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  1. Yeah a couple of soft goals to the pies
  2. The holding and grabbing that the likes of Oliver and Gawn get must be incredibly frustrating and exhausting for them. You'd think a couple of free kicks here and there would slow the scragging down. Yet the opposite happened a some light contact by Oliver on his opponent on the Carlton F50 arc was penalised and gave them an easy shot at goal. Luckily they missed I think. It's bloody frustrating watching it. I can't imagine what it must be like to be held off the contest continuously like Oliver is.
  3. Nice one. Watched them in Brisbane during the week. They are an incredible band.
  4. I just loved how he turned on the tackler after kicking the goal and stuck it to him.
  5. It was funny, May said after the game "the pressure came off us once we got behind at the end and we started attacking" That is our brand. We need to play four quarters of hard running attacking football. We didn't for most of the game. It was slow and predictable. Such mixed feelings. I'm really happy we won. I loved Kozzies trash talking at the end just as much as the goal. Petty is just a mountain down back. Melksham and Hunt, who woulda thunk? I'm off to the Gabba next week. We have so much work to do. Hopefully this win will give us belief to start playing daring exhilarating football again. It was an amazing and completely frustrating game. I reckon we're playing at 70 percent of our capability. A big win next week would restore my faith. Geelong are looking ominous. We need to take another step up next week.
  6. Every player down one wing for the kick in. Genius
  7. FFS Melkshams F50 entry then sums up our last six games
  8. You won't believe it. Long Down the line on the members wing. Although that's the time to do it
  9. Eight minutes left in the second qtr and I watched us switch sides across half back for what seemed like the first time in weeks. We raced forward and then fluffed it. I wish we'd had the courage and dare we used to have to switch and run it through the guts quickly. We seem a shadow of last year's side
  10. How was that not fifty for the way they scratched Clarry trying to return the ball then
  11. Betchya we don't get one of those gifts in front of goal
  12. It just feels like a weekend of terrible results coming up. And I hate the way we put ourselves in these positions where we rely on other results anyway
  13. Why do I feel like Brisbane is going to do a Collingwood here.
  14. And they're in Russ Hinze's illegal casino upstairs in fortitude valley.
  15. Spot on. Let's face, this isn't sport anymore this is entertainment. Look after the big clubs. Look after the big stars. Create the blockbusters. Create the drama. Create an over the top ridiculous match day experience. Flexible rules at the tribunal so they can always get the result they want. Flexible rules and interpretations on the field. I truly believe umps are consciously or unconsciously evening games up to keep them close and viewers tuned in. It's not so much the free kick count but where they are paid. We saw it last week and we see it all the time where a big team that's behind gets a couple of softies in front of goal when it looks like they games slipping away from them. The AFL is corrupt. Nice legacy Gil. it's not about the fans or the welfare of the players. It's not about looking after the integrity of the most wonderful sport in the world in my opinion. It's about $ and TV. If it wasn't for my addiction to this club, I'd be just watching the occasional game of local footy. That's entertainment. Go Dees, deeestroy them.
  16. I didn't know Tommy Chong was a Blues supporter man.
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