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  1. I must admit I got emotional while reading his statement today. I’ll never forget his performances during arguably the darkest days the club has seen. In footy terms they were nothing short of heroic. The bloke will always be a favourite son. Thanks for everything, Jonesy.
  2. I’m struggling to understand the narrative developing that the Dogs are the “story of the year” and it will be the “greatest flag ever” if they win it. Why? Because they lost games they shouldn’t towards the end of the regular season which dropped them into fifth? Is that what makes them the “story of the season”? Failure? I don’t mind the Dogs. I’m just a bit perplexed how their story trumps that of a historical cellar dweller finally coming good to dominate all comers and break a 57 year premiership drought. But maybe I’m biased.
  3. This bump is in the Voss on Richardson category. Epic.
  4. Those hands. They’re like supersized baseball gloves coated in some kind of glorious adhesive.
  5. As for Max, that is one of the all time great finals games. It’s one thing to be recognised as a great player but not every great player has a game that opposition fans will remember and talk about for generations. Max just chalked up one of those games. It’s a strange one for Melbourne fans when you hear and read people saying, “gee, how good is Max Gawn?”. Like it’s some kind of awakening. Yes, we know. That’s why we laugh at the NicNat comparisons. That’s why the All Australian captaincy selection was an obvious one. The dude is an out and out superstar. He is, by a long, long way, the best ruckman in the game.
  6. I know right? He’s every bit as good a pick up as Rivers. Did he make a single mistake last night? I don’t recall one.
  7. Well that is a heartbreaker no matter how you paint it.. I hope he is placing it all in perspective. On ya Jonesy.
  8. My pies mate who has literally never said anything complimentary about Melbourne in his life texted me one word during the third quarter: “GAWN!!!!” I said in the pre game thread that I was hoping for us to give them a belting they would never forget. For it to actually happen is a surreal feeling.
  9. Make it 100+ boys. Please. Make this dream complete.
  10. Hope Dangerflop is proud of himself with that effort.
  11. You can deadest put thr glasses down every time Chuckie has the ball in hand. Doesn’t miss.
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