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  1. That stinks. Every effort should be made to give the wannabes a game. They must be incredibly frustrated at not being able to play and press for selection.
  2. I doubt Jane is very happy with that comparison
  3. For once I agree with Robbo - he said Melbourne played like smartarses. 100% right. This loss was attitudinal.
  4. They’re not circling but running away fast
  5. Choco will be very unhappy with the poor skill execution- so many outs on the full, turnovers and missed set shots.
  6. TMac - was fully dilated Sparrow - caught too often Petty - shades of OMac Weed - over and out JJ - a consistent performer Kozzie - doesn’t do enough Goodwin - a wakeup call Chook Fowler - seriously peed off
  7. This is more like what have been dished up in the past - a lazy, insipid brain dead performance. Buckley out coached Goodwin comprehensively.
  8. T Mac - a late withdrawal with a phantom pregnancy
  9. I may well find myself in the stocks for sedition
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