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  1. If we are one hit wonders at least we got the Flag I so wanted.
  2. Going to take a big big effort for North to win. They look stuffed.
  3. Are North going to blow this game. Should be over.
  4. Geelong didn't get the same free we didn't get last week.
  5. That hand pass from West just missed what would have been an open goal.
  6. Proud of the fight back but you cant give a side a three quarter start.
  7. Just playing on at every opportunity at the moment.
  8. You can not blame the Umpires or the ground for this. Something has just gone completely amiss at the wrong time. They look 2nd rate.
  9. It has just been an unbelievable drop-off over the past three four weeks.
  10. Talked about needed. I can see a window opening can they go though it. .
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