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  1. Yesterday was so demoralising, I actually found myself apologizing to my 12 year old son for converting him into a Melbourne supporter when he was about 5. Told him follow whoever you like from now on, I won't hold it against you. Last thing I want is for him is to have disappointment and embarrassment as the default emotions associated with a sport that he loves. I'm afraid the damage is already done though, the poor kid is probably a dee for life, and he'll likely always resent my interference in his choice of club to support.
  2. Would be a disaster. Looks to have lost his appetite and why wouldn't you after the career he's had?
  3. As if, be very surprised if we don't go down by 80+
  4. I'm not renewing if he is still coaching next year.
  5. How the hell are we supposed to afford to pay him out 2 years of remaining contract in these covid impacted times? We're stuck with him I'd say for at least 2021.
  6. Bartlett and Mahoney should be sacked for offering that contract to Goodwin. Calling it now, Kozzie is a bust.
  7. I texted into SportFM a few months back when they were interviewing Shane and had them ask him how his boys were tracking and if father-son was an option with the Dees. He said only one of the boys is still playing, Taj, and is currently in Year 12 at Aquinas and playing for East Fremantle Colts too (not sure if this is the case still). Said that he isn't pushing his son in any particular direction, but has told him the kind of work needed to make it into an AFL list and the rest is up to him. Certainly didn't rule out the possibility of father-son but didn't mention anything specific about MFC recruiters keeping tabs on him or anything like that.
  8. I've watched Logan McDonald a few times and he is fantastic. Current equal leader in the WAFL goalkicking as an 18 year old! He will go top 10 for sure if not top 5. Don't know about the Jack Darling comparison, he has a good engine but doesn't look like he'll be as solid as Darling. His physique reminds me of Westhoff from Port. His aerial ability is impressive. Don't know about the other two you mentioned.
  9. Saints by 58, this will be the beginning of the end of Goodwin's career I reckon.
  10. I love the gigantic links to other articles featuring an image and massive bold headline that are littered throughout the article you are reading. First few times I encountered these I thought what happened to the article I was reading?? Until I learned to just keep scrolling and eventually you'll get to the next paragraph 🙂. A truly terrible website.
  11. Lyon's chase down tackle of Michael Long in the third was a ripper too.
  12. Not sure if he'll still be there for our first pick, but hope Jason Taylor and the team are considering young Logan McDonald from the Perth Demons. He's been turning heads over here in the west. Looks a great prospect. I watched him on Saturday against the Falcons and he didn't have the best game but still kicked two and showed some glimpses of brilliance. His aerial ability is fantastic, judges his leap and plucks the ball from on high. https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/2020/07/26/wafl-player-focus-logan-mcdonald-perth/
  13. God I hope our players aren't drinking the bathwater again. Posters in here reading far too much into two ok performances against absolute poop opposition. If we can back it up against the pies and dogs maybe I'll start believing again.
  14. The big thing I took out of last night is that our zone must have been excellent as there were a number of occasions when North players seemed in two minds with ball in hand even under little pressure. A few times they even had to take rushed, obviously improvised bounces due to not seeing the right option up field. We'll done Dees. Of course it also helped that they butchered the pill worse than any side I've seen all year.
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