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  1. He should have listened to Demonland. Hopefully he has learned his lesson.
  2. Agree re Chandler - I think he shows a lot of promise - good pace and skills. He looked as happy as anyone at the end of the game on Saturday and seems very passionate. Nyet re Gray.
  3. Haven’t posted until now because I have, uncharacteristically, been lost for words. Not only am I thrilled by and proud of the win but just love the way they have gone about it. There were no rough house tactics, no trying to milk frees just pressure, focus and never say die determination. They played without ego and their love and care for each other is palpable. Well done to all involved for a commanding performance.
  4. Won’t need a little blue pill to fly the flag if we win!
  5. I watched the full replay today as part of my pregame warm up. Apart from the obvious sublime game from Max, it is easy to overlook how great Trac, Clarrie and Viney were. They belted the Cats midfield. I would love to see Jack get the Norm Smith - his final series has been immense.
  6. Hang in there old Dee. Crank up the pacemaker, charge the defibrillator and enjoy the ride
  7. and Bailey Smith, Liberatore, The Bont, Daniel, Treloar….,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  8. Strange that Langdon or ANB didn’t poll, and Salem only in one game - confirms that if you are not a mid-fielder don’t bother, the award doesn’t apply to you.
  9. Clutch Cargo is his doppelgänger
  10. 31 votes would have won it most years. Never mind, the Norm Smith is his.
  11. In: a nice piece of silverware Out: 1988 and 2000
  12. incredible performance by Kozzie - his presence destabilizes opposition backlines apart from the goals he kicks. Good to see he has adjusted his radar and not missing as many as he was. a joy to watch.
  13. and the mighty Wycheproof Demons, home club of Merv Keane and Corey Jones.
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