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  1. Already done some shed tidying, fixed a hose connection, hung balloons, sprinkler on lawn. Off to Ballina for a lap of Bunnings, fish shop, couch shopping, home to put more streamers out, go for a ride, home, mow, more shed tidying, plant some trees, set up slip and slide for kids, crack a Heineken, do some push-ups. Should get me to 2pm.
  2. Still waiting ordered 13 days ago realky disappointing
  3. Will the 7mate app have it? If so, on a smart TV, maybe do that plus radio. my Sony Bravia i think will stream it via 7mate so that might work for some if you have a smart TV (to be fair I just go my first one - first new TV since 2008!)
  4. I like it and if we win I am sure no one will care
  5. 131-121 Not that good - I’m at 142 and still 2000th of 590k in ESPN
  6. Did anyone who order the road to the GF tee not receive it yet? Ordered 11 days ago!
  7. I told my son (6 and a mad Tracc fan) that if we win it, we'll be at his first ever Dees game, at the G, for a flag unveiling. He doesn't quite get it. Not yet anyway.
  8. I'm in NNSW so one of the sad parts is not cycling around Mel, to work, seeing all the Dees decorations. My little corner of the Northern Rivers is going to be very red and blue Friday arvo. Dees guernsey being worn to work and all over Lismore. Yes, back into Lockdown for another 2 weeks as some clowns have flown to Sydney and bought covid back with them, then done a lap of the Northern Rivers. Went for a run the other day before work on a local access road near the Eltham Pub, wearing Dees guernsey (#13 on back).Two cars in a row slowed down, windows down, fists out the window - "GOOOO DEEEES" - a real heart warmer.
  9. Who’s offering those markets?
  10. He has shortened considerably for tonight on Ladbrokes. 3.25 v Wines at 3.75 and Bont at 4.50. Gawn seems criminally long at 151. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gawn poll well - he is often quite noticeable to umps you’d think.
  11. If anyone is looking for distraction , I’ve a [censored] load of bindii to hand pull from 500sqm of lawn
  12. It sucks yes but we don’t live in Afghanistan so there is that. Feet up, a Bowen Estate or Henschke or Tahbilk then hopefully a Balvenie post game (only if we win) should be quite restorative. Getting to the first home game for the unfurling (if we manage to win) will assuage the annoyance of not being there somewhat. This team though has a feeling of being able to get there again over the next few years.
  13. Not everything, but a good deal. There’s a hole that needs a-fillin’.
  14. JeeZ you lot arE confiDeNT i HaV3 a feeLiNg tHis is A [email protected] game
  15. I asked a question and got invited by - kids. Is there a replay ?
  16. Unsung hero sounds like under appreciated job. Sounds like a job for Harmes or Bowey or Langdon or maybe Tmac edit or Viney - all the attention was on Gawn and Trac last week but Viney was incredible
  17. Ah! The clubs don’t get any gate? do they get the merch revenue on the day?
  18. Question - who gets the gate or what cut for the GF? Did we get the gate for the QF or prelim?
  19. 10k?! Woof! That’s a cool 500k, minus cost of goods sold, printed cheap tee (please let them be American Apparel or AS colour) $20 max. Does that make up for one of our most games?
  20. There is some ripping analysis going on here - really interesting to read - chapeau!
  21. Try the myheartbeatstrue website - it’s a Non stop Dees fest!
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