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  1. Gawn (C), Viney (VC), May, Trac Four players is enough, although I wouldn’t object to Salem as the fifth. It’s time for those in his age bracket to take the reigns. Oliver is another year away from inclusion in terms of maturity and Lever needs to concentrate solely on getting back to his best.
  2. Found it interesting the article says Oliver will take the mantle. As good as Clarry is, Petracca seems the more likely one to take the mantle.
  3. That Rivers for AA prediction in the Foxsports article is very left field. If the authors don’t have a soft spot for Melbourne then clearly young Trent gained more attention from the neutrals last year than I thought.
  4. Back again for another year of predicting our footy fortunes or lack thereof. Due to popular demand, there is now a template! Points will be allocated to determine a winner with 1 point for each correct answer unless otherwise indicated. I’ve included an 'Other MFC predictions' field for those who want to go off road with their prognostications. Only non-obvious predictions will earn a point. Predicting Oliver to have more than 15 possessions against North will not earn a point. Happy ball gazing. DCB Honour roll 2016 - wretched.sylph 2017 - ding 2018 - Skuit 2019 -
  5. Pies have imploded to an extent rarely seen. I don’t see them recovering and heads eventually rolling seems inevitable. I’m unconvinced the Saints are the real deal as they still have a void in top end talent. I’ll back us in but it is largely based on hope. A lot still hinges on getting the forward mix right. Swans are my smokey to bounce back in a big way next year. Got better as the year progressed and will add a generational key forward into the mix. Pies and Saints to be replaced by Dees and Swans.
  6. Like a visit to the buffet after Stewie Dew has filled up his plate, options were limited this year. No-one predicted the world shutting down, playing in empty stadiums, the season stopping after Round 1 and almost abandoned altogether because an Irishman got sick. Lift your game, ball gazers. Anyhow, on the weight of it (sorry Stewie), the winner is this admirable effort from @Bring-Back-Powell: DCB Honour roll 2016 - wretched.sylph 2017 - ding 2018 - Skuit 2019 - Demon Dude 2020 - Bring-Back-Powell See you all again after the draft for a n
  7. Geelong coughing up 13, 15 and 20 for Cameron. Wow.
  8. Isn’t 2021 meant to be the draft loaded up with talent? Interesting choice to be giving away our first rounder but the club has earned the faith on these matters. Perhaps we will trade our way back in.
  9. Not that it matters much but he also seems like a ripper fella off the field. It takes a very likeable character for me to still like them once they pull on a Norf jumper. Very happy he’s now a Demon.
  10. An essential swap of Preuss for Brown would be an outstanding result.
  11. Roos was easier to judge from the outside. He’s the kinda guy who as a supporter you wanted to pull the boots on for. Goodwin clearly isn’t of that mould. Whatever his leadership qualities they are clearly more subtle and better judged from the inner circle.
  12. Surprised by this. Not a definite yes but not a definite no either. He can play. It’s about the scope for improvement.
  13. I’m okay with this but he simply must improve the defensive side of his game. 1.2 tackles a game isn’t anywhere near good enough. He can and must improve on this in 2021.
  14. What’s wrong with Milkshake? Geeze. Next you’ll be telling me that Pedo and Fritzl aren’t good nicknames.
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