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  1. Our coaching team sometimes doesn't seem to respond quickly to counter opposition strategies at times. Could be quite fascinating to see what Ooze puts on the table tonight. I don't know if he's got the cattle on the field but it should make for great viewing. Especially with BT and Selwood's thoughtful insights. "Woweeeee" - "The tigers aren't getting their hands on the ball." Might find that SEN app Go Dees and enjoy the night to those getting along. Shout your guts out for us
  2. I've always thought the game would morph towards an "international rules Aust v Ireland" type format. Faster, more hard running less clashes but still physical. Jack Viney is a perfect example of someone who has adjusted his game to still bring opponents down but in a way where there's no driving the head into the turf. I dunno what they'll do about marking contests where players are leading with their knees. It's such a spectacle of the game to see those big pack marks. Someone usually comes away rubbing the back of their head.
  3. Yep it was no.4 Achee I think. 3rd qtr?. Very similar collision to Kozzies but nothing really replayed or mentioned by the media, so all good happy days. Go Lions. Got to get em up or the crowds don't show in Brisvegas. He'll be free to play as compared to the so called "sniper" we have playing for us. It's just ludicrously inconsistent week to week, game to game. Bluuurgh
  4. This will give the lions a sniff. Green had to go. Hogan. Mmm not so sure. Hope the giants smash them and go close to burying the lions season
  5. My god, can they just put a webcam in a pub somewhere and let some drunks argue. Same quality of analysis. Great to see an apology to Michael Christian for criticising the MRO. Why do they feel the need to apologise for having a crack at them. Loved Cornes logic. He's taken his eyes off the ball to look at his opponent, so he has to go and then in the same breath says, the rules have changed, so players need to take care not to injure their opponent. How do you do that if you can't take your eyes off the ball? Sounds like they'll need to give him a week because they should have suspended Maynard and shouldn't have suspended Wright (or at least not for 4 weeks) AFL ties itself in more knots than a knitting circle. Media opinion will drive the outcome as usual. Maybe players should be made to shout "look out" before entering a contest 😜
  6. Might have set Reid back by a few too
  7. They've got to back up against the giants next Thursday after a slog tonight.
  8. I think I'd prefer playing the cats at the MCG than the lions at the gabba. Maybe not so bad?
  9. So Achee should go for a week based on Kozs suspension? Shoulder to the head
  10. That's the latest milk I reckon. Take the mark and if the opponent grabs your arms, just fumble it. Seeing more of it now
  11. Living in Brisbane for years made the Lions my second team in some ways. After the last couple of years, I really can't stand them. This is like the AFL equivalent of Trump vs Biden.
  12. Seeya Port. God I hate that chant
  13. Did you see Cox walk straight out to improve the angle and was only told to come back one step on to his line. He gained about 3m to improve his shot at goal then.
  14. He's speaking from a very low baseline
  15. Yep, Tim Watson at the end of this clip going soft on Cameron and the AFL by saying Lever might have jumped off the ground and deliberately drove his own head into the ground.... While standing there with Selwood It's like the "Gus must have veered into Maynard's shoulder" BS. I'm so sick of our media treatment and treatment at the tribunal I think the large majority really don't like our club. There's bias everywhere https://www.facebook.com/share/r/PAouQ48ozBjRbox5/?mibextid=oFDknk
  16. Sign Bevo up for another 4 years! Super coach
  17. Or Maynard with a duty of care for any other player
  18. Kanes had the perfect opportunity to sack Christian when he threatened to resign over the Maynard debacle last year. I can only assume the boys club stepped in. Any boss in any organisation would normally take that tantrum and show him the door. Disgraceful
  19. I think people forget how young he is. He's giong to be a monster for us in another couple of years.
  20. Any clues on the "exceptional and compelling circumstances"??? Did the Brisbane defence team play Country Road in a karaoke session with a few beers and the tribunal all song along with Charlie?
  21. Ed is still touring and writing. Herethey are at the reclink community cup. Love the brass section https://youtu.be/yf2c_ZqUmHw?si=JTeSJtxC1zB2icnQ
  22. I'm sure he'd love the aints as well. How can any Queenslander not love Sir Ed Kuepper Their last album a few years ago was fantastic
  23. I think there's a clear difference between the two incidents. Butters was more dangerous and reckless. https://www.afl.com.au/news/1109055/match-review-port-adelaide-gun-zak-butters-learns-fate-adelaide-crow-matt-crouch-banned#amp_tf=From %1%24s&aoh=17131573907428&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.afl.com.au%2Fnews%2F1109055%2Fmatch-review-port-adelaide-gun-zak-butters-learns-fate-adelaide-crow-matt-crouch-banned
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