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  1. I'd be happy if they put the whistle away all bloody year. Usually makes for a much better game.
  2. We had to buy a couple of snails for our fish tank Recently to suck up the scum. We called them Joel and Patrick. I think Joel has gone into his shell or died.
  3. Just love the bloke. Great pick up by the pies. Geez he's got the job ahead of him. Kinda like leaving the foo fighters to play for John Farnham
  4. His performance on the field when the game was in the balance and then that interview post match we're just bloody wonderful.
  5. Yes, he always seemed to matched up on players bigger than him. The amount of crunches he took in packs and would just get up and go again. Can't even imagine what it would have been like some years the way that footy would just keep on being rammed into our defense and he'd just keep putting his body on the line. Always will be a favourite for me and I hope the club keeps him on.
  6. A thing of beauty. Our game is beautiful and our team is the best in the world at it. Love it
  7. Not sure if it's been mentioned but one of my favourite post game pieces was Goody and Tracc doing the presser. Really honest and from the heart. Amazing how he shared that he shed a few tears on Friday night before the game. How proud he was of the group. Really worth a watch. "Goodwin: 'Unbelievable emotion that's attached to 57 years'" https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/1021682/goodwin-unbelievable-emotion-that-s-attached-to-57-years?videoId=1021682&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1632592576001
  8. The media focus has been on Jones but Gee Nev has been a true leader at the club. I sent Nev a message Saturday around lunchtime thanking him for getting us to this position and all the joy he's given us watching him play with so much courage and skill through those dark years. He sent me back a message at 2.30 in the morning saying "I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did" It was a wonderful gesture by Kysiah to try and give home his medal. So good to see the whole squad involved throughout the whole final series. The way past players, families and supporters have been acknowledged along the way What a wonderful inclusive club we have.
  9. Tell them you'll buy the red and blue ones off them at a discounted rate once they lose. Oh or just shoot all the white ones.
  10. Thanks to everyone on Demonland and best wishes to you all. After all the analysis and articles I've immersed myself into this week, I reckon we've got this if we do one thing well. KICK STRAIGHT! I'm sure we'll deliver on every other element Of our game today, but we must convert our opportunities. I think it's going to be a close one. We can do it. Enjoy demonlanders.
  11. I was up before the sparrow farted. Every time I think of the game I just picture Gawny holding up that cup. Into the garden for a few hours now to burn up some nerves
  12. Abbey May is awesome and I expected nothing less from 7 than to give her half a song.
  13. This year's channel 7 marathon has a focus on the best commentated games of all time by Brian Taylor and James Brayshaw................
  14. A simple game for simple blokes. Watching my first game of the year to see if Wayne Bennett can get the Rabbitohs into the granny. 71 year old who's coached at the highest level for 30 odd years I think. Amazing achievement
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