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  1. They're not a waste of money, because they create jobs and create revenue for local businesses, but when governments are imposing austerity in most other sectors of the economy, spending on stadiums and infrastructure for the Olympics does feel like the wrong value proposition. But we lost our way on many of our values many decades ago, so this is merely a continuation of this.
  2. The club media department really need to do some work on their interview questions. Great little video as both of them seem so happy, but as an interviewer you've got to ask some broader questions that aren't likely to elicit the same sort of responses.
  3. I think the view that the AFL would take is they haven't had enough concessions until they're winning constant premierships.
  4. I reckon Dogga Brown Jnr looks a beauty. More pace to add to Caleb Windsor too. I wonder what his tank and aerobic ceiling is. He's a fraction small perhaps for the wing, but probably no smaller than Hunter, and much quicker, with a strong ability to win the contest and release by hand, and neat by foot. Lots to work with. A bit of a steal as a rookie IMO.
  5. Because we have an elite midfield and elite defence, and need a much better forward half cohort. We've gone about addressing that by giving ourselves options. Koltyn is explosive, McAdam has x factor, Billings has ball use, and Windsor has run, carry and ball use to keep Hunter and Langdon honest on the wing, or play half back and allow a Bowey or McVee to play higher up the field.
  6. In October, I was asking what trading in pick 11 left us with picks wise...
  7. Thanks mate. I like the idea of someone like him playing defensive forward and allowing a McAdam a bit more room to play as a flair player. That said, no idea how we fit everyone in that 7 string forward half when Koltyn is finally ready to play seniors for us.
  8. He reminds me of Caddy when he's forward and Sparrow when he's in the midfield. It's that power type player that has the ability to win or halve big contests in the middle or in the forward half. He's a very 'Melbourne' pick. At least, a JT type. I'm intrigued what the wraps on him were at the end of last year to make him worthy of a top 5 selection, @Gator. Any insight there? Obviously, he's fallen down the order a bit due to injury, but to be worthy of top 5 talk, you'd have to have some elite attributes outside of mere power.
  9. Apparently, every club in the top 10 needs to do a better job then, because it played out almost exactly like most phantoms. And why are you whinging? We got the two guys we wanted...
  10. FWIW, his aunty and uncle are huge Melbourne fans.
  11. I mean, I'm not convinced we'll take Caleb, so we'll see.
  12. Daicos is pretty light. It's more about Caleb's aerobic ability to play wing at this stage. And giving us some competition for wing spots would be very welcome.
  13. Agreed. I think the game has changed a bit again, to enable uncontested players to play a bigger role. My concern on that sort of player is that the game will invariably shift again to a greater need to win contests. That said, if JT and co pick him early, then I'll trust them.
  14. I still really like O'Sullivan, but I'm warming to Curtin.
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