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  1. Would love to see the Germans get eliminated tonight buts its hard to see Japan getting the result needed against Spain. Still cant believe were playing Argentina in 3 days, amazing achievement.
  2. Welcome Matteo, he seems to have the private school look all sorted. Hoping he can play like Georgiades.
  3. Rumours in Adelaide suggesting we will be playing Geelong at AO during Majic round. As long as we dont play them at their dunghole I would take that.
  4. Would be surprised if there are more than 4 games at AO. Im predicting other games to be at either Noarlunga, Barossa Valley, Strathalbyn, Port Lincoln or Mount Gambier.
  5. Once again shows the arrogant the AFL is as an organisation and also makes bookermakers in Pakistan not so bad.
  6. No, its been demolished for housing.
  7. We have room if anyone needs to a place for the weekend. But some of our SANFL grounds would not be up to AFL standard; I would not be surprised if there are some games scheduled in Port Lincoln or Mount Gambier.
  8. Big goal that one, lets go girls!
  9. A few HTB's not being paid this qtr
  10. Girls have great balance this year and should be too good for the Crows this time.
  11. Good Luck to you Oscar, im sure the the SANFL would welcome you with open arms.
  12. It is tied to my interest in Wrestling.
  13. All I can say is Jibroni is nothing to do with following the MFC. Maybe it is time for a change.
  14. Surely we wont be drafting this guy: Thomas Scully State: South Australia State League Club: West Adelaide Community Club: Lockleys Date of Birth: 02/11/04; Height: 203cm; Weight: 89kg A tall forward who had a wonderful start to the 2022 season, with his overhead marking and accuracy around goals earning him a call up to AFL Academy team that represented Australia. He showed glimpses of his sizable potential up forward as a marking target during that match against Collingwood’s VFL side in May. He booted 50 goals in 14 matches for West Adelaide in the SANFL under-18s, as well as playing one game for South Australia at the 2022 NAB AFL National Championships U18 Boys
  15. North Melbourne may need some better students.
  16. Harrison Petty was Pick 37 so im feeling good about this pick. A Ruckman would be ideal.
  17. As long as we dont mention the war I think Hunter will be fine.
  18. And Henry finally got to Geelong, fair trade period.
  19. Dunkley to Brisbane is a massive get, will be hard to stop in 2023
  20. Anyone with outside run and footskills would be ideal.
  21. Welcome Brodie, will be more than interesting how he goes working in tandum with Max.
  22. At least it's done now after 7000 posts.
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