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  1. I worry we'll enter all-out war with China prior - & who could blame them over the promotional games they received?
  2. Best thread ever has just got racey! I tried that once only to be told was against Geneva Convention.
  3. I almost put my hamburger down watching that again.
  4. Matthew Lloyd is on us (as he has been for most of the year & we rarely let him down) - & that's helped settle me.
  5. Thanks for the rabbits Port Witchhatalaide.
  6. And had a manequin in red & blue at times. There's another stately manor near us on Royal Parade that's done similar. Envious.
  7. Please note: work in progress & full size flag being engineered as I write.....
  8. Indeed & it seems inapropriate to have the expletives censored.
  9. Maxy's second goal streaming to 45 metres out, he fairdinkum kicked the skin off it! Not freakish like his others but my highlight. Take a bow Perth and all those who attended - you made a promise - you delivered big time - we heard you from here Hope you get tix to big dance.
  10. Just a complete team ❤️💙
  11. https://www.facebook.com/285839797316/posts/10159465663637317/ How's the hammy Mayzie?
  12. Love us no matter what. Heart will forever beat true 💙❤️
  13. I've managed to Photoshop (using 'multiply' layer blending mode) a red V over my work profile shot - it's now 2.10pm. The institution will greatly benefit from this.
  14. The most excruciating 2 weeks of my life - save the following 2 weeks. ❤️💙❤️💙
  15. A scary reminder of just what evil the AFL are capable of......
  16. Thinking we could probably arrange a gathering of up to 100 of us at a big screen venue for Friday, under guise of religious celebration.
  17. Still confident about facing slooooooow cats - but, incase it goes otherwise - how many would be allowed to attend my funeral in person, being Victorian?
  18. Well I like him/them even more. 'Here's a church, here is a steeple, Dees are the best people, Dees are the best people!'
  19. So at the risk of being barred.....I truely believe we are......
  20. The ultimate song to get things going. In Chicago Bulls fashion we actually played this as our run out song 2 years ago at the 'G.
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