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  1. As much as I admire everyone standing up for our club on this thread, my opinion is that we deserve all the criticism coming our way. We choked so badly in both games, it wasn't even funny. If it is true that senior figures at the club are using the Brayshaw/Maynard incident as an excuse for a second straight sets capitulation, that is frankly a major embarrassment for our club and I actually agree with what Campbell Brown had to say about this.
  2. A couple of highly skilled outside types like Jimmy Toumpas and Cale Morton.
  3. Our supporters have been traumatised by how [censored] our offence is. The best emotion a goal can muster is relief.
  4. Viney slips over as much if not more than those two
  5. Spot on, unfortunately. Something NQR with our leaders, May excepted.
  6. Toss up for me between Oliver giving away 50 and Lever kicking down the line when we just had to ice the clock. Lever is a complete liability with ball in hand and half the time without it as well.
  7. Also, we sure have a lot of players that cannot keep their feet. You would thought they were playing on a ground they'd never set foot on.
  8. Tim Lamb and Jason Taylor certainly have their work cut out for them. They've assembled a completely unbalanced list. We have far too many players that are not big enough and who cannot kick.
  9. Window is shut I'm afraid. May ain't getting any younger and he's our best player.
  10. Definitely not, but he chips it and I guarantee he turns it over
  11. Our players are stupid. I'm now convinced of it
  12. May 6 Trac 5 Smith 4 Who gives a [censored]
  13. Just once can this team do the 1%s like shepherd the ball carrier.
  14. Kicking ourselves out of it yet again
  15. As soon as he ironed out Cripps, I told my son, Kossie won't do anything this game. His mind is now elsewhere. Hope he proves me wrong.
  16. The lack of foot skills in our team is glaring, isn't it?
  17. Pickett [censored] the bed again in a big game. Why am I not surprised?
  18. Great post. If we continue with the slow and high entries with this team then either Goody is insane or the playing group collectively have well below average footy IQ.
  19. I think I'm going to be in the minority here, but I think high knees in the marking contest should be deemed a careless act and if resulting in injury to an opponent should be a suspendable offence. If we're serious about protecting the head, what other alternative is there?
  20. Yet another example of the media pile on of disrespect for the MFC. Regardless of what happens this finals series, I hope we absolutely nail this draft/trade period and have a Geelong like decade-long window of premiership contention.
  21. It's the only sane piece of journalism I've read about this incident.
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