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  1. Perhaps I only listen to him these days with the fawning collaborator, but I have noticed, for the first time this year, that Buckley has spoken with a level of despondency and stumbles to find the right words. All coaches sound like your quote above in a post game press conference. Buckley's flavour is corporate tossery whereas Goodwin's all 'narratives' and 'journeys.' It doesn't say much about the coach, just what they have to trot out each week to the media.
  2. I know it's a different year but, when they traded back into the first round because they wanted Liam Stocker - an AFL-ready midfielder! Lol
  3. ^ This Melksham at his best is walk up start. Unfortunately, I just don't think he can get back to that any more. He's still valuable to play multiple roles throughout the game to keep the team balanced. His kicking is still an absolute weapon and I think the discipline and effort issues are behind him. He just doesn't seem able to cover the ground any more - when he chases, he looks to be running up and down on the spot.
  4. I have to say, I'm a Buckley fan. I know he was a tad figjammy along time ago, but of all the AFL coaches, he's the one I enjoy listening to the most on all things AFL. He's incredibly articulate, insightful, sharp and has a decent sense of humour too. I hope he spends some time in the media this year, once he's watched Collingwood go down the gurgler. Can definitely see him coaching again.
  5. It took me a while to cotton on, but as soon as @dpositive mentioned the 'doing a bit of work for the old man' it all came back to me!
  6. Apologies certainly not necessary, but I would nominate Dougal from Demonland or maybe Sinclair from the Snowfields?
  7. I think it would reasonable to require Hipwood to put his hands up in the air for the mark, rather than purely hold Lever out of the contest, to escape scrutiny.
  8. He went down earlier in the game (maybe the second), so it might have started then and it wasn't picked up. Whoever the replacement is, they'll be most likely lining up on Mitch Robinson. That makes me think T-Mac isn't such a terrible idea. Otherwise Gus will have to take that wing and others take Brayshaw's role. Robinson would give Baker a bath.
  9. 6 - Clarrie 5 - Harmes 4 - Gawn 3 - Lever 2 - Brayshaw 1 - Rivers Apologies - Spargo, Petracca, May, JJ, ANB and Petty (best game as a defender for the club)
  10. Petty - Best game for MFC as a defender
  11. I'm not at all keen on Positive Linger's replacement options - Baker and Jones Uggh But yeah - Brayshaw to the skinny wing and .....
  12. I see Luca Goonan's nominated. I've only seen a couple of games (televised) but he looks like he could work at AFL level. Can Casey watchers add anything?
  13. Just in case there was any doubt about Blakey's eligibility, he has the same bum fluff mo as Bailey Smith!
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