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  1. MikeAlpha, does that effectively mean we have first crack at Tyrell Martin next year? I'm guessing yes.
  2. I haven't experienced waterboarding but I suspect it would be more enjoyable than reading your one point repackaged into 5 or 6 posts. We get it. You're not happy...again.
  3. DD, I mentioned Geelong benefitting from being in a marginal seat a little while back. There was close on $30 million in 2003 of which the Govt contributed 13 of that. Then you've got the mysterious jobs that open up for family members at Cotton On. On a separate (not unrelated) note, a colleague's partner used to write the memos and posts for Judd to sign when he 'worked' at Visy.
  4. BBO, are you suggesting that Demonland is being increasingly hijacked by overly angry, humourless and self - righteous twats?
  5. Fantastic news for the competition. And it wouldn't completely surprise me if Geelong decides that they've all of a sudden fallen out of love with Jeremy.
  6. Does he? I'm not sure he does as I can't see the value of it.
  7. Not disputing that Old Dee. But if you're selling the club as a destination, and can showcase a whole lot of added extras, it's going to help. The money thrown at Geelong is pretty substantial and that flows to club sponsorship, facilities etc
  8. Off field, Geelong benefits greatly by the fact that it's located within an important marginal electorate. It's my understanding that no other club Victorian club receives government funded upgrades to the extent that Geelong does - from both sides of politics, State and Federal. Just one of the little things that helps a club
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