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  1. Ooze should be counting his blessings. Essenscum just can't help themselves. What a ridiculous CEO appointment.
  2. A great time to be a supporter. Clarrie , Trac and Gawn will achieve Demon Legend status and likely will become AFL Hall of Fame members. Now for another flag or two.
  3. Hope Scott gives himself a 50m penalty each time he drops his jaw and waves his arms.
  4. As each day goes by it looks more likely that this will end badly - for all concerned.
  5. i'll put my hand up. Heard it from a sports journalist who heard it from a player. A reliable source but have no more info.
  6. Robbie Williams for the Norm Smith. That’s about it.
  7. Very much doubt the price differential between Melbourne and Geelong is 50%. Geelong has taken off and has become expensive.
  8. The burden of proof will be with Hawthorn. Hard to see this not getting very messy.
  9. Fagan and Clarkson should be very worried. Hard to see how they can continue if substantiated
  10. not a republican of the Trump variety I hope old dee
  11. Pickett Fence becoming Charlie Spargo’s number 1 fan Drysdale Demon becoming all soft and cuddly No negativity on Demonland.
  12. can't stomach the thought of Scott and Dangerfield gloating. Mind you Papley also exacerbates by haemorrhoids. I think i'll go off the grid on saturday.
  13. Chandler looks to have jumped ahead of Bedford and Laurie. He has been very good in the midfield as well as a small forward. I hope he gets his opportunity next year.
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