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  1. '.....never get out of the queue for Red Rooster chips..... absolutely goddamn right!.....unless you were goin' aaaaall the way (premiership)'
  2. Something caught my attention Saturday night whilst mincing down through the bleachers to take a nature break end of 3rd.... ...... caught glimse of tellie, you know the ground broadcast which is generally free of the garbage on Ch7, & spotted Williams circling possibly the back 6 huddle, chewing his gum, intense yet steely composed, & giving instruction yet not using any eye contact whatsoever - like the guy in Apocalypse Now during a napalm strike. It was frigg'n impressive - regardless of possessing no lip-reading skills - & a 'rutheless vibe' I've never seen in my 50
  3. 'But there's no danger, it's a professional career (though it could be arranged, with just a word in Mr Churchill's ear)' Fairdinks how good was Clarry!? (...& the Mac)
  4. Sydney still give me the heebee-jeebees.
  5. Top of Ladder, 7-zip, CP5x7, Friitta freed - yeah okay maybe.
  6. Love listening in on Tuesday evening - the missus allows it as I listen whilst doing the dishes then the whole kitchen (mostly fake cleaning, scrubbing a perfectly clean pot, re-living the highlights & lowlights of the weekends game). Found the recaps during the darker years strangely medicinal. Kudos & thanks Andy & team.
  7. T-Mac defended reasonably well today but fear his inability to quickly get ball to boot* just won't work down there long term against strong sides. My MFCSS's were reactivated there today but we're far more composed - I just need more time. *Interchange with boot to ball if required
  8. Well done BBB - who makes way??
  9. Hind - the player Frost wanted to be, the player Frost never was.
  10. Happy with us blazing away and kicking to big packs, if oppo flooding back, given our current crumbing ability but must get more return (is a 20% improve too greedy?) on set shots. Toughest game to tip in the round but I say TMac redeems & Fritta threads more needles here.
  11. Need a large sinkhole to take out Pies during qtr time huddle. Only ever see those under motorways in the States but hey - it's 2020.....
  12. No need running for the razor blades until next week - Freo on a huge roll & will be tough for Doggies.
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