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  1. I’m a fan of Wiedemann but this isn’t good. Have to factor in that Geelong we’re amazing during Hawkins time and we’ve only come good in the last two really, plus Hawkins is an awesome player so comparing isn’t really that fair but: Weidemanns first 6 seasons 49 games 48 goals Hawkins first 6 seasons: 101 games 169 games I think this has changed my opinion on Weidemann. I’m shocked he wasn’t a goal a game in his first 6 seasons. This was supposed to be the period when Hawkins wasn’t doing that well which I also thought he started slowly from what commentators at the time were saying. Hawkins early years are pretty bloody good.
  2. Couldn’t pull up Weids numbers so we compare could you…?
  3. To be fair, wouldn’t a part of that be that he was trying to get into one of the best teams of the modern era though? I could be very wrong but I think his start was probably better than others because we was in that team (lots of opportunities to score) but also he was being compared to that team too (high expectation because of how good that team was). So he may not have set the world on fire, but I’d guess his game to goal ratio was still very good.
  4. Feels like he hardly ever gets injured too. Seems to always play.
  5. Erggghh. This is getting rough. Ok, ummmm…. I’m just going to leave this here for you to think about (or not) and do with it what you will. You can ignore it and still think I’m a Dhead, it’s all good. I’m sincerely not having a go when I point this out. You’ve now projected the words ‘racist’ and ‘bully’ onto me… like you’ve taken from this convo that I’ve explicitly called you a racist and a bully. If you read back through our convo though, I haven’t said either of those words, nor have I accused you of those things. Literally not once. If you think I have, then quote me where I have and I’ll address it. You can even PM me. Look up what ‘projection’ is. Don’t take my word for it. All the best McQueen.
  6. Mate don’t try and paint yourself as a god damn victim now. It’s actually pathetic. Everyone, all the time, everywhere, are just ‘blokes (or bloke-etts) with their own sets of values and opinions. Whether it’s on the internet or not. You just got absolutely ruined for everyone to see. It wasn’t for your ‘opinion’ It was that you slandered a person, especially an ex-player of this football club, on the very forum, of the club that he played for, without backing up anything you said, even though I asked you like, 4 times now to try and do so. Be a man about it. You said something dumb and slanderous and you refused to even try and justify what you said because you realised how dumb it was. This wasn’t a battle, it was a massacre and it’s all of your making. Own it and jog on.
  7. Yes, people that make more money than you don’t have a right to not be racially vilified. What an amazing argument.
  8. True. We would probably have very productive conversations.
  9. Thanks for this reply McQueen, it’s answered a lot of questions. ‘Wow. You have been all pent up hey precious’ I have Daddy and now you’re here to set me straight. ’Lumumba has taken this to extremes’ Thank you for confirming that you didn’t know what the word ‘extremist’ meant, you misused it and you’ve now changed your argument to ‘Lumumba has taken this to extremes’. Now the above statement makes sense and your initial statement was clearly a mistake as characterising Lumumba as an ‘extremist’ was obviously a ludicrous thing to say. So now… You, I and everyone reading this thread, will obviously be able to see, that was a very very dumb thing to have stated in your first post. But it’s clear now that it was a mistake so it’s all good. ’It’s also my opinion that you would love to goad me enough to label ME a racist’ Hmmmm that’s interesting, I know your incapable of answering a straight question, but I would LOVE it if you could quote where I called YOU racist? And goad? If me asking you 3 times to clarify what you mean is goading, then I suggest you stay off the internet. Or are you one of those snowflakes that is too scared to substantiate the insane things you say and start crying at the first sign that someone is asking you to clarify? ‘ICGAF about your opinion mate but thanks for taking such an interest in mine’ You’re very welcome, I will absolutely love to continue my interest in your opinions on mis-characterising people that have been the victims of racial vilification as extremists and then backing away from that out of ignorance or cowardice. I’ll even have tissues ready for you.
  10. Great points and I’m going to nerd out a bit…. Extremism is a strange word in a way. It’s understood as being focused on the subject that it’s descriptive of, but what it is functionally doing, is establishing the users social/moral/political stances in opposition to the subject and asserting that the subject is immoral. So really, it’s as much, if not more, about the user as it is about the subject. Anyway, footy. Haha
  11. Right ok, we’re gonna be like this. I can only infer from this that you don’t know what the words you use actually mean and can’t admit it, or even worse, you don’t want to substantiate what it is about him you find to be extremist to you, as it belies personal prejudice or ignorance. If you did have a good reason for calling him an extremist then you would have answered it the first/second/third time I directly asked, or you could just answer it now and prove me wrong? If not, it’s either childish behaviour or cowardly behaviour. Maybe both. You called an ex-player of this club an extremist in the context of this thread which it has been established as fact that he was racially vilified. I’d expect that a Melbourne supporter would be keen to explain what they mean when they potentially character assassinate a bloke and an ex-player, especially considering I answered how he’s NOT an extremist to your question the first time you asked it, but you refused 3 times to justify your claim that he’s an extremist and instead tried to deflect. That’s incredibly weak behaviour.
  12. As far as I know, an extremist is someone that holds beliefs on a kind of ‘fundamentalist’ level and is strictly opposed to evidence/opinions that goes against their beliefs. The views are way outside the social and moral norms of a society. A radical is someone that wants to create extreme changes to society. One could be a ‘radical extremist’ for example. Someone that holds extreme views and wants to enact extreme change to society. Use of the word Extremist though, has solely negative connotations. Radical is more neutral in and of itself for the most part. Their usage can be interchangeable depending on someone’s underlying moral/political framework too: If you agree with the ideas of an extremist then you might call them a radical and vice versa if you disagree. So depending on a persons own beliefs, who and which positions they choose to call extremist can be reflective of inner extreme positions of their own. Abolishing slavery in the US at the time was probably seen as radical or extreme depending on who you asked… There are going to be grey areas in all of this as the context of what is radical and extreme will change throughout history etc. and again, it depends on your own moral/political positions as to what is extreme or radical. So it’s complicated. Hope that helps?
  13. This is getting really boring. For the third time: How is Lumumba an extremist?
  14. Because he hasn’t expressed opinions or beliefs that align with extremist ideologies nor has he demonstrated in his actions anything that could lead me to believe he is an extremist. But of course being asked to prove a negative is a logical fallacy as you know. So how is Lumumba an extremist?
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