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  1. I don’t think there’s enough gambling ads. I’d like to be able to bet on Auskicker of the year as well.
  2. Yes, he’s not a natural, is he
  3. Where do I start? Aaron Naughton v Charlie Dixon to kick things off. Then you've got Cody Weightman returning. They're not world beters but Port forwards were bordering on fraudulent tonight.
  4. Hinkley the Chris Scott of South Australia
  5. P - Man, probably a discussion for next year but I could see Bowey eventually moving into a midfield role. He's a reminder to me of how great kicks and decision makers can transform a side.
  6. Jake Bowey's played 200 games right?
  7. His game was a revelation last night. Talk about stepping up!
  8. They were my intitial thoughts PF. I'm certainly not over it to your extent but try and keep up.
  9. If injury free and with a pre-season under his belt, where do you see Laurie slotting in Picket? Ive pictured him in the Sam Mitchell mould?
  10. Mazer, I actually think there are some very good umpires. I suspect, however, that they are pressured in reviews to umpire to the letter of the law and their selection may be dependent upon this. Don’t forget, Steve Hocking and others before him are forever tinkering and that can’t be easy.
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