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  1. I’m with you Their they’re there it’s grade 2 stuff
  2. I doubt he’s cycling around Europe bit of Galibier dhuez ventoux and other big dogs
  3. Disappointing love the way pies are playing (except Howe, [censored] that guy) can’t have the swans or cats winning jesus wept
  4. But we weren’t good enough, were we
  5. That umpire who just paid against Ginnivan should be put before a firing squad unforgiveable
  6. Ring ring ring hello you’re on with trade radio its Chris from camberwell I’m wondering if you can provide a report on young Kane cornes’ unfortunate accident where all reports indicate he got his testes stuck in his own mouth as I understand it’s caused quite the kerfuffle down the sheds and also I wouldn’t mind an update on young Karen picketts contract status and also is there any update on the status of Darren turner’s move to the wing which will see Alan brayshaw move to full forward
  7. This ^ superunknowns 7yo is all in on CP5 and has been a long time
  8. Lot of plant based super athletes here disprove that https://www.richroll.com/all-episodes/
  9. Same i laid two bets at 10 cashout is 11.52 not really worth it unlike last year start last 1/4 in GF when SB were desperate to encourage cash out at 20-1 (laid at 26-1)
  10. My 7yo constantly disregards my advice and feelings Bin. The three year old is the complete opposite.
  11. Jeez you lot are good at meeking stuff up
  12. Wesley Snipes in True Story let the tension build a bit first
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