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  1. Could not happen to a nicer bunch of flogs, can only hope this derails them for another 5 years. Really hoping Clarko stays with the Roos option.
  2. Possibly about to get the sack and President has just resigned. AFL 2022: Essendon Bombers in turmoil, president Paul Brasher’s position in doubt (theage.com.au)
  3. And Bombers lose by 84 points, nice way to finish a good weekend.
  4. Swans are a very good football team in the making and will be around the mark for the next 3-4 years.
  5. Pies today and hopefully the Blues knock them off next week.
  6. 6. Brayshaw 5. Melksham 4. Petty 3. VIney 2. Hunt 1. Gawn
  7. I love the season but our forward line structures is annoying the crap out of me. Credit to Jake for his performance last night but if can find a more trusted solution then yes we can with this again. But if we can't it will feel like a season of missed opportunity.
  8. Harmes for Spargo and please give JVR a go.
  9. Some players are seriously weak as [censored], its a disgrace
  10. Can we please try and activate Harmes in the last qtr for anyone of Fritsch, Spargo, Pickett or Sparrow.
  11. Spargo can go and get forked, soft as butter.
  12. Saints are useless, another wasted season.
  13. The only winner here is the Carlton QC, FMD. We'll still beat them.
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