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  1. Would be gutted if he does a Scott Thompson on us. Certainly one of the shining lights of season 2022 was Mr. Petty.
  2. Agree 100% Such a boring style of footy. Makes me angry AF!
  3. This season has been just freaking foul. Truly like watching a car crash in slow motion. We are seriously the most boring team to watch in the comp. Brisbane are probably the worst tram to ever make a prelim and we let them do it. How embarrassing.
  4. After what I witnessed last night, I'd prefer Tom Hickey to Grundy, seriously.
  5. MFCSS from our home crowds infecting the players, the anxiety of letting down your long suffering supporters. Who knows? I'm 100% more confident when we play away, just seems to galvanize the team for some inexplicable reason.
  6. out: ANB, Melksham In: Eliza West, Tayla Harris
  7. Like Praha said, it was a rent-a-crowd, nothing at all like a pro-Pies packed MCG. There were fools decked out in full Bulldogs costume celebrating with our players as they did their lap of honour with the cup FFS.
  8. Spot on. Certain members of the playing group seem to have big issues handling the pressure of big games in front of big crowds. We aren't a serious contender this year.
  9. ANB is not strong enough in any contest and kills our momentum 8 times out of 10 when he goes near it
  10. Another anonymous game from Koz on the big stage, wtf
  11. I feel sorry for the Victorian fans who had to wait 12 months to experience that rubbish
  12. If I'm a WA club I'd be right in the ear of JVR's manager. Poor kid must be thinking, WTF. How come I cant get a game when our forward line is so dysfunctional? ANB or Melk out for JVR, please Goodie.
  13. I count 3 goals for Sydney directly caused by bad decisions, Lever not handballing out to team mate boundary side, turns back into traffic, ball spills Hayward kicks the opener. May getting sucked in by Buddy off the ball 50 m and goal. And Max trying to chip a 20m ball to Ed surrounded by 4 swans opponents. Dumb footy like this is the only thing that stops us winning this.
  14. Our mids are playing ordinary. Defense keeping us in it.
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