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  1. Deserved. Silly and unnecessary from Koz. Copt the week and move on.
  2. I used to hate it when oppo fans would say they beat us “without getting out of first gear” but it applies here. Outside of Maysie and Trac doing Maysie and Trac things, it kinda felt like we did that with ease. Crows threw the kitchen sink at us and we were the schoolyard bully holding them back at arm’s length. Feels good.
  3. May our best player so far playing with broken ribs. Superstar.
  4. That one handed grab from Trac and finish from Koz deserved a better commentator than BT.
  5. He’s absolutely the greatest ruckman since Cox. The debate is really how he compares with Cox. This is from a Hawks supporter on Bigfooty. I echo these sentiments: ‘Gawn is the best ruckman ever.... Up there with Polly. Definitely the best in my time of watching the footy. Better than Madden. Better than Stynes. Better than Cox. It's just incredible to see someone 209cm tall who thinks so quickly on his feet and uses his hands so skilfully to win the contested ball and get it over to Petracca, Oliver, Viney, etc with clever handballs and tap ons. He is a unicorn. Weird thing to say about a 6-time All Australian & premiership captain, but I still don't think people really appreciate just how good he is. Taken for granted, I think. His brilliant play isn't eye-popping like a Naitanui. He is just a natural footballer who provides a steady stream of excellence for the Dees. Great endurance running too, to get up and down the ground like he does. Works his [censored] off. You don't notice his running like the quick 198cm-200cm guys, but he is a hell of an athlete. Fit as f**k. 32 years old and still blowing up his younger adversaries. Runs up and down the ground and racks up the disposals like Dean Cox Always get the first hand to the ball for the hitout and provides his mids with an armchair ride... just like Aaron Sandilands. Gives his team a 4th midfielder in the centre square clearance battles... just like Nick Naitanui Controls games with big pack marks across half back line.... just like Jimmy Stynes Goes forward and takes huge marks inside fifty and kicks goals... just like Simon Madden He's got the lot! Just always involved in the action like no ruckman I've ever seen.‘
  6. He can’t shake the “Melbourne are a soft walkover club” mantra. He’s run with it for too long to turn his back on it now and damn any evidence to the contrary. It’s pathetic. He does seem to genuinely love Max although I’m sure he wishes he wore just about any other jumper.
  7. The ‘steal’ debate is an interesting one. I get the statistical argument but on the eye test it just felt like a classic game of momentum swings. We arrested theirs when we needed to and took full advantage of ours when we had them. Not to mention coming home with a wet sail which should be praised in any sport. As Max himself noted we are often on the other end of those types of battles so a refreshing change and a damn good win.
  8. Also is there a dentist shortage in Adelaide? Some of those crowd shots were the stuff of nightmares.
  9. 6. Nibbler 5. Gawn 4. Petracca 3. Rivers 2. Brown 1. Lever
  10. Yep, that was special. When you imagine a great Benny Brown game that is exactly what comes to mind. Fantastic work rate, continually leading up at the ball and a dead eye dick in front of goal. The big fella is a difference maker when he plays like that. One of Nib’s best games in the red and blue. Windsor is going to be a star. Midfield stars stood up when it mattered. JV choking up post match said it all. One of those wins that just make you proud to support this footy club.
  11. Or 99 times out of 100. Garbage call and very costly.
  12. We could win a three-peat and Brereton would still think we weren't much chop.
  13. I wonder how this goose is feeling? https://www.sen.com.au/news/2024/02/07/brereton-predicts-his-2024-top-four-and-doubles-down-on-collingwood-dynasty “Collingwood are Collingwood, they're going to be good. I mentioned this to you last year, this could be the start of a dynasty,” Brereton said.
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