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  1. Got him for the norm Smith at $21. Can't wait to watch him go to work
  2. Geez I didn't think I'd be this nervous this early! Mason Cox glowing in his praise of Max and having a vent at all the rule changes. Nice! https://www.theroar.com.au/2021/09/24/he-works-his-[censored]-off-why-im-all-in-on-gawn/
  3. Abbe May is playing the grand final pre game. She's one of my favourite female artists. Channel seven will probably giver her ten seconds.
  4. Just seems like a super nice bloke. I swear his arms extend out an extra half a metre in marking contests. I like the way our match committee usually gives blokes coming into the team a couple of weeks to find their groove. It's paid off in spades with Ben
  5. Evidently "it's on trend" or.... Julian O'Neil is rooming with them and pooed in his shoes
  6. Finished mine yesterday. Nice way to drink beer
  7. I made the mistake of watching offsiders on the ABC on Sunday morning. Kellie Underwood started by calling Geelong the oldest club in the competition (maybe she was talking about the players?) And then trotted out the grand final match up between the working class Bulldogs and the Melbourne inner city elite. this fifty year old stereotyping drives me nuts.
  8. That was hilarious when Jack picked Maxy up! BTW who was on Gary Rohan last night? A One posession game! It would be great to see a Gary Rohan highlights package.
  9. It was really good not having BT or Brayshaw on the TV commentary last night. I forget the bloke's name that did it last night, but gee I hope he gets the gig for the Granny.
  10. Thanks @Demon4Life Glorius day here, so gardening and beach but will watch a replay tonight before the other prelim. Any recommendations on which commentary is best to listen to? SEN, ABC, 3AW or MMM?
  11. @DemonJack 14 I'm so impressed with the way this club is keeping everyone included. The badges at the ground, the ticketing info, embracing the WA bandwagon, it's so good. Would love to be at the G for the granny but it's just not meant to be. I really didn't think Goodwin was up to the task last year. I wrote an angry email to Gary Pert after that Port Adelaide debacle. Geez was I wrong. I feel bad for the likes of Jetta and Jones on just missing out on this opportunity. It is so impressive how the footy department and club has kept the whole squad together and part of this thing. To see every player over there and singing the team song together as one big team was just fantastic. I feel so proud of this footy club today. Win or lose the Granny, I'm going to have to send Gary another email thanking the club for the way they've navigated through these strange times and just delivered in spades for us this year. The dark times have made the success this year so much sweeter.
  12. There's no need to brag and.... we destroyed them!
  13. That was the moment I got emotional. This is not about the 22, it's about everyone. Jones, Jetta, you ,me, all of us. This year is different.
  14. Geez that photo made me shed a tear. Hope they show the boys. What a man, what a smile
  15. Maybe that's why Geelong can't run out games. So many extra star jumps at every tackle and out of bounds?
  16. I think the cats will deploy the same strategy tonight. Stop Oliver and we'll stop Melbourne. I don't think they can tag him out of it but they'll try and take him out for sure. I know others will stick up for him, but I reckon Selwood and Dangerfield will be out to hurt Clarry at any cost. I wonder how much the umps will protect him and the scragging on him that happens every week.
  17. Ignore the headline. A story of a ruthless attitude. Bring it Dee's. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/teams/melbourne-demons/afl-finals-2021-melbourne-vs-geelong-preliminary-final-mental-scars-2018-prelim-vs-west-coast-will-schofield-comments-news/news-story/22b7e75c5968ee20a3d0079db4ccd8d8
  18. 3 dozen unshucked Pacific oysters being picked up this morning. Might go a WA Chenin blanc and my favourite beer, weisenstaphner pilsner, a bottle of Paxton biodynamic cab sav for the second half and of course a cheese plate will do. Go Dees. Geez I'm toey
  19. Amyl and the Sniffers are great fun. They've put out some cool stuff lately. Might be an anthem for those double jabbed in NSW shortly. Anyone that says Rock and Roll is dead, just needs to look a little further. Triple J is a wasteland. Community Radio is still playing great new stuff. The Chats are great fun as well: West Thebarton from Adelaide are a great live band: Royal Headache put out a cracking album before they fell apart. An ode to Chris Scott: Sir Ed Keupper from the Saints put out an absolute cracker of an album and EP a year or two ago.I can't recommend it enough if you like your rock and roll with horns! Future of the Left. Falco taking a slap at the fact bands get paid nothing for their music, so they go on tour to sell Tshirts. And kids in ramones tshirts who don't even know who the ramones are: There's loads of great new stuff out there. Great thread @Engorged Onion
  20. I loved that British Sea Power album and then they just seemed to sink. Great cover of Johnny Cashs Jackson as well
  21. One of the great Brissie bands Giants of Science - Here comes the Punishment https://youtu.be/fN8wM5UWxew For the umpires, you can't go past Cosmic Psychos and their Wonderful intro. Language warning... https://youtu.be/X-ZOVqdYQ8s When we win, who else but Falco from future of the left (close to my favourite band in the world) could sing a song about an anti gay sex politician who gets caught in a sex scandal with teenage boys and... About his cat named Colin. https://youtu.be/XLbgwk1OFB4 Kozzy Pickett and Little Richard. What a player, what a voice! https://youtu.be/5ydBkmgJi-g This Arvo, I'm going to sit down and try and make a fist of this song on guitar. Everlong by the foo fighters..seems apt for us Dee's supporters. https://youtu.be/NWU33fvPxd0
  22. Yep, it's part of the worry for me about coming through unscathed. Viney elbow to the head / throat equals two weeks. Selwood elbow to the throat equals nothing to worry about. I could see the likes of Viney sticking up for Clarry and getting reported. Anyways, you're right about them being tougher and more mature. I just reckon Selwood will match up on Clarry and be a complete grub even more than usual. I hope we just run them off their legs and completely destroy them.
  23. I'm dreaming of getting to a Dees prelim eventually for the same reason. It's about the fans rather than the Gran Final corporates
  24. I think we should roll them. By biggest concern is Clayton Oliver. If I was Scott, I'd physically target and to try hurt him. Geelong are grubs enough to do it. Selwood, Dangerfield, Hawkins have a free pass to hurt people and I reckon they'll try and take him out of the game. I just want to see us get through this with a win and unscathed. I'd almost consider giving Jones a run to go out and just tear Selwoods head off.
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