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  1. This two week break has been analysed to death in the media but just wanted to add my two cents. Firstly, I think the dogs would have liked to roll into the GF with momentum and maybe the fortnight breaks that momentum up a little. Secondly, most of the boys in interviews were saying that they can't believe they're in a grand final or that they're pinching themselves, maybe the extra week gives it a chance to properly sink in and then they can focus on the task at hand. gotta be honest though, the MFCSS has been running at levels never before seen.
  2. Who knows, never seen it at the footy before, game was done and dusted so the neutrals might have been bored. It was going around just as Kozzy kicked that snap in the last which was so awesome.
  3. how fckn hilarious was the mexican wave, just like during the middle overs at the cricket!! 😂
  4. My head is about to explode, I can’t fathom what has just occurred.
  5. Max was taking the genuine mick in that 3rd quarter. What a performance!!!!!
  6. Your fingers have to be moving about as fast as kozzy while he's sprinting to play that piece. Great choice!
  7. Been stewing on this over the weekend and pretty sure others have mentioned it, but this is almost the perfect inverse of 2018. They beat us twice, once after the siren back then. We beat them twice and once after the siren this year. Regardless of tactics, how much weight do we assign to the emotional motivation Geelong will have. We had a point to prove and a desire for revenge in 2018 and I imagine the same could be said of Geelong this year for this game. Is this something we should be worried about and how do we go about combatting it because its got me worried?
  8. Gee that was as deliberate as you’d like, umps decided that one big time.
  9. Yeah, not my finest grammatical outing, I have listened to every episode was the idea. I've done a real Glenn Maxwell leaving that straight onto the stumps.
  10. hahahahahahahhah, great pick up, I've listened to every one was the idea. its been a long week.
  11. I never fail to miss an episode, Goody was a great guest and seems to have great rapport with the players.
  12. negative 38 years for me. Watching some of that black and white footage of 64 is quite magical.
  13. I've been heavily considering Meven Stay or Gax Mawn, but Sparlie Chargo now has to be contemplated.
  14. Given my display name, I feel obligated to post in this thread and I'm disappointed that I haven't already done so. Really rated Dom when he was at his peak and played a good role for us, still remember that goal against the Hawks in 2016 which helped to break that run of losses to them. hope he gets another shot at it if he wants to. Thanks for everything Dom!
  15. Goody at the team meeting...
  16. Gee what did GWS do to you Jaded, is it the Russian marching band theme song??
  17. He's a great media performer but he also just seems super genuine, which seems to be a theme with most dees players getting interviewed this year, less catchphrase cliches and more stuff from the heart. #Positivelingers #SultansofWing
  18. Copped a big hit into the side fence last night, I presume though because goody didnt mention it that he's all good?
  19. No more Essendon in the finals is very pleasing.
  20. That was definitely Langdon's best game since the concussion, very positive stuff from lingers!!!!!
  21. Ive got to say, port fans were really giving essendon a run for their money there. God they ruined INXS for australia.
  22. This could just be my MFCSS acting up but I was thinking about the correlation between playing teams in finals and the home and away season. In 2018, we lost to hawthorn once and geelong twice but beat them both in finals, we beat the eagles in the home and away season but then lost to them in finals. I also remember seeing something about how Richmond during their finals runs rarely if ever lost to the same team twice, if they came up against a team they had lost to in the regular season, they nearly always beat them in the finals. Is there anything in this? is it purely a coincidence about when you win against or lose to a team? (Just for context, I'd obviously rather be going into finals with a good record against the top 8 than not, just interested if any other dlanders have a thought on the above)
  23. Joel Selwood is roughly 10cm taller and mathieson is about 15cm taller than spargs. Yes he accentuates contact for the sake of the umpires, however; the law of averages would suggest that someone that small is naturally going to get taken high more frequently than people who are taller than him, and also considering he is often times being tackled by key defenders who are up to around 20cm taller than spargs on average.
  24. I don't think we can underestimate the impact Burgo has had both on overall fitness and on the injury list. Choco also seems to have had a really significant impact on the young boys and the foot skills of the broader playing group. and lastly Goody, three years of experience and growing as a coach can only be a good thing for the playing group (and clarry and tracc's interview on saturday certainly speak to that).
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