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  1. Great suggestions Rusty. I agree that Chunk has the experience and good foot skills to help us at the pointy end. He's a bit slow but then so are half of the Geelong team. As for Pickett, I thought he covered a ton of ground against the dogs on Saturday. Anyone know if there's stats published for distance covered for him? I think he's still going hard both offensively and defensively. Continual rotation of our players through the middle might shake things up for us.
  2. I was thinking Pickett should spend more time in the middle too. Maybe leave Viney forward more often and bring Spargo and Pickett into the congestion. It can't hurt, they're both pretty good in traffic.
  3. That's a good point @The heart beats true, what he says in public is probably different to what he says behind closed doors. But why do our players need protecting? This isn't 10 year old little athletics and this team is definitely mentally fragile. They shouldn't be protected from the horrible truth of the last 6 weeks. We as a club, shouldn't have to listen to his "we're confident, on track and only a little bit off the mark" BS. Our mark is way above the level of every other club if we're playing to our best abilities. They go to pieces when the blow torch is applied and go to sleep when they play lower teams. They still fall asleep at the end of quarters (Demontime lives on), our set goal kicking and forward etnries are a dogs breakfast. Our clearance work pfft. From a team selection point of view, we've got some great young players in the wings but they haven't been playing much and it's the wrong end of the season to blood them now. The likes of Harmes, ANB, Brayshaw, Oliver, Tracc, Gawn, Viney, TMAC, Hunt are senior players that need to play sefless, consistent football and show leadership. Jones is probably the only bloke not in the side right now that could possibly come in and play finals and unfortunately again, our finals pretty well start now. I firmly believe we are the best team in the competition when we click into gear, by a long margin. At the moment I think the gearbox is r**ted and I have no confidence that our coaches and players know how to fix it. Changing personnel won't make much of a difference and it feels to me like Goodwin is back in bunny in the headlights mode. It's going to be a travesty to see this fantastic opportunity slip from our grasp. This club frustrates me no end. Jones in and Harmes out Four hours set goal kicking practice every day for every player this week. Learn how to kick a drop punt FFS.
  4. It appears everything is fine. It's all fugazi, nothing to worry about, all good. We really don't need to improve by the looks. I'll just leave this here. But Goodwin said he didn't believe it was a major issue as his side handed over first position on the ladder to the Bulldogs. "It's really about maximising opportunity and being efficient when you need to. Clearly we had our chances tonight to kick a bigger score, there's no question about that," Goodwin said. "I'm not worried one bit. Our belief is still really strong in the way we play. They kicked six goals from their forward-50 stoppages, and normally in a game it's one-to-two, so that's a big differential and it's an anomaly. "We sit here confident. Would we like to score more? Of course we would. But it wasn't a major issue. We had our chances tonight." Melbourne has won just two of its past six games as it prepares to return to the finals for the first time since 2018, but Goodwin was pleased with his side's performance against the Bulldogs and said the Dees weren't far from their best. "I think we're pretty close. As a footy club we're not far away. There was a lot to like tonight. We didn't get the result and I'm sure our supporters would be disappointed but there was enough in the game to indicate we're still well on track," he said. "We're certainly not going to jump at shadows."
  5. Completely agree TU. This was an honourable loss in some ways and can't be too upset. It would have been hard to keep momentum with so many atrocious calls against us. It's those losses against the bottom teams AGAIN that will hurt us We seem so mentally weak. Why is demontime still such a thing for us? If we're so fit, we should be running out quarters and kicking those clutch goals at the end of quarters. We rely so much on Petracca and Clarry in the guts. The rest of our midfield looks cooked. Viney looked better forward. Pickett in the guts perhaps? He worked really hard tonight. Gut running and tackling was fantastic. He still needs to be a bit cleaner but at least he's running hard both ways. I think it's a mistake that we haven't put the hours into Sparrow but bringing young blokes in at this late stage of the season is a worry I think Ben Brown is finding his rhythm slowly. We have to persevere with him. Harmes, ANB need to go. Did Goodwin say anything about the maggots?
  6. You miss out on some great insights. BT worked out that our forward line isn't functioning so we'll. Amazing football brain
  7. No logic. I thought he worked really bloody hard tonight. Some really tough gut running and tackles. He played a pretty solid game compared to others such as Spargo and ANB
  8. They've won. We should get ten frees in the last five minutes
  9. Oh man that was another throw right in front of our goal and then a free to the dogs
  10. They're such a great band. I will be really surprised if we win. If you look at our form over the past six weeks, I just think we're quite wobbly. Hope our slump has ended and we smash them. So, no laying on the footpath for me. I'm already waist deep in MFCSS. I'm just a Demon Paranoid Android. Nice crack at it this one by this Brissie band https://youtu.be/54sh1scHXqY
  11. I think we're going to get smashed this week. I don't think any changes will make a difference. Put the same team on the park and let's see if they can redeem themselves
  12. I watched Gawny in the third qtr try to lift the team through individual efforts but it just didn't work. It struck me that when we're really put under pressure we fall back to the old individual selfish habits (through good intentions). We try to bust through too many tackles, don't take first options, burn team mates going forward etc etc. Geez we have the talent and it would be an absolute travesty if we don't take at least one flag with this team within the next three years. But...... This is all about what's between the ears of both the players and the coaching staff. Culture, Professionalism, Preparation, Discipline, Mental Toughness, Team First
  13. There were lots of poor decisions in that last five or ten minutes but Fritschs choice not to go for goal did my head in. Pretty much cost us the game.
  14. I'm wondering if the players are all about fanging in bananas from the boundary. Some seem to be afraid of a drop punt on a 45 degree angle. Maybe they just don't practice 45m drop punts enough anymore? It's all about the round the corner trick shots
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