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  1. I'll be making some judgement if we lose to the Tigers 😒. Their injury list is horrible at present. Possibly 13 players out including several important ones.
  2. This is BBB every year. He cannot string games together and clearly his body gets sore after a few weeks. He needs to be managed much better to get the full impact from him over the season. The Dees need to me more proactive in his management.
  3. May just kicked to a 1 on 4 in favour of Brisbane...please why.
  4. Not sure why he thought his [censored] poor effort chasing that ball to the boundary was so funny.
  5. Struggling to watch this. Have a [censored] crack.
  6. Getting our asses handed to us in the midfield.
  7. That person probably hasn't watched a Dee's game this year. Hopefully they're in for a rude shock as the Dees stream the ball forward with crisp forward entries, time and time again.
  8. Yeah, I think it's something that has to be worked on. I would expect the club has someone to assist with this. He is a lovely kick for goal and the Dees want him having as many shots at goal as possible.
  9. Joey likes the Dees, I reckon. Regularly has positive things to say.
  10. Does anyone else see any problems with JVR's dukes? He has been getting good hands to the ball but nothing seems to be sticking. He's been busting packs but at the same time has spilled a few marks I expected him to take.
  11. Gee, talk about throw the baby out with the bathwater. They only lost by 7 points and there were several stages of times where they had momentum and outplayed us. It really could have gone either way. Would they be making the same comments if they had one by a point. I think not.
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