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  1. Geelong are the ones to beat MUST. BEAT. ESSENDON
  2. Lever get time into Jj and rivers as leaders
  3. No need for apology. You are of course right. Let's not forget why there's a rush to get vaccinated - lot of vested interests want the borders open (perhaps not the RBA, as they wish to see wages growth which now looks to be occuring. Shock horror! Training locals!).
  4. Well, not quite. AZ continues to be administered at scale. If you mean into the future, perhaps. There is Novavax and now the BCG TB vaccination depending on the trials currently underway. BCG a live TB virus, Novavax (protein) so there will be options. AU has 50 million Novavax on the way (presumably once approved).
  5. Residential Aged Care Facilities: Pfizer is still (or should still be) the vaccine being administered to RACF residents (and I think workers). Link.
  6. Yes there is one, I think fed from hospital and other data plus consumer surveillance conducted via SMS follow up post innoculation. TGA: link, about the system To your second point, it might be because these aren't effective? AZ is apparently making very little of this vaccine c.f. Pfizer and Moderna, but someone can double check that.
  7. Be good to have a year or two NOT at Kardinia or that blasted Optus
  8. I wonder how much success will drive uplift in memberships (including GFGs) and therefore improve the bottom line next year. Keep winning games and the rest will take care of itself: sponsorship, Friday Night Lights blockbuster Boy Gee Wow games and more home games at the G against the big dogs - RFC, CFC, Cats, Bombers.
  9. Novavax The BCG TB vaccination shows promise and it's a 100 year old vaccination: Link I think I read an Australian research group had tested it in rodents and were after funding for human trials. EDIT: The Brace trial already underway - link. Fancy that, a 100 year TB vaccine....cheap to make anywhere and no super cold chain needed. There are reports now that the mRNA vaccines are causing heart inflammation in younger males. Link. [source CDC via VAERS surveillance] Are you sure people who've already been vaccinated with what are effective vaccines are going to go get
  10. Of course, it is probably not sensible to test the counterfactual, is it? Sweden didn't go so well....
  11. Crafty Mitch Brown, a worthy and willing "pull in case of emergency"
  12. Squiggle and Matter of Stats have a probabilistic methodology with different models (MoS) which might paint a picture. You are right, it's still W-L, but it's interesting to ponder the probabilities for some confidence. I think Ess - L GWS - W Port - L Suns - W Hawks - W Dogs - L WC - L Crows - W Cats - L 4-5 Happy to be wrong though, very happy. It's quite possible for us to win Ess, Port, Dogs and go 7-2 though. That would be shocking.
  13. I would agree with you had I said “and a quality backline and replacement ruck utility and pocket and wingman” - but i didn’t say that. None of what you have said invalidates Sue’s original point. Don’t be offended if I don’t respond further - I have limited bandwidth
  14. That is not what I said at all - that is a misrepresentation. if you would like to change this into a general conversation about recruitment wins then you’ll brook no argument from me. 🏌🏻👀😶‍🌫️👻👾☠️ For the pedants - what type of logical fallacy is this please?
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