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  1. So im guessing we will have another 9 months of this, I think the total posts could break the Jackson thread. But would be devistated if we lost him.
  2. Yes Merry Christmas to everyone. Has been a tough year personally but having a football team to be proud of has certainly helped. Many thanks [email protected],@binmanand @george_on_the_outer for your contributions this year and delivering a great service.
  3. As a lover of both games I was deeply saddened and angry with last night events. Football is the only sport that can make the AFL administration look like fools but when presented opportunities to develop the sport they simply fail to do so.
  4. Collingwood has 17 games in Melbourne, just one of the problems having a fixture designed to make the most $$$. Apart from travelling ****sville again in Geelong our fixture is ok.
  5. Was lucky enough to watch live last year and the locals love it and glad the club is doing this again. Hopefully the match will be part of Indigenous round.
  6. Would love to see the Germans get eliminated tonight buts its hard to see Japan getting the result needed against Spain. Still cant believe were playing Argentina in 3 days, amazing achievement.
  7. Welcome Matteo, he seems to have the private school look all sorted. Hoping he can play like Georgiades.
  8. Rumours in Adelaide suggesting we will be playing Geelong at AO during Majic round. As long as we dont play them at their dunghole I would take that.
  9. Would be surprised if there are more than 4 games at AO. Im predicting other games to be at either Noarlunga, Barossa Valley, Strathalbyn, Port Lincoln or Mount Gambier.
  10. Once again shows the arrogant the AFL is as an organisation and also makes bookermakers in Pakistan not so bad.
  11. No, its been demolished for housing.
  12. We have room if anyone needs to a place for the weekend. But some of our SANFL grounds would not be up to AFL standard; I would not be surprised if there are some games scheduled in Port Lincoln or Mount Gambier.
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