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  1. Are there any modern commentators that are universally liked though? The discussions about commentators is almost solely about which ones people hate. modern = started commentating post 2000
  2. I reckon us beating Richmond will probably be a motivation for the Tigers to come back hard.... They were [censored] last week as beat beat them up on on the ground and the scoreboard. Generally good teams that have that arrogance won’t put up with losing like that two weeks in a row. I think Richmond might pinch it in a close game but like you mentioned, no Dusty or Prestia in the middle against probably the strongest midfield in the game... gonna be tight.
  3. Even Ricky Ponting is on board! haha
  4. Nathan Jones plays for the rest of the year FULL STOP. The team solidarity around him to get success is massive and come finals, that will be an inspiration factor. He stayed with us when we were an absolute embarrassment. As long as he is on the park come September, other guys will give that extra 1% to do everything they can to give him a grand final chance. Not saying it’s all about him but my god, the team looks like they’re willing to die for each other at the moment. The fight at the end was a sight I haven’t seen in Melbourne teams for 20 years. We won
  5. The best sides just win. They win ugly if they have to. Today we played putrid football for at least a half. And still win by 50 points.
  6. Forwards need to present to the mids. Unless it’s Tom McDonald, I don’t see any other forward making a lead. Get running fellas
  7. Just one of those ugly ugly games
  8. Literally not one of our forwards made a lead then
  9. I don’t care if it’s ugly. We just have to win from here. We’re killing ourselves with our skills which are WAY down. Legitimate teams win games like this. Just need to get it done.
  10. Right there!!! There was so much room to lead into! Fritsch is a huge out for us
  11. kozzy trying to take that mark with one hand...
  12. I think we’re seeing the worth of Fritsch and what his skills as a leading forward give us. We look terrible going forward and nobody is finding space. Horrible kicking into f50 also doesn’t help.
  13. They are paying almost every free kick they can for us
  14. To be honest, this is what I expected first up. Getting ahead of ourselves and not doing basic things well. We look like we’re just expecting things to workout for us instead of making sure they work out for us. This is where top 4 type teams re-group, reset their mindsets to what the opposition teams are doing and come out and get the job done. If we can do that and win from here, I’m on board that we’re a top 4 team. Do it boys!
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