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  1. Me and Mrs P have our tickets and beanies ready to go. Can’t bloody wait.
  2. He was condescending towards Richmond for years. Not so much any more. He loves a whipping boy and until we have ultimate success we will be one of them. He is campaigning hard on the throwing thing. Goes after the Dogs players for it as well, not just Claz. Perhaps I’m biased cause I didn’t see many if any throws in that vision. I think the key to Dermie is not take him too seriously. But I understand getting riled up over the lack of respect. BT is a prime offender which would be tolerable if he wasn’t such a dumb oaf at the same time.
  3. I’ve routinely pumped up the recruitment of May but the time has some to give equal plaudits for the recruitment of Lever. We can talk about all the positive changes at the club but one that stands out is the calibre of on-field leaders and Jake is a vitally important one, the way he marshals the troops and dishes out the odd deserved bake. On top of that whole statistically greatest intercept marker of all time to this point of a season. I don’t know how many times I bemoaned what we gave up to get him. I’ll ballpark it at a comfortable three. But I take them all back. He’s a shiny,
  4. From watching the coverage, the place seemed to be buzzing considering it was a crowd of 13,000. It usually has the atmosphere of a librarian’s funeral but I guess all it needed was some enthusiastic supporters.
  5. 6. Petracca 5. Oliver 4. McDonald 3. Gawn 2. Spargo 1. Jackson
  6. Bloody hell. I actually forgot about the absence of Langdon. After worrying about it all pre game. Love the Spargs pump ups. I can’t think of another player I want with ball in hand forward of centre. He just does not waste it. Ever.
  7. Best win of the year for mine. To steamroll them like that in the second half. Incredibly impressive. That’s the win that gets the last doubters on board. If you don’t believe now you never will.
  8. Well, it got interesting alright. 63-15 since halftime.
  9. Brilliant response. Just needed Weid and Koz to kick those sodas.
  10. Those misses just kill you. We should be three goals up.
  11. Holy crap, Max getting a 50. Write down the date.
  12. I’m a Weid fan but when you’ve done nothing all night you simply have to kick that.
  13. I reckon this Petracca kid might be a keeper.
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