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  1. I’m a bit skeptical of Ross Lyon. He has walked into two clubs with very good lists after a lot of the development work had already been done and taken them to arguably their potential (which didn’t win a flag). Then he left two clubs after they started a downward turn and there wasn’t much young talent ready to step up after him. He can absolutely get the best out of a good/great list, but there’s not much evidence that he can take a mediocre list and develop it into a premiership team for future years. A two club coach that hasn’t won a premiership even after being hand fed very strong lists. Hmmmm.
  2. You’re speaking my language Binman. Aventine is a great album.
  3. Brett Rattens win percentage as coach is 50.82. Paul Roos is 51.19. John Worsfolds is 51.08. Michael Voss’ is 41.80.
  4. An Aldous Harding mention in an AFL thread. What a time to be alive.
  5. We can absolutely do it next year. Hunter replacing hunt is a huge upgrade. Grundy replacing Jackson is (on current abilities) also a huge upgrade. I got sucked into the ‘what’s happened to Grundy?’ in the midst of his form decline after his big deal… but even after his decline, he’s still easily in the top 5 ruckman in the game. Schache is a like for like for Weed but is more versatile in my opinion. If anything he’s also an upgrade. I feel personnel wise, we have only strengthened the team. Make some tactical tweaks, get back to the selfless 2021 style (I felt like at times this year we had players go for glory instead of the best thing for the team) and bring back in T-Mac to bolster the forward line. I believe wholeheartedly that our best still beats everyone else’s. Just got to get the recipe right with what we have to make that happen. Good as gold.
  6. Ok no worries, thanks for the comment Bitter. I do try to avoid generalisations and sincerely take on advice to avoid generalisations when I’m explicitly or implicitly making generalisations which I’ll own up too. Always open to that, I don’t know everything (or really anything truth be told). I’m asking Mullet to justify his overtly generalised comment in account of the specific claims (not general claims which you’ve stated for me to keep away from) made in the article that ‘those statements apply for any student’. Given that: Indigenous kids being ‘banned’ from speaking their home language seems pretty strange considering I’d hazard a guess that people from Italy, Spain, Indonesia, China, Nigeria, French Canada etc. etc. etc. probably aren’t being told the same thing. So that’s weird considering they live here and unless speaking a language apart from Australian English is outlawed, that’s a strange thing to ‘ban’. I also wonder how many non-indigenous, economically wealthy (considering it’s a boarding school) people were told their family of origin was a ‘dead loss’ and that the school family that mentored them was their family now. That’s literally cult behaviour which I’m sure you would agree. Don’t feel like I need to engage with the whole how to and how much you should wash. But all that is by the by really. What I really want to know is considering you are against generalisations (which I asserted none), why didn’t you aim the ‘don’t make generalisations’ point to the commenter who made blatant generalisations against specific claims made in the article that he didn’t read, but to my reply?? Why would you aim the ‘don’t generalise’ comment to the person that is asking another poster to not generalise? I’m sincerely not implying anything further than, if you don’t want people to generalise, then why are you aiming that at me in this situation? I’m trying to clarify Mullets overt generalisation?
  7. Are these the larger cultural shifts you mean? Or applying to any student? From the article: ‘Examples include staff presuming that a student had special learning needs, despite evidence to the contrary. One young woman was top of her class but required to attend supplementary English as a Second Language lessons with the overseas students. Today she is a doctor. Young men reported being banned from speaking in their home languages at school or in the boarding house. Another was told that their family of origin was a “dead loss” and that the school family who mentored them should be their family now. Two young women explained how humiliated they felt when a poster was fixed to the bathroom wall telling them how, and how often, to wash themselves’
  8. This seems prescient: https://amp.abc.net.au/article/12825394
  9. Wait, so harmes and a second round pick for pick 60??
  10. Yeah, they were all on the phone to lawyers as soon as they got wind that the abc were asking questions.
  11. I love it! It’s like a time machine
  12. There is still a significant portion of Australians that deny racism exists outside of explicitly calling people racial slurs. On top of that, there’s a smaller segment that want to propagate and perpetuate racism because… well… they’re just racist and they want to hold onto that apparently. People still defend Andrew Bolt for example even though he peddles anti-genocide rhetoric in the biggest newspaper in the country. Even if the allegations are proven to be 100 % correct on the weight of things, I have learned to never underestimate people’s ability to deny racist intent. People will then just say ‘ok yes those things happened, but it’s an isolated incident, this definitely isn’t an example of a larger trend and we definitely shouldn’t extrapolate this ‘isolated’ incident to larger societal/historical trends blah blah blah’
  13. I don’t know if I hope the truth is anywhere on a scale leaning one way or the other to be honest. Remaining as disinterested as I can until the report and investigation findings are released to be objective with what’s in front of me.
  14. Interesting statement. ’However, as the allegations against me have been spread widely and sometimes as indisputable matters of facts, I must state that my clear memory of the matters reported is very different’ So it’s not categorical denial that the matters occurred at all, it’s going to be about the character of what was said in so far as what was implied and what was inferred. If it straight up didn’t happen, he would come out and categorically deny the allegations.
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