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  1. Sorry not a fan of weeknights except for Fridays or Anzac Round. Saturday afternoon would have been ideal.
  2. Hopefully there is a big turnout, wish I could be there.
  3. If we have room for improvement then the rest of the comp should look out.
  4. Fingers crossed he only has mild symptoms
  5. Great to see the Woewodin name continue in the R & B.
  6. Welcome Jacob, Western Australia has certainly been good to us lately.
  7. I think its the mandation Jaded does not helped the situation. If you met my in-laws you would think this is start of the next start of the next Apocalypse. Having said that I still dont quite understand why young people (Under 18) need to be vaccinated, particularly if the elderly/vulnerable have already done so.
  8. Its fair to say this pandemic has really impacted people in different ways. He is only 30 years old and in great form. When people are willing to give up their livelihoods and careers to remain unvaxxed something is not right and reflects the sad situation of what our Country it heading down.
  9. Sandra Sully thinks the thread title might need a change.
  10. GF guarantees will be at a all time high.
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