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  1. He really did. I have been very sceptical.
  2. I'm with you GCD. The trajectory of the arm in the second motion is very dodgey imo
  3. Incredibly satisfying . Am I alone in thinking Hawkin's elbow wasn't accidental?
  4. I was a little slow there EO. And he did deserve a Brownlow.
  5. I’m thinking North’s McKernan from maybe 15 -20 years ago EO
  6. I do get that he’s had setbacks but I’ve lost a fair bit of faith in Sam. How much is it mental for him? I’m old enough to remember when Corey McKernan had the marking yips. He would run so far under the ball that it was comical. Confidence was shot.
  7. SEN Saturday night post match is a must listen. A quick wrap up cut short by a pre-recorded ‘gem’ called ‘This Sporting Life’ where largely forgotten sportspeople are metaphorically brought back from the dead (ironically sponsored by Tobin Brothers) But if you’re patient, deep-voiced teenager Damian Watson (whom I can only assume is dating the Valley Girl newsreader mentioned here) adds some immediacy, taking us through the Saturday games with aplomb. And his most prominent caller appears to be ‘Mark from Taylors Lakes’. There was another caller ‘Mike’ who sounded suspiciously like Mark.
  8. The one thing this shows is that we cannot allow Geelong too much time on the ball.
  9. There’s a few out there but can’t think off hand of anyone worse.
  10. Just saw Geelong in a nutshell. Guthrie deliberately milking the 50 is how they roll. A bit like how Duckwood plays now. Within the rules but an arseact.
  11. Neal - Bullen - important for us
  12. I'd love to know how Jack Bowey is tracking. Speed and precise kicking may mean he takes the place of Sparrow at some point....yes, maybe not next week.
  13. Can we stop talking like it's won. It's doing my head in
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