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  1. Hannan showing us (& Ben Brown) how to kick the friggin thing. Umpires will always hate us but just amazed we've held top spot after the last 5 weeks efforts (Port game an exception).
  2. S.O.T.Y. - sentence of the year.
  3. Continues to do my head in, a target found right on arc & boundary - while opposition fill holes.
  4. We really need to sort out clearances. Gawn roving some of his taps but the rest just easily collected by Dawks.
  5. So next year going to donate my MCC subs to Richard Branson so he can buy 5 millilitres of rocket fuel. Figure it won't be complete waste....??
  6. Wimbledon silver fruit tray coming home.
  7. 'Damn the Portpedoes' was by far their best.
  8. Seconded. Now - to 'blow the tanks' on this thread (if you'll allow me as watching Das Boot) - what can we do to remedy this for ourselves b/w here & September? 1. eat chocolate? 2. book a trip to Hawaii for 2026? 3. plant marijuana in the backyard 'for old Aunt Mabel'?
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if we're still off tonight, & I'm strangely okay with that - gazing across Noosaville river. Wanting Jack to have a good chunk of it tonight & mind still on upcoming Port game. May the meat (...or tofu) be tender & the mocktails iced. Beannnie packed- now adorned with new Clarry badge, alongside Jack badge.
  10. Ouch! The 2 wins there though, without question, our best this year - v Doggies win an absolute statement, v Lions win - a GTFOOH statement! Confident we were all just gassed on QB. My mind is all about our Port game the following week & making it a royal-flush on all this years contenders. Us by 11 points this week, 1 point the next.
  11. - the way it's always been. Patiently waits for the tools to get through their excruciatingly un-funny bloke-ribbing, then provides commentary
  12. Same routine, for thirteenth time, bathroom, pod coffee, toast, Robert Palmer's 'Secrets' on, shower, dress (yes - in that order)..... I've done all I can.
  13. Rona just continues to give to Victoria - & interstaters will continue to benefit with home ground advantage. That said we're all done with Tioges era - a new one dawns.....
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