical department which only emphasises how poor the rest of the Club has been.
  3. A chronic poor decision maker. Time to cut him loose. As for Hunt and Trac - what morons. How could they not know that behaviour is unacceptable? Our Club is bereft of leadership and commitment to non - negotiables
  4. Agree re Tomlinson. He has been solid since going down back. His disposal efficiency is fantastic. He is looking like a good pickup.
  5. If that’s the effort he gives in such an important game it means he needs to go.
  6. Melksham should have a good look at this kids pressure acts and hang his head in shame.
  7. For those criticising Eddie, be mindful that he is recovering from an Oro-rectal anastomosis
  8. You know what will be the last thing to go through his mind when he hits the windscreen, don’t you
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