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  1. As did Viney, ignoring good options in favour of trying to bulldoze through tacklers. I reckon they were equally ordinary today, both had games they would rather forget.
  2. Also needs to get the ball to kick it, which wasn't happening often enough when he was in the side. Not a lot seems to have changed.
  3. I wonder if less tells in the forward line, it might force our mids to at least try hitting up a target up forward instead of the long bombs?
  4. [censored] learnings, God I hate that term!!
  5. Yep, that game will be interesting. The Suns ladder position is not indicative of the footy they are playing at present. You would think the players would know this, but I feel as though we will take them lightly anyway. It's the kind of arrogance that I hate in a footy club. Just fuming about tonight, the tackle count says it all. When will our players understand that talent and experience don't win games unless you actually use it in the game?
  6. Unless we come up against a side with a heap of injuries and an average games per player of under 20. Bank on a loss then.
  7. [censored] these useless [censored]!!
  8. I swear Spargo is the only player in the side that doesn't fumble or waste his touches. I'll have 1 Spargo touch to 5 of anyone else's. FMD, this is soon frustrating. All I want to do is rip out a string of expletives.
  9. With Hipwood out and a relatively weak backline, Brisbane may be a little shaky in finals. Daniher will struggle as the primary forward target I reckon.
  10. [censored], yes!!! I wasn't sure if they had increased the capacity enough with works over the years. Brisbane losing to St Kilda is a godsend. Thanks, Jaded!
  11. Assuming we finish third and Geelong finish second, would that mean a final at Kardinia Park or still at the MCG?
  12. ...or half a dozen key players coming back into the side 🙄
  13. Dockers did a demolition job on the Hawks....surely, surely, the boys can switch on from the first bounce for a percentage boost.
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