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  1. Hopefully it means most, if not all members from last year have renewed? Perhaps a clever strategy to draw more attention, making people believe that memberships are in short supply so better get yours now!
  2. I am wondering why are all reserved seat memberships still showing wait list on the MFC website? Should we expect an increased number of memberships ?
  3. Sounds like a former Demon who then became a Hawk ... And now a reborn Demon...🤔
  4. Or NCAA athletes from USA, those who can't make it to the professional leagues like NFL or NBA.
  5. I just learned that our president is part of the Wyndham Council and she is also working on the project for the new stadium for the Western United (A-League). Should this be an indication that something will definitely happen under her tenure at the MFC?
  6. These figures look politically skewed!! Labor's strongholds ... perhaps the MFC is too 'posh' for the state govt
  7. Here's hoping we can sustain 65k plus members for next season
  8. I still don't understand why McKay wants to be remain under the shadow of Curnow? It's clear Curnow is the fan favourite. Assuming of course that Curnow stays healthy. I am also thinking if there is a huge salary cap issue at Carlton in the near future...🤔 (Fingers crossed they become Collingwood ala 2019-2020)
  9. Very Solid.. with high potential to become an AA Back.
  10. Yep you need Hight contrast of black and white
  11. So Geelong is just like Sydney, they basically have an academy system
  12. This might be a bit off-topic but... How/where do I get a jumper with the number on it? I have been thinking of getting a #13 jumper for quite some time but not sure if the jumpers are sold with the number or not.
  13. How on earth St Kilda doesn't get an F?!
  14. We just don't seem to be a destination club for big KPF... Oh how I wished McKay would be available next year!!
  15. NBA - Player driven competition, lots of super teams made by and organised by star players NFL - System/Organisation driven competition, more "equalisation" and mostly good spread of talent around the league. Coaches seem to have more control as well. I know I'd prefer an NFL type competition any day, I just don't like the zero loyalty and money first mentality you can see in the NBA.
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