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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Wow Grim tidings from the west.
  2. Pert and Roffey should be demanding he heads of Gleeson and Christiansen They are not impartial We won’t though, because Melbourne just like we were all crickets after Maynard’s hit it’s a key reason I have not renewed my membership - along with some others
  3. This. Wisdom Like golf, nothing’s a gimme. Unless you’re playing pennant and gifting your oppo 3 footers to freak them out
  4. I don’t mind Murphy so that’s sad for him but you know what, it’s poetic justice Wonder how the playing group feels He’s a grub and germ - wish someone would rain hellfire on him
  5. Said it elsewhere - there should be some internal punishment too
  6. If we don’t appeal this it just compounds my belief we play good cop far too often get him off then sanction internally he has to stop this nonsense
  7. Good kicking is good footy That was a very impressive win. more, please!
  8. Had a dream night before last he signed for 1.2m p.a with dees weird i expect to have Augusta and Ronde van Vlanderaan and snowboarding dreams this time of year
  9. Jeez I love seeing the family name as the sponsor!!
  10. Thanks Jack. Give em hell this weekend.
  11. The AFLs prosecution was absolutely [censored] poor and crack handed if I recall no mention of recklessness duty of care i mean you can’t mention if it had been a daicii under him as he knocked Murphy out he has history absolute Clayton’s prosecution - the one you’re having when you’re not having one hate our club failed gus on this also
  12. I hate Gleeson. Hate. Biased POS. Just as avoidable as Maynard’s hit. Who does Gleeson barrack for . Oh no poor brayden might miss a finals
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