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  1. What a waste of a year. We have the talent but I fear we came into the year with some complacency, and refused to learn anything from our losses. We lost pretty much every single game the same way, and nobody did anything about it. Same kicks to the pocket, long bombs etc. Predictable and boring. No dynasty for this team, that's just talk Maxy. You have got to earn that with grit, every single game. We need some forwards, hunger and try to catch up other teams who will also want to be dynasties. Ugh. Lame way to end the year.
  2. That's holding the ball every day of the week. And that 50 BS
  3. Who'd have thought Petty is alright up forward... I wonder if we could have tried something like this at any other time this year? Although to be fair he's saved our behind out back tonight.
  4. Since the halfway mark of Q1, them 85 to us 42. Smashed, really..
  5. Haha shown up by the Lions on our home deck. I wonder what zen BS Goody will spin after this. It doesn't even matter. We have wasted a good opportunity this year. Refused to learn any lessons. We have lost every single game the same way.
  6. Spargo disgusting tonight CAN WE PLEASE BUY A FORWARD WHO CAN TAKE A MARK IN THE 50???
  7. Geez, will that lift the boys? If not, nothing will. That was incredible by Gus.
  8. Make no mistake, a straight sets exit in the semis is a fail. I can live with a prelim loss (which at this stage will be an annihilation) because it's a tight year and we need to sort some things out, but to go out in the semis in straight sets is straight up trash.
  9. Rivers has been putrid. Lucky we're on our home deck, eh?
  10. ...BANG? Can we? If we can slot one more it will essentially erode the Lions' good work this quarter. Might dampen their spirit a little.
  11. Dare we ask for 2 to give us a fighting chance in the final quarter?
  12. Needless to say we need to kick this. (By 'this', I man a goal).
  13. Lol what a bunch of flops. What a waste of a year and a talent pool.
  14. Geelong must be salivating. Doesn't really matter who they get at this stage.
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