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  1. The Superunknown Trifecta Trac for Brownlow Dees Flag Labor election win
  2. Cycling golf AFL MLB NBA for $5/m for 12m? Bargain.
  3. Jeez no wonder some people don't bother commenting. Just snark. Blargh
  4. Laurie and Bowey look pretty ripped already eh. Rosman with some weight will be a weapon. How ripped is Trac looking, it's shocking. $ on him for Brownlow I think.
  5. I remember the first time I drove to Buller (May 2000 epic dump, snowed in overnight) my brother left me a note about the Tallarook-Yea back road. He said "this road is windy, so be careful" and - without him having a mobile phone and calls costing 30c flagfall and a $1/minute (remember those days?!) so I could enquire further in order to dispel the ambiguity - I had no way of knowing. So I was driving along in wicked dark and cold thinking "when is this windy wind going to blow in on this bloody windy road".
  6. Crafty, takes marks, efforts, gutsy and has a mad mo.
  7. Jeepers the sniping is tedious and tiresome. It is taking a not insubstantial amount of thread space. Mods can we issue some more strongly worded cease and desist letters please?
  8. I was disappointed with their lack of probing to determine if he’d shorten his run up from Dagobah. It’s only 23 light years away but us mere mortals have departed our mortal coil well before his his first step (what odds for a 10 goal game 2021?!)
  9. Just listened to the McClure interview, or whatever radio bit was posted last page. Sounds super grounded and head in the right space, good life perspective. Sounds very good culturally.
  10. Please join the dots to Jakovich! I'll just grab a G&T and some popcorn!
  11. That's ok, this 5'7" climbs Ventoux faster and shreds powder better with lower centre of gravity
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