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  1. Not sure if its been mentioned but Spargos tackling technique is first class. Always able to pin an arm
  2. Was getting vibes of the game at Etihad a few years ago where we were all over em and couldnt kick a goal and they couldnt miss. Hopefully we show some mongrel and put the foot down
  3. Jordie Mckenzie is playing cricket at Brighton District. Exceptional bloke
  4. For this type of commitment he'd wanna produce a couple of sons
  5. I was on this as well. It beat Morissy last start who ran 3rd to Windstorm at Caulfield about 10 mins before jump at Rosehill. I reckon that was pretty good form line. Thank god for bet365's drift protection that got me $4.60.
  6. Steven May couldn't fix City's defence at the moment! I look forward to the most expensive guard of honor when we go back to back
  7. Is it something that I should have watched at the time and not now in retrospect?
  8. It was embarrassing at the time and it's even more embarrassing now. 'To Hell & Back - an underdog story of a 17th placed teams' surge up the ladder to 9th'. I haven't watched a second of this crap. I've enjoyed the extra behind the scenes stuff this year and have really enjoyed what Ben Gibson has brought to the table but stuff like this just reeks of a club that has no idea. How much more urine can this club take from its supporters and members? We're a club that likes the idea of success but has no idea what it looks like and how to get there. We'd want to be ripping some band aid
  9. Time to start up the 'Where are we at?' thread haha
  10. We're playing alright. Just not finishing our work at the moment. Not panic stations yet
  11. Imagine Luke Mcdonald and Jack Viney competing against each other in a drill. It'd just be two blokes running around in circles trying to get on their left
  12. Anyone know who the random bloke was in the team song?
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