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  1. And to think we drafted Tom Scully before Dustin Martin, FFS.
  2. Cold Chisel, Superjesus, Ben Folds, Hilltop Hoods to name a few.
  3. Adelaide would have done a better job with the GF prematch.
  4. Sorry but I CNGA jatz cracker
  5. Dont write off the Suns tomorrow night, give them a much bigger chance than the Dorks today.
  6. Any chance of the Hawks pulling off a hail Mary tomorrow?
  7. Although it may be in vein in the end that was a gutsy win, well in.
  8. I cant see how Goodwin survives, how many members would want him to stay now?
  9. At least Jayden Hunt is back, I like this one.
  10. I wonder why we bother caring about this mob sometimes, bunch of lazy sods atm
  11. Is it fair to say Jayden Hunt will never play a league game again? I dont get it.
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