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  1. I'd rather get covid than see Viney kick a ball inside 50 again
  2. How often does Mcdonald get smothered. So slow ball to foot
  3. Wish Boak would leave us alone just for once
  4. Toby Greene is an exceptional player
  5. I hate these guys with an unhealthy passion. Growing up as a kid most of my mates in school - who I'm still mates with today are Essendon. Throw in 2000 and their sniping. Throw in the drug saga and the lack of ownership to accept responsibility and be accountable. Throw in Sheedy. Throw in Jobe Watson and his inability to string two words together in commentary. Throw in my mrs and all her family are Essendon. I don't have kids yet and I haven't seen a Dees premiership yet so I haven't been to the pinnacle of true joy but beating these dogs tonight and keeping them outside the 8 where they belong would bring me no greater joy. Turn up and get the job done Dees!
  6. Charlie Cameron is just a footballer
  7. What did they have to play for today? A bloke that's not going to be there next week? I'm not throwing the baby out with the bath water but let's call it for what it is. A [censored] loss!
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