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  1. And a credit card dispute failure of consideration
  2. My wife, youngest son and entire in laws are pies mrs super has said if we ( me and the eldest who’s a dee) can’t support the pies we have to leave the house for the day. We’ve had a serious talk about how angry I am about Maynard and how he should not be playing but I see her point. She was very supportive in 21 and i have a lot of very special premiers memorabilia she got me for Xmas, birthday and Father’s Day (including premiers jerseys with gold embossed afl logo and personalised premiership footy with family name) I think - no matter how much I hate them - for Mrs super , our youngest seeing a premiership (including for pendles ) and matrimonial harmony - I can deal. Just a game. Just a game. Just a game
  3. Good post I think we need to be recruiting for post Goodwin and that means a strategic thinker plus tactician
  4. If you asked non partisan peeps and coaches who they’d want out of tracc bont and daicos #35 who would they say? Theyd all want 2021 Grand Final Trac I’d reckon!
  5. If it was clearly disclosed (and highlighted - probably in the product name) and I was a fully informed buyer then yes just saw your other post - ACCC should investigate imagine if the CFC got fined for misleading conduct for this. Omg , hilarious (I do feel sorry for the fans though, rip offs aren’t cool )
  6. Good call on the cider. As a Macedon Ranges boy (used to play pennant golf in your neck of the woods) I would dearly love to be able to get Holgate and Harcourt here in the Northern Rivers. Mercury cider a fair swap
  7. Wait - this is important as our club does this too. Is this a case of GFG holder not getting a guaranteed ticket? That goes against the very product Does it not? I have had one since 2020 and although I was able to get a ticket in my basket in 21, didn’t buy it as I’m in NSW (just wanted to say I had a ticket , for 5 mins😂) I’d want to be sure of getting one Edit: saw post on previous page. Standing room for 1k wtaf? you either get a GFg or not - misleading if not and then ACCC might be interested if not
  8. I think you meant “no brainers”
  9. If any MCC PEEPS have tix to the big dance and don’t want to go let me know. Mrs Super is a long long time Pies person and I want her to go (despite her protestations she wants to stay home with her Demon boys ) - her fam all pies and I have to say generally have a brain and are reasonable.
  10. Also r24 arc Petracca goal as the black Crowes sung….about a conspiracy
  11. Imma gonna go deep state here The afl have concocted this result deliberately as they know Carlton would have beaten the scum filth but the lion bears won’t so tbis is allll about making sure Collingwood win
  12. That’s very true so we’re left with gross, systemic, ongoing bias that seems to favour just a few teams. I mean, I call that corruption. Bit like having colour coded spreadsheets for grant allocations, eh? Biased, definitely. Corrupt , conspiracy….. ? I say, aye.
  13. I mean, you couldn’t have non partisan commentators in a billion dollar sporting code imagine Drew, Sandy, Dennis, Bruce , Rex , donnegan, commentating this
  14. Sure so we’re left with year after year of continued incompetence Either of those, I’m not cool with
  15. Slow [censored] golf clap sung to the Gimme Gimmes version
  16. Because the club presidents and the proles , sorry the fans, do nothing about it
  17. I was about to comment on that had that been any Mfc player it’d have been 10 weeks, a 100 million dollar fine and 4000 years of round 1 draft picks stripped. So I hate to be that guy, but: “I don’t believe in comspiracy theories .” But Jesus how obvious is it. Michael Christian. Ex Collingwood. It’s soft corruption writ large. If ex fossil fuel company people can become politicians and ministers and act very favourably to fossil fuel companies and get away with it it’s easy to believe the unaccountable AFL can finagle this kind of sh1tf|_|ck3ry
  18. So the alternative is systemic, year on year incompetence. Either is unacceptable. That umpires aren’t capable of remaining non partisan is an indictment on them and the league Then again the betting umpire is back umpiring. What’s up with that?
  19. Poor mcstay - nnnnnnnoott “taken away from me”. Like Brayshaw eh? https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/might-have-been-taken-away-from-me-mcstay-concedes-grand-final-dream-is-all-but-over-20230923-p5e70f.html
  20. It’s really really obvious My dad gave the game away and watches Storm now such was his disgust. I used to laugh it off but hard to disagree now.
  21. Bontempelli would be a just and deserving winner. As long as it’s not Daicos.
  22. Me too. Said as much in an email to Roffey. It means my membership next year has a big question mark over it. if I’m gws and Brisbane I’m complaining about the 6 day breaks
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