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  1. I would pay anything to see Gold Coast take Geelong's spot in the 8.
  2. Dont mind the selection, gives Kozzy, Sparrow and Jordan more midfield time.
  3. One of my favourite non Melbourne players, was never afraid to take the game on and entertain. If he didnt play for Essendon I would like him more.
  4. 6. Viney 5. Pickett 4. Jackson 3. Petracca 2. May 1. Jordan
  5. Hope Harmes' injury is not too serious, otherwise another 4 points
  6. Still undefeated champion of the world, also proves big things come in small packages.
  7. Never seen a MFC training practice live
  8. As a non Tasmanian I would say the same rules would apply in Tas as if a team relocated to SA. It would be received pretty poorly.
  9. Still cant even kick straight even under a closed roof
  10. This game got boring pretty quickly
  11. Great achievement, hopefully most of these 60,000 will be attending home games and finals.
  12. Never thought I would fall in love with a Port man, goes to show anything is possible.
  13. I was blessed to see us win the flag at this ground and actually met a few West Coast fans who were not the arrogant flogs I thought they would be. Having said that it we dont beat them by 13 goals I would be disappointed.
  14. He will be a one club player, nothing to see here
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