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  1. Bloke! Let us disabuse misconceptions about other scuttlebutt! Goss on JV? Tmac? Ins/outs!
  2. This Petracca thing demands immediate investigation. Shocking if true. Understandable, but shocking.
  3. I'm sure someone here can give you Pert's direct email. Let me know if you need it, in case you don't have it.
  4. It does sound terrible. Doesn't it. I mean, you still have your high paying job (well, most of them), you're well looked after. No lockdown, probably your family is safe...shocking.
  5. If I'm in governance, I'm worried about risk here - balancing the risk of losing players vs the coach (if that is indeed an issue).
  6. Reckon he has some rig reflectors strategically popped around the house ;0
  7. Someone on another site said McClure said Oliver not happy (or words to that effect) just sh/t stirring or a case of smoke indicating fire?
  8. A good perspective. +'s May Langdon - weapon Jackson Rivers Did I mention May CP5 Oliver I forget, did I mention May and Tracc
  9. LOve it, but the sooner it's all sorted the better! I'm going with Bob's inside word.
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