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  1. Correct, he will. Emergencies will be Jordon, Smith, Melksham & Hunt
  2. If i had my time again, I probably wouldn't.
  3. Whenever you have mail, you need to be cautious of certain factors like the players extended family not being told by the player themself. Also whether the club want the opposition to know as yet. Its one of the defenders who is out and we will leave it at that.
  4. I can reveal there is an injury to a player in the 22 and therefore there will be a forced change. It isn't a key player and won't change the balance greatly.
  5. Joel Smith will go to Charlie Cameron from the first bounce.
  6. Great to see Taj named on the wing after his initial selection was deemed to be last man in. Following up on 26 disposal, 2 goals and 5 tackles to be named Best on Ground vs Subiaco last round.
  7. As strange as it may sound we could do with a niggle for any of Rivers, ANB, Spargo or Pickett just to see what the mix looks like without one or two of them.
  8. Hunt set the tone for the whole game. His first quarter was blistering and electric. Then there was nothing. Jayden you are a barometer. You give us what Hibberd, Rivers and Salem dont. We need 4 quarter efforts from you.
  9. Petty looked lame so id withdraw him. Rivers and Jackson could do with being managed. Bowey, Bedford and Sparrow deserve a try.
  10. I don't think he will be a top 10 selection. Too much risk. 14-22 by my observations.
  11. Depending on the timing of wife's birth, Lever could miss this week
  12. Perhaps ? AVB also travelling. Could be some changes.
  13. I agree with almost all of your opinions but not this. Is Petty markedly better? Joel is great with lock down. It frees up Lever.
  14. Joel Smith is on the plane to ADL - Interesting
  15. I think he was a way down the path with Carlton before it was industry knowledge he wanted to leave Essendon, family is settled in the Northern suburbs and we probably weren't the greatest cultural fit for him.
  16. It wasn't. His management rebuffed our approach before an offer could be made.
  17. We tried to address this with Saad but were politely rebuffed at the first time of asking. Id bring in Bowey but not at the expense of Hunt. Could Rivers play the wing? Brayshaw doesn't help this lack of speed piece.
  18. Expect an announcement on this in the next fortnight. Burgess to return to Adelaide and Selwyn Griffiths to be our performance guru.
  19. Raw talent wise, yes. Production and output wise, no. I also believe we are well resourced in the small forward area now and he is no relation to Steven/Billy.
  20. Indeed - captain of a very talented East Freo colts side expected to have multiple first rounders. Developing nicely in a heavily covid impacted environment for the 17/18 year olds. Anyone know where Woey Snr's relationship with the club is at?
  21. I don't think he's ready but i'd be curious to see if Joel Smith fairs any better than Petty in the lock down KPD role. I also believe I may be alone with this curiosity.
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