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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Silver linings. Hope he has a cracker of a debut!
  2. But Chol was jumping to mark not jumping to smother. Jumping to mark and breaking bones is apparently ok. It's only leaving the ground to smother that appears that somehow now appears to be dangerous? And.... Then Kozzies submission was that he leapt to catch the ball in the air, not smother or spoil. Which he is entirely capable of doing. They wouldn't even let our expert testify! And argued for 90 mins about this instead of just letting him speak. Don't tell me they don't play favourites. Lisa Hannons statement was completely devoid of logic. PLEASE get rid of Adrian Anderson. I'd love to know his success rate.
  3. But it can't be just incompetence. These people play favourites way too often for it to be considered just inept. Something continually stinks when the stars and the big clubs wriggle out of charges or don't get charged at all. Playing favourites is basically corruption.
  4. I thought the same thing @Little Goffy. Really inciting some hatred and stirring the pot. Really poor.
  5. Someone in the Facebook thread reckoned he was a bulldog supporter. Might have been holding a grudge since the Bailey Smith hit. I thought that one was reckless by Koz. The last two citings have been low impact glances.
  6. I usually like a lot of the stuff The Roar publishes. This is purely disgusting. Calling Pickett a "sniper, it was a dog act, football's dirtiest player" I think I'll find a way to complain to the publishers about this. It's really disgraceful journalism. It will just stir up more unwarranted hatred for Koz. I hope the club stands up for him and appeals. https://www.theroar.com.au/2024/04/07/six-points-clutch-kings-do-it-again-footys-dirtiest-player-and-debunking-vic-centric-fixture-myth/
  7. I've only watched about half of this game because it's dwayning. But, it seems to reasonably well umpired when compared to Thursday night. The difference is quite stunning
  8. I'm not sure either but chucked $5 on them at 10 to 1 Thursday night. Fingers crossed
  9. I'm with you @DubDee I don't understand the continual bagging of Koz. He made a mistake with Bailey Smith and has since adjusted his play. The bump in the final last year was nothing. He shouldn't have got a week and the same again now. Dead set, if we had more players that go as hard and as desperate as Kozzie does to chase and smother, it would be fantastic. His chasing and closing speed is amazing. You can't make a last minute, desperate tackle or smother without leaving the ground. You don't want to remove that desperation from his game or see it disappear from our game. He put his arms up to spoil and then did his best to get his arms down before contact. This was low impact. If he gets a week for potential to cause harm then logic has it that most aerial contests can have the same potential. The circus continues. How does a bloke that threatens to resign if he has to cite Maynard still have his job? Oh yeah, mates. He won't get off but at least we should be supporting one of our hardest working players.
  10. IMHO I'd like to see them paid as professionals and make it a respectable career path for those who love the game but aren't fantastic at playing it. Reward them well as professionals. And drop them on poor performances just as professional players get dropped. As professionals, there should be more scrutiny and comments allowed by the coaches and captains as well. The talent pool seems very shallow right now. They need to grow the talent pool and... Take the grey areas out of the game. Hands in the back being allowed is a classic. And surely 3 of them is enough to officiate a game. I dunno, the AFL is just not investing in this critical area of the game from what I can see. It's easy to disregard when we win, but we shouldn't disregard it and we should be able to question the performance and the decisions made. The crows could have scraped home. If anyone watches the replay, just watch the arms wrapped around Max at rucks all night. It must drive him bonkers
  11. BT banging on about players stuck on the bench in the last ten minutes was pure dribble. There's 6 people on the commentary team and the commentary is still not worth hearing unless it's an update on an injury. Thanks for the SEN tip. Will definitely try it.
  12. Gotcha. The Telstra footy ad drives me a bit mad. If.... The footy bus with all the players breaks down and they call the pub for help. Wouldn't you just organise another bus to pick them up rather than get another bus load of players? I guess it's a typical Telstra / AFL move. With no clear logic applied.
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