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  1. So good, happy Hamish called him on that.
  2. Gary Rohan 1 disposal! Haha Wasn't sighted, he's the real ginger ninja!
  3. Yep and the absolute worst hair, hands down.
  4. How will the Cats ever return to Optus? Are they ever going to rebound from this demoralising prelim loss? Are they going to add some more geriatrics next year to try and buy a flag? So many questions, I hope they ask Scott these questions incessantly next year. On that note, can't wait to see Scott's face. On the screen, in print, just anywhere really.
  5. Oh, I'm pretty sure Goody and the boys will rewatch this prelim final 😂
  6. I don't think any summary could do this game justice. A complete performance by the boys .Ruthless. Menacing. Relentless. Attributes not attached to us for too many years. We have belief. We are united. We have arrived. Importantly, we aren't done yet. Doggies, Port, doesn't matter - we're coming for you to reclaim our legacy & define the future. (Oh, have we beaten anyone yet?) Heart beats true. Go Dees 😍
  7. I love that we're still running. I want us to manage ourselves of course, but this is great. Completely embarrassed the Cats. Can you say mental scars?
  8. I honestly can't remember the last Cats goal.
  9. I like Hawkins face a lot more when his team is getting belted. Maybe like is strong, I just hate it less I guess. Good times.
  10. Maxxy should be filthy with himself. Got to kick those.
  11. 8.2 to 0.1 Not too bad, eh? This will scar them and worry others. Let's crank this, we've still got another gear. For so many years, the Cats did this sort of thing and never let up. We have to repay the favour and remind the old boys that despite their best efforts, they won't buy a GF.
  12. The desperation in the backline was sublime. I love that we're keeping them goalless.
  13. I want to see more of Chris Scott's face.
  14. Can't believe we're seeing this. I mean, I can, we've arrived. But this is a watershed moment. We're brutalising them. Toying with them. ANNIHILATING them. Message sent, Cats broken. Also, Max is POSSESSED!
  15. Hahaha Salem had so much time he just stopped, took a look, smiled for the camera then passed. ... And Maxy is going nuts here. WOW
  16. Hey how's the 4 headed monster going? Haven't seen it?!?? Also, #3 for Max!
  17. Oh my god oh my god oh my god guys Do you know what's happening here? We're doing to them what they have done to us for so many years. 186, never forget.
  18. THAT'S A CAPTAIN'S GOAL What does it say? Your time is over. We're here.
  19. BahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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