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  1. They may well be a rabble but I reckon we could slot Harry Sheezel into our 22. Absolute star who I probably think goes under the radar.
  2. DZ, Fullarton was pretty good. Couple of nice grabs
  3. Don't know whether it was televised or not SNS. At the ground because I wanted to watch Jefferson specifically. My observations re his performance: Was certainly not helped by very slow ball movement into the 50 and mis-directed kicks. It was brought up pre game that our midfield was weakened and that played out in terms of delivery. Could have, as someone has just suggested, got on his bike a little more. However, he did this a couple of times and leads/positioning wasn't honoured. There was only one contested mark opportunity where I thought he could have been more full chested. Hoping he was near ready but not yet. Feel like, initially, he'd be suited to a bigger ground.
  4. Wandered down today to sunny Franga, quickly inserting myself into the quarter time huddle and congratulating the Kolt on playing his first game. Max, JVR were there also. Very small crowd and found myself standing next to Alan Richardson, McWalter? and Goody. What I can say is that, through a little subtle eaves dropping, (I.e. reading a newspaper with two eye holes for visibility) the following definitely impressed Goody and Richo: Sestan Lachie Hunter - particularly second half. Verall Choco Williams is a great clubman. Gets around players. A master of instilling belief.
  5. Pretty much the whole league is below the Bont's talent
  6. Wouldn't be surprised if Bevo wasn't coaching next week. He needs to go some kind of spiritual retreat or something. Not be coaching.
  7. Not entirely sure Caleb Daniel's loss of form may be all his own fault. Beveridge has gone from being intuitive to barmy.
  8. We may be a club of two WCW. He was waxing lyrical about little Cody Weightman, but (as you perfectly noted) his affectation is that you'd adopt if describing the valour of a VC recipient.
  9. We may be a club of two WCW. He was waxing lyrical about Cody Weightman, but (as you perfectly noted) his affectation is that adopted if describing the valour of a VC recipient
  10. Old man yelling at cloud but that pre match voice over [censored] annoys the hell out of me
  11. Reckon the Bummers may run Footscray pretty close. Don't forget they have the Edge. Not so long ago they had The Weapon.
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