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  1. That's a tough one. I think he may be permanently concussed.
  2. Special comments on ducking and chucking
  3. I'm about one win away from heading over to the "is Goody the right guy?" Thread to confess my sins too. 😁😁
  4. I heard Goody in a post game presser. Might have been after the St Kilda game in round 2 when we kicked 12.19 He said something like "we might have to focus on our goal kicking a little this week, not that it's ever been an issue for us in the past" I almost choked on my beer. If Fritsch didn't kick straight on the weekend (and I'm really happy he seems to be straightening up), we could have been in a bit of strife again. Poor field and goal kicking has cost us so much over the past two years. I'm really glad Chocco is on to it. I think Goodwin is very lucky to ha
  5. Exactly. It was never going to fly as the expert panel on channel 7 had already deemed it unanimously as accidental. I wouldn't say it was careless as he was quite careful on swinging that Elbow back with the intention to connect.
  6. Just tackling and trash talking Selwood. Yeeeew
  7. That was brilliant. Clarry got straight in his face too
  8. Selwood whinging to the umps coming off.
  9. It took two bs frees to gift them that one
  10. Spargo ducking on Selwood to pull the free was hilarious
  11. Elbowed in the face by Hawkins. Has smashed his eye open.
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