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  1. But, but, we’re told umpiring doesn’t impact the outcome.
  2. Still think WCE get a great run at home. A Richmond mark not paid and a clear WC throw let go in front of goal.. And I can't stand Richmond.
  3. Just listened to an interview with Jeff Kennett. Was asked about Alistair Clarkson and, as always, made it all about Jeff. I’ve seen this skill within the workplace but he’s a master. It was apparent that he wanted to lessen Clarkson’s achievements and talk up his own (overstated) efforts. Let’s hope he stays in control of the Hawthorn FC. Apologies for slightly left field comment
  4. There have been at least two games that Sydney has been lucky to win. The thing I really don’t get is the 7 commentary alluding to Sydney getting a raw deal with the umps. Please
  5. Carlton has a couple of players that are going to be coach killers imo- Paddy Dow and Zac Fisher. Maybe add Jack Martin and Zac Williams. The Zac Williams trade was insane. Please play him in the midfield when we meet again.
  6. We can. Although I've rarely seen a team with such ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  7. I can handle the pessimism (that comes with the Demonland territory) . At some point, however, the site I enjoyed so much, has been hijacked by a number of posters devoid of wit and nuance...but determined to win the argument. Doesn’t matter what argument, any will do. And invariably this determination comes with corresponding posts that’s are devoid of good humour and, god forbid, self - deprecation (not to be confused with defecation). But with the promise of laboured back and forth should you be dumb enough to respond. Some of the match day posts I’ve read have me convinced
  8. Can someone give me an update on Bailey Laurie? Thought I'd read he was injured (ankle?) a couple of weeks ago. Haven't heard anything since.
  9. So true Mazer. And Jordon and Sparrow are hopefully a great reference re how to bring promising players through. Gives me greater optimism that Bowey and 'project players' such as Rosman will have a better shake at it.
  10. By God there were a hell of a lot of people wanting him gone. And yet the same people cried out for a smart footballer with a neat kick. Well done Charlie!
  11. I’m a fan of Bowey too Jaded but I’d rather introduce him in the Collingwood game. Will be that extra ‘link player’ we are after but playing a first game in humid, slippery conditions may be a big ask.
  12. In the end we probably could have won by more. Some ump decisions kept Dogs closer than they should have been. And the Bont’s a great player but was shown up tonight. You wouldn’t know it though by the 7 commentary with Richo surprisingly the worst offender. But I no complain. Go Dees!!
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