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19 hours ago, jackaub said:

We still missed 3 easy goals in this quarter at least that would have iced the game. Very poor kicking loses you games!

Agreed.  How good is that going to be if we kick better over 4 quarters?


10 hours ago, ProperDee said:

No worries HB.

The first principle of leadership is to lead by example. The 2 highest rated Melbourne players on the AFL Player Ratings - and the two guys who put their bodies on the line for the club every weeek - are Jack Viney and Nathan Jones the co-captains. Hence my view that leadership is not an issue.

And I suspect the second principle (if there is one) is that when things start to go wrong, have someone who knows how to retrieve the situation take charge.  Not much need for leaders when it's all going well but when the chips are down, someone needs to take charge.  Leadership is a trainable skill but it's not obvious to me that there's much trainng taking place.  It is not sufficient to merely be an excellent practitioner of the game, leadership is something more.

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It might also help when 'leading' that as a Captain you dont keep kicking it down the throat of the opposition.  I think  some others thought this was what you did afterwards !! :rolleyes:

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Hogan probably a Late out with an illness.

Didnt get on the plane, but Weideman did.

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2 hours ago, Bring-Back-Powell said:

Thought Salem could've done something special with his elite foot, in that final inside 50 entry.

Capped off a poor game from him.

Tough. He's been pretty good this year and would've had to deliver a precision pass amongst a plethora of brown and gold jumpers

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37 minutes ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

Tough. He's been pretty good this year and would've had to deliver a precision pass amongst a plethora of brown and gold jumpers

I'm surprised you gave his post air time, Doc.  

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6 hours ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

Tough. He's been pretty good this year and would've had to deliver a precision pass amongst a plethora of brown and gold jumpers


6 hours ago, Wiseblood said:

I'm surprised you gave his post air time, Doc.  

I'm a Salem fan, but he was terrible last week and as BBP said, capped off his terrible day in this play. On another day I would back Christian's left foot to find someone. He's a beautiful kick and very clever player.

Still, hoping he can bounce back this week. If Salem can reach A grade status (he has the tools), he will be that extra piece that elevates our midfield to something bloody special. 

Edited by A F
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On 5/10/2017 at 10:27 PM, dieter said:

Just got back from SA and watched the replay. The bottom line is that apart from Quarter 1 the Demons were the better side.

So why did they lose?

As usual, multi turnovers. Especially in the first half. How do you cure this? Winning games, in the end....


Hibberd played his guts out.

The general positiveness of our game after the first quarter.

Mr Frost.



Demonland armchair critics.

I mention this because JKH was not the disaster case as portrayed by the sad sacks who fester on Demonland.

Hannan just needs a confidence boost.

Wagner was first game back. He will get much better.

The Demons are playing good football despite horrendous injuries.

Tom Mac D is obviously feeling the pinch of substituting as a ruckman.

What needs to happen:

Out Mr Buggah, in Clark Kent.

There's not much in reserve at the moment.

The best lineup:

Jetta  T.Macdonald Hibberd

Hunt Frost Lewis

Oliver Viney Stretch

Kent Watts Vandenberg

Garlett Hogan Petracca

Gawn Tyson Jones

Brayshaw, Pedersen,Vince, Salem

Emergencies: Oscar, both Smiths, Weidemann, Harmes, Wagner.

I put it to you that it's in that Emergency list that we'll find the real future.


As of 14 minutes into the last quarter against the number one team on their home ground much of what I wrote above sounds true to me. Let's revisit after the 32 minute mark. 

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On 07/05/2017 at 6:02 PM, Sir Why You Little said:

Pathetic MFC

Whorethorn are a club that plays with us

we fugging Roll over so often to the Brown and Gold. 

I am so glad i did not spend over $100 going to see that embarassment

People will laugh tonorrow

Weak 4 Quarters

F$&@ You

Someone within the club will read this...

How r u feeling this evening maaaaaate?

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