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  1. Does he? I'm not sure he does as I can't see the value of it.
  2. Not disputing that Old Dee. But if you're selling the club as a destination, and can showcase a whole lot of added extras, it's going to help. The money thrown at Geelong is pretty substantial and that flows to club sponsorship, facilities etc
  3. Off field, Geelong benefits greatly by the fact that it's located within an important marginal electorate. It's my understanding that no other club Victorian club receives government funded upgrades to the extent that Geelong does - from both sides of politics, State and Federal. Just one of the little things that helps a club
  4. I'm happy for someone to explain it to me but why would we be selling off out first round pick in a 2021 draft that's not anywhere near as compromised as this year's draft. I'm genuinely asking.
  5. Agree with your comments regarding Salem re the mid-field. Are we confident in taking that leap of faith ? Doesn't appear so. Also agree that there's an inflexibility within our mid-field. But do we actually need another 'A grade mid' to fix it? Or just a capable player who also may have a point of difference? Someone with a bit more dynamism who can come into the middle from time to time.
  6. Hey Rob, very kind of you to write in a bigger font because you're overseas
  7. Hunt is a player I've always struggled to get a read on. At times I've thought he's been a real find and on other occasions (as has been pointed out) he just looks ineffectual. I just wonder if he is a someone who hasn't completely applied himself to the challenges of being a professional footballer. Perhaps only he knows. But I'd love to see what his output would be if he adopted the mind-set of Christian Petracca. I think he'd be a revelation. Again, easy for me to make comment from the cheap seats, but he just looks happy to be an AFL player.
  8. Free agency is actually having control over where you go. It's working for the players. Clearly, however, it's certainly not working for the competition.
  9. The 60 year old Bluebird dancer siting on his lap made me wonder also
  10. Yes Demon3, but there was a point there where Viney gets votes and, if you freeze the tape, Oliver blinks not once but twice. Admittedly, it was three rounds later but you cannot tell me it wasn't a deliberate slight.
  11. My biggest take away from the Brownlow - Dane Swan is still a prize [censored]
  12. Rohan wasn't a gun when they got him to be fair
  13. Lol Theo, that's what i think. He said something at one stage like 'that's what I thought i saw' before awarding another Brisbane freekick
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