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  1. I don't think we need that X factor small forward, we already got him. I am more of the idea of getting a KPF, Imagine a Forward line of: JVR, Fritsch, Kozzie and one of McKay/King/Insert name
  2. Bit stiff on Lever, he had immediate impact in 2018 (only hampered by the injury). 2019 a [censored] year for the whole team. 2020 was decent 2021 All Australian 2022 Inconsistent For mine it's still a good deal for us so far. Just consider were Adelaide is at the moment...
  3. Yep, I received such email today. I am paying extra 50 AUD for my renewal.
  4. Surely not all WA boys want/need home? As said before, please help him get a local gf.
  5. He can become our second ruck so we don't pay absurd amounts of money for Grundy (high risk IMO)
  6. Richmond got Tom Lynch after they lost in 2018. WCE had a great FWD line in 2018 I think structurally is not sustainable to have a subpar KPF, not if we want to win multiple flags.
  7. Now that the season is over...and so is the GF.. I wanted to distract my head of thinking about Geelong Premiers We definitely need a huge KPF and not a injury prone and expensive Ruckman. If we were to use all our resources and, despite the contractual circumstances of any of these KPF, who would DL take? I have heard many names: Harry McKay Ben King Logan McDonald Any other KPF that may be available to us? Discuss.
  8. We wouldn't, as reigning premiers we would show some pride and fighting spirit at the very least. Clayton Oliver by himself would trump over Paddy "Throws" Dangerfield.
  9. What about potential imports from other regions? I.e. USA and the thousands of college athletes that can't make it to NBA or NFL? Any chances to utilise that?
  10. On top of that the context of those numbers. Neale got 1 vote from Rd 23 for accumulating stats in junk time once the Dees put the game to sleep in the first half.
  11. Clarry is a reigning two time champion player of the year (Coaches'), had a better individual season compared to 2021 and Trac had a worse individual season in 2022 : Oliver votes in 2021 - 31 Oliver votes in 2022 - 25
  12. Loss by 10 goals and get 2 votes? Melksham can get 1 vote but no Clarry? As I mentioned before, I hope Clarry wins the Coaches' next year again to stick it up to the AFL
  13. Is this a popularity medal then?
  14. that's all I want to say... Good night
  15. I wonder if the AFL will feel ashamed next year when Clarry wins the Coaches' for a third consecutive year but no Brownlow... Pathetic!!!
  16. Gawn, Bowey, Salem, Fritsch, Harmes, Yze, Spargo... Was Simon Goodwin there?
  17. And we would avoid the huge risk that Grundy is. I'd rather use all the money to go all in for Harry McKay.
  18. Rd 22 Neale in the lead, one vote ahead of Clarry. Rd 23 Brisbane v Melbourne C. Oliver 2 votes... And the winner of the 2022 Brownlow medal Clayton Oliver!!
  19. Lunch followed by a long nap til the evening, forbidden to switch on the TV on the day
  20. @Demonland you missed option C... Game/Season Suspended... Anyway, Go Sydney!
  21. And he won't have in the future, I have the feeling this Collingwood team will digress/Plateau next year. Hopefully they also will have to keep carrying Grundy's contract
  22. The only game for us to watch is tomorrow's VFL GF. Go Casey!!
  23. They just assume, but if you are questioning our cap space... What about those of Geelong, Richmond, Carlton? YOY they seem.to chase top tier talent to bring to their already loaded lists... I wonder if they have huge cap space but we don't?
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