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  1. Surprised the Kangaroos are not interested, their picks are currently 1 and 55 and surely could use another.
  2. 4 hours of Matt Rendall is enough to make anyone cry.
  3. Jibroni


    Think so but Parra have not won a GF since the 80's.
  4. Jibroni


    Tonights game just as good so far.
  5. Heeney clearly needed that one, just need one more before HT.
  6. C'mon Swans, need the next goal here
  7. Wasnt that bad in the end, Robbie and Delta did a great job. Nice touch with Gary Ablett passing his son to Joel Selwood.
  8. Is it just me or does Robbie need a better microphone? Sound quality is ridiculously bad, this league can't even fluke something right.
  9. 12 months goes quickly, easily the best trip of my life watching the Dees in Perth. Im sure we will do it again on the G in the next year or two.
  10. Jibroni


    All West Sydney final (Parra v Penrith) is a great chance.
  11. True but there playing Geelong tomorrow so I hope he kicks 5.
  12. Hopefully the next AFL CEO will also pronounce his last name properly. As a fellow Italian I also found Gill's pronunciations frustrating.
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