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  1. If Close doesn't give away that deliberate in round 23 we probably don't win the flag. We only really flexed during the finals series. Still reckon Doggies and Brissy can get us on their day
  2. Its been a week since I've watched it so I gave it another run this arvo. I tell you what's an under rated act - Max Gawn breaking away from the celebrations after the final siren to shake Bontempelli's hand. He was well within his rights to get lost in the euphoria of the moment. Classy captain.
  3. I went and visited the WEG store today. Could have spent an hour in there having a browse. I initially walked in to buy the plain WEG poster and he had the foil ones available. Rippa bloke running the show now - I think he said he's the son in law. Now to get it knocked up in a frame
  4. Give it to Bowey. The number 2 has seen too many losses. Let it be the changing of the guard.
  5. Cheltenham Custom Framing Shop. Just need to sort out wall space now
  6. Received my custom framed demon today
  7. This would wipe the smile from my face
  8. Might be a conflict of interest given Furphy is a club sponsor
  9. We use to be the bye. Great times ahead!
  10. First day back at work out of lockdown and all I really want to do is go back home and watch the replay haha
  11. Anyone know word for word what the plaque says on this poster?
  12. My partner of 8 years and her family are mad Essendon & Man United fans (luckily she's good looking). Between Liverpool winning the title 2 seasons ago and the Dees winning the premiership, they don't have anything on me anymore. I look forward to drinking her old man's grog on Christmas Day. Life nearly complete!
  13. Triple M is playing the call from last night right now if anyone wants to sync the coverage
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