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  1. it really is puerile, school boy stuff. No place for it for grown professional athletes.
  2. only thing decent about the production was the music and the Jim Stynes award. Resented Nathan Brown and his gambling ads, peddling greed and human misery.
  3. Hope he is a better coach than player
  4. if we need them next year we are screwed.
  5. No brainer , Collingwood in the same sentence is tautology.
  6. They should relocate to Nauru and call themselves the Guanos
  7. Really peed off that Cox and Maynard get to play in a grand final. Only consolation will be watching them with their heads in hand when they lose next week.
  8. don't mind this - deserve to have the blowtorch applied to the gentiles.
  9. the F'ing learnings should be put into a suppository and placed somewhere appropriate,
  10. forward needs to be the operative word.
  11. Not a great weekend for the Club. So good to see him return to the fold in recent years and that he got to enjoy our 2021 premiership.
  12. Not as big as the holes between the selectors ears.
  13. Cool light of day - I prefer the heat of the night.
  14. However soft the free kicks were, they were there and the umpires just love paying them. It’s all very well playing on the edge but you have to know where the edge is, and Kozzie doesn’t. The trouble is that he is a repeat offender and doesn’t seem to learn or care, maybe. His indiscretions undid a lot of his good work and was a big contributor to our loss.
  15. Should never played in the first place. Not playing Grundy is a prime example of Goodwins stubbornness, if not spitefulness. He would have contributed much more than TMac, who surely is finished.
  16. Feel angry and disillusioned because we lost, not because we weren’t good enough but because of ill discipline, especially from Pickett and JVR and poor selection - Laurie as sub last week and keeping TMac on too long this week. Spargo showed why he is important as a good decision maker and needs to be played. Our back 6 were superb and must be filthy with the forwards.
  17. Disgraceful waste of a season. Pickett’s poor discipline has cost us big time - what a joke he gets 800k per year. I never want to see TMac play in the senior side ever again. Get a new forward line coach ASAP. We are mentally soft and deserve to be called chokers.
  18. Thought Hunter has been one of our best
  19. Get TMac off and try Schache. Can’t be worse.
  20. Congratulations to those involved in banner - it is a beauty
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