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  1. Her hand was kind of forced. We’ve looked like the goddamn Melbourne Globetrotters in pre season. I’ve had to take numerous cold showers after each game.
  2. Pretty excited to see Riv getting more midfield time. He has the build that could see him really excel. Hunter is going to be an important pick up on that evidence. Not sure if he missed a single target. Hoping that was a sign of things to come from BBB. He was solid. Love JVR’s follow up when the ball hits the ground. You can tell he has a great attitude.
  3. Returning from a knee injury apparently.
  4. Enjoyed the commentator talking about the Saints needing to find a way past Tom Petty as the spare man down back.
  5. New cult hero. In my living room he will be anyway. Let’s go Joshy boy!!
  6. Glad this wasn’t us. Cats would’ve done this to anyone today. Too good.
  7. Oh well, at least the Lions got the reality check they deserve. Eventually.
  8. Imagine being the team that put them into this game.
  9. They should be utterly embarrassed.
  10. Hard not to be disheartened watching this. Losing to this Lions side at home. Good lord.
  11. Means very little but my god that game had some of the worst non calls for HTB I think I’ve ever seen. Cats would’ve belted us, and likely will do the same to the Lions, so that’s all I’m taking solace in. Hopefully JVR plays Round 1 next year.
  12. Titan is always bang on the money.
  13. Oliver lifting and we needed him to
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