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  1. Yep, seeing the winner celebrate was going to be vomit worthy no matter the outcome.
  2. Tigs look annoyingly ominous. Melbourne v Richmond GF would be off the scale.
  3. My god Jack Viney is fun to watch when he plays like that.
  4. Solid turnout tonight. Keep it up guys and girls. We’re back in business.
  5. 6. Viney 5. Lever 4. Oliver 3. Jackson 2. Harmes 1. Gus HM: Fritta, Nib, Trac
  6. Among Viney’s top 5 games for the club? Has to be up there.
  7. Don’t concede don’t concede don’t concede don’t concede…
  8. Liking his game so far. Having a proper dip.
  9. Lever immeasurably better with May back in.
  10. To be fair we haven’t looked like a top 2 side for a month or more.
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