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  1. To give him some credit, Petty did look better than he did in the hawthorn game, competed strongly and only got caught out once from memory. Maybe the backline just made him look better but I still think he did a good job.
  2. In Steve’s right pocket, his phone, in his left, his keys, wallet and buddy. Onya Steve!!!
  3. Bailey the crustless quiche! Get it, frittata, quiche, oh never mind.
  4. great result!!! sorry if it has already been said but who was representing him?
  5. Jonesy showed us why he didn't deserve to be dropped, really rated his performance and leadership when we were challenged.
  6. this thread is not 15, play on!!!!!
  7. Anyone else nervous about this game, MFCSS don't fail me now.
  8. Tracc's snap in the last, all of the dees fan around me including myself got out of our seats for that one.
  9. One thing I noticed in the replay was some of the hands jonesy gave in close that cleared the traffic and allowed run from the outside. He still adds a lot of value to the team, he's more than just a symbolic milestone. Love ya jonesy!
  10. luke jackson's importance for team structure and for relieving max cannot be understated, he's been good so far this season but he was excellent tonight!
  11. I’m so unbelievably happy!! 🔴🔵 can’t beat this feeling, go Dees!!!!
  12. goody basically confirmed in his presser that jones will play his 300th this week (correct me if i'm wrong anyone). Don't you worry about Jonesy, he'll get himself up, lift to the occasion and play a big game, i can feel it!
  13. “Hello police, I’d like to report missing persons, yep, the hawthorn football club for the whole last quarter.” Go Dees!!!!
  14. A mate texted saying that clarry had resigned and i was ready to watch clayton highlights with a bucket of ice cream. Glad it was just a grammatical error, so happy he's sticking around. Go Dees!
  15. What do people think about hibberd replacing rivers? Rivers did some great things but imo, i reckon the experience of hibberd (with may having gone down) could be valuable. Also, is it majak or petty for may?
  16. Of course he was going to play well with that glorious stache. move aside David boon, there’s a new sherif in town, onya Rick!!!!
  17. One comment on t-mac, even though he wasn't clunking them tonight, he at least would bring the ball to ground most times it went to him in a contest which at least brings koz and co into the game. He wasn't getting consistently beaten by his direct opponent. Sparrow definitely over melksham for me, sparrow hunts and tackles so much better.
  18. I’m convinced that kozzy is the love child of Aaron Davey and Jeff farmer.
  19. Anyone on here still think we should have taken Weightman over Koz? He will definitely win one of mark or goal of the year, if not both! Can't wait for sunday!!
  20. Kozzy Pickett. Nough said. 🔴🔵
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