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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. I beg to differ. My Great Dane can clear a room.
  2. 6 Petracca 5 Gawn 4 May - pure guts 3 Lever 2 McDee 1 Sparrow Stiff - TMac, Rivers, Windsor, Chandler
  3. Good idea to death-ride Adelaide, just in case.
  4. A little weird???... it's so odd it's funny! I couldn't help asking the question.
  5. I could be wrong but recall last year KFW playing at a lower level, particularly early in the season. I suspect they'll do the same this year.
  6. Casey looks like they relied way too heavily on Munro and Dunstan for all the grunt work. They seem to have fallen apart as a result.
  7. 1. Collingwood - Complete revulsion 2. Geelong - I live near Geelong. Everyone barracks for Geelong. I hate Geelong. 3. Carlton - Card-carrying arrogant, entitled tossers.
  8. 6. Petracca 5. Fritsch 4. Neal-Bullen (excellent game even with all the fumbling) 3. Koz 2. McVee 1. Lingers
  9. Ah yes 'The Royle Family', I remember it, funny and grotesque at the same time.
  10. ^ This Maclure is framing if that's what it's called - when the journo builds a (in this case completely biased) picture to create a story, agenda or shape an outcome. Keep slinging mud at Melbourne home crowds and ignore the facts such as the Bulldog fans chain doesn't stretch that far from the kennel and the number of games we play there v interstate sides. He'll then point to average attendances and also ignore the impact of playing in Alice, Tassie or under-construction Geelong. He'll then go on to say Melbourne doesn't deserve to play at the G when other teams are pulling bigger crowds. Carlton, for example, deserves to be playing more games there instead...yada yada yada vomit
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