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  1. Fair point, bing. If Skuit wants to step away for his own well being then he has my full support. Hopefully he can stick around in the future as his contributions to the site are worthwhile.
  2. Well, why wouldn't they be, seeing as he played a few games for us when we first got him? That would indicate he was over them, especially as there is no chance he would have played with concussion symptoms in this current climate. He then got further knocks to his head and that has brought the symptoms back to the fore, as it would for anyone. I'm not guessing. Just the cold, hard facts right there.
  3. Did they? You know this for sure, or just guessing? From where I sit, I think they knew he would take time and, to take the pressure off, gave him a three year deal so he could work on getting himself right to play again. He was able to do this, briefly, which suggests that he WAS ready to play, but took further knocks (which a medico can't predict) and hasn't been seen since. Right now the three years looks a poor decision, but at the time it made sense (to me anyway).
  4. @Skuit One thing I've learned about Demonland is that Andy and co. can't keep people like HFF, Elegt, Olisik etc at bay because these types will always come back in another form. It's the same on any forum. They aren't really breaking any rules, even if they post with the skill of a monkey with half a brain most of the time. Best thing to go is to stick them on ignore. You cut out 90% of their contribution (with 10% taken up when someone quotes them) and you can focus on the wide array of diverse and interesting supporters that do frequent this site. There are many of them, you i
  5. What do you disagree with? Your comment was on the medicos. They would have known where he was at, especially with what Gus went through.
  6. True, although perhaps it was a show of faith for him - you've got 3 years to get things right and you can take your time. It obviously hasn't worked out as we had hoped which is a shame.
  7. KK wasn't about getting it wrong - I have no doubt he was a gamble and, when you think about it, we got him as a 'steak knives' addition to the May trade. I think the club well and truly understood that we may never be able to get him right, and that for this price, it was worth the risk.
  8. We have to set the bar high. Too often we're happy with a 'near enough is good enough' approach. Bartlett is, rightly, putting a little heat on Goodwin and the playing group to get themselves into gear for season 2021. Some will think he is overrating the list, but I don't think it's a question of Bartlett overrating the list, more that he sees the potential and is now trying to give us a little kick up the backside to get going.
  9. I can understand why he wants a 3 year deal, but I can also understand why we didn't offer it. If the Dogs want him for three years then more power to them and to Hannan.
  10. If this is your response to someone who tries to engage in a decent discussion with you, even when you don't deserve it, then I don't know why you're here. Binman, for the record, makes plenty of sense and does so on a far more regular basis than your good self.
  11. Our medicos have already given him the once over, so you would assume that if there were any long term concerns we would either pull out of the race or offer North something significantly less than, say, a second round pick. And of all the clubs interested (that we know of), we have the most upside. We are well and truly in the hunt and his club of choice if the rumours are true.
  12. 'Philthy' Phil Read! Legend! I felt the same about Garlett - hated his sheep dogging ways out the back of packs, then when he came to us I was happy to argue that he was a smart player who knew where the goals were!
  13. When playing at North - hate his stupid run up, hate his flopping for frees, hate how straight of a kick he is for goal and I hate his stupid hair cut. Now that he is pretty much going to be a Demon - the run up is perfect and genius, those free kicks are always there and he gets a poor run from the umps, he is a beautiful set shot and I wish I had a hair cut like his.
  14. @Baghdad Bob has opened up a can of worms with this one! Some journo on twitter later today - "Hearing whispers James Harmes could be traded. Watch this space."
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