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  1. The thing with Hawkins is that he has a history of a short fuse. It’s more likely it was accidental, but with him you can never be sure.
  2. 6. Viney 5. Gawn 4. Lever 3. Petracca 2. Oliver 1. Fritsch HM: Langdon
  3. They tried their best to duck and elbow their way to a win but class won out. 4 zip baby!
  4. How we are not 10 goals ahead I don’t know.
  5. This. Commentators ruling out the possibility of it being intentional are obviously unfamiliar with who Tom Hawkins is.
  6. Hawkins elbow to the head. Concussion test happening.
  7. lol suck it Selwood. Some of your own medicine.
  8. Fritta needs to get his head in the damn game.
  9. We really should get this done. Wet weather makes me nervous as we have a tendency not to play to the conditions. But surely we’ve learned that lesson by now. All part of our growth, maturity and insert other buzzword. The Gawn/Jackson split of ruck duties will be one to watch again. It worked well against the Giants with Gawn being a real presence going forward. Geelong will likely concede the taps much like the Lions did against Grundy so we need to be awake to that and make best use of the big man with the armband. Also interested in how Clarry handles a likely O’Connor tag,
  10. They are really teeing off on Grundy over there. It’s amazing. Imagine these kind of posts being made about Gawn. “At what point is he traded for a 2nd rounder to get his utterly ridiculous salary off our books? Not even a joke now, completely serious discussion needs to be had. Beaten by a retired 35 year old ruck coach today whose body is held together with tape” “It was a bad contract even when he playing well....” ”Grundy should offer to take a pay cut. I’m serious. It would be the gesture of someone really invested in the club.” ”Send a message to this bloke!! Drop him
  11. So apparently no Hurn = no Eagles. They’ve been a disaster down back.
  12. The 1.9 scoreline is symptomatic of our year. We were good enough to be playing in the granny, just lacked that composure. Well done girls. Go again next year and plenty of goal kicking practice in the off season.
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