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  1. Just when you thought Victorians were copping enough already you get an earthquake. I would still blame Dan Andrews.
  2. Umpires confirmed, we have Stevic, Molisson and Rosebury. Grand Final umpires revealed: Veteran named for ninth decider in 10 seasons (afl.com.au)
  3. On a side note its good to see the Perth locals jumping on the Dees:
  4. Oliver up to 17 votes already, wow.
  5. Why are the Dees and Dogs players not at the Optus venue?
  6. Outside of family achievements it will the greatest thrill of our lives. And football will be much less stressful.
  7. Trent Rivers to keep Weightman to zero free kicks.
  8. Thanks for all you've done Jonesy. The Club can finally move on without the noise and the challenges you had to go through. You will always be a legend, enjoy retirement :)
  9. Were in 147 mate, flying in from Adelaide next Wednesday. I feel like a kid at xmas right now.
  10. I managed to get 3 tickets, man that was stressful. I need to give a shout out to @Clintosaurusand @jules7 for allowing me to do this, your both legends. My wife and son are very happy as well.
  11. Because it denies Cat 2 and 3 members a chance to go. Sorry but unless you have been a regular contributor to this forum you don't deserve a code.
  12. And to think Jeremy Cameron (who is the same age) cost Geelong Picks 13, 15 and 20 and Ben Brown just a pick in the 30's. He is coming good at the right time.
  13. Ditto, his name should never be spoken in vein ever again.
  14. My backyard needs some serious gardening, its also good for stress relief.
  15. Love James Jordan but Jonesy has earned the right to be in the team.
  16. Speechless, simply unbelievable faultless performance. And [censored] off Geelong
  17. Enjoy the game everyone, hopefully we have tears of joy in 3 hours. A Steven May said "Now matter what happens I still love you all" C'mon Dees!!!
  18. Strawbs looks like he could still play.
  19. Its good to hear some are pretty relaxed and Im nervous as anything, will be lucky to get 5 hours sleep tonight.
  20. First – Round 22 1987 vs Footscray as a 10 year old. Best – 2000 first final vs Carlton, never been so happy as a Dees fan. Worst – 2011 v Geelong, that was hard to take for obvious reasons.
  21. I think this game being away from Melbourne does help us. If this was at the G the pressure on them going into the prelim as clear flag favs would be insane, surely a lot of that is not felt being in Perth.
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