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  1. Would love to see Gus still involved in the club in some capacity. With his intelligence, tact and diplomacy I could see him as a future Ambassador or even a CEO.
  2. What a class act: A letter from Gus (melbournefc.com.au)
  3. We should be able to access a RFA without the matching process.
  4. Gutted for Gus but as supporters we have admiration for him to have the courage to place his wellbeing ahead of a sporting career. Such a likeable man and loved by his teammates.
  5. Losing 4 finals in a row has left a bad stain which the media has latched on and using to cast doubts on this season. As much as I loathe anyone associated with Essendon it's a fair assessment.
  6. Great to have you all back, really missed the podcast over the summer. I like the look of Billings on the weekend, do you see him as possibly part of the midfield rotation?
  7. Thats a real shame as Disco has had a horrid run with injuries.
  8. On the newbies I like Brown and Billings will be a handy addition. Im hoping Fullarton will be available for a run before the season starts.
  9. Gees once you get past Darcy Moore its a pretty average lot. Neale a champion player but not sure on him as a leader.
  10. Weel done to those who are travelling for the game, never been to the SCG but seems like a great place to watch footy.
  11. Most experts have No idea. Who would have thought GWS would be as good as they were or the Dogs miss the finals. Im glad were flying under the radar.
  12. After spending some time recently in Tasmania the reaction to an AFL team seems mixed. North/North West region seems to have a greater catchment for sporting talent and participation in comparison to Hobart, attend matches in great numbers and has a decent stadium in Launceston. I think if you gave the locals a choice of spending $700 million on a new stadium or investing these funds into opportunities to improve the local economy, I imagine the latter would receive the nod.
  13. Sad to see his body break down like this, hopefully he can retire on his own terms.
  14. Next will be height as short players may feel offended. [censored].
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