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  1. Geelong, Richmond, Collingwood.. why do they always seem to have deep pockets and cap space? Surely they run out of those if year in year out target key players (on top coin) from opposition teams.
  2. Best game of Lever for the season. Hopefully he can carry it all the way until the finals.
  3. I don't really care who wins the premiership. Question should be , who you don't want to win it... For me I don't want to see a Carlton, Richmond or Collingwood premiership. IMO the only one with real chances from those 3 is Richmond.
  4. My thoughts exactly. Oliver is the quiet hard worker, Petracca the flash and dash. You rarely see Oliver MIA in a game, even in his "worst" performances.
  5. He's just like a big kid playing at his local footy club, you can see how he enjoys every single time he is out there hurting people and grabbing the pill. Has there ever been any back to back champion player of the year?
  6. Would be great to discuss how many B&F Clarry will win when he is done playing footy... 😲 I am continuously gobsmacked and in awe when I see him play. Top 5 MFC players all time?
  7. I wonder who are in our wish list at the moment, thinking of next season and beyond. Surely a key Full Forward.
  8. Managers they just want to milk the cow as much as possible, don't they get paid on the basis of the contracts they procure for their players?
  9. So nothing except a 8 - 1 or 7 - 2 run will be acceptable.
  10. Dawn of the Dogga 🤞🏻
  11. Question remains, are we the only single team that does loading? No other team out there seems to be struggling like we are with stamina.
  12. On top of having the shortest pre season of all. Biased AFL
  13. He'll be 8 time B&F of our club by the time his career is done. I am hopeful he'll be a Demon for life.
  14. I think we need to discuss the top 3 concerns and urgent fixes this team needs. In my view: A) Major overhaul of the fwd line and structure. Need a new approach to how we want to attack, maybe kick more and think less (see ANB or Harmes forcing kicks to teammates even when there is an open goal). I much prefer behinds than turnovers on that side of the ground. B) Mid-field struggles, clearly there are a couple of players not at the level from last year. Brayshaw to play more as inside midfielder? C) May-dependence. We need to find a way to keep our defensive strength even when someone like May, or Petty for that matter, is out. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on these points.
  15. I'll take him if he shows the hunger and decent form as Disco today. Can't be much worse than Weideman or M Brown
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