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  1. Okay I’m now barracking for Richmond to get flogged.
  2. Lynch and Riewoldt immeasurably more unlikeable than Hawkins imo.
  3. I like how Dusty changing his boots is worthy of some camera time.
  4. Who the hell am I meant to be barracking for here? The thought of either team winning is repulsive.
  5. Voss is at least a welcome addition to tje commentary in that he has the runs on the board without the disgrace, he isn’t a moron, and he doesn’t treat the audience like morons. A rare thing indeed for Seven.
  6. Not a fan of the night GF. Feels weird and wrong.
  7. I’m just glad the Grand Final is featuring two likeable teams with so many likeable players.
  8. We are still a KPF short but that’s not news to anyone and doesn’t lessen Weid’s long term value. There were some very promising signs this year. On his current trajectory he’s in for a big 2021.
  9. I’d have him back in a heartbeat but I just can’t see it happening. Would be quite the 180.
  10. Decided to pop over to the Carlton board to see what they were saying about the Oliver rumour. The very first post I read said that Pick 7 should get the deal done. I closed out and reminded myself it’s never a good idea to pop over to the Carlton board.
  11. I’m not sure he has been managed as well as he could have been at the Pies in terms of getting that mid-forward balance right. He was damn near unplayable on QB 2018 when he tore us apart playing out of the centre. He just seems to have hit a ceiling with his development. Funny to think Trac was once considered a poor man’s De Goey. How the tables have turned.
  12. Almost fell off my chair when watching 360’s “Real or overreaction” segment and the question popped up on whether or not there was a lineup for Braydon Preuss. Fair to say I never expected Preussy to be a discussion point on one of the main AFL talk shows. Whateley said it was “realish” while going on to say that the “idea“ of Preuss would appeal to some clubs. By which I assume he meant a ready made, physical, old style ruckman, fresh from an apprenticeship under the game’s premier big man. I’d be amazed if we got anything more than a third rounder in total value. That said, if I we
  13. My favourite moment of the night was when the halfback line of Haynes, Moore and Byrne-Jones was announced, and Riewoldt and Brown had to wax lyrical about how they’d struggle to get a kick playing against such an imposing defence. They’d have had a field day playing on those three.
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