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  1. If he was 12 years older, he'd be a certainty for Geelong. He's far too young for them. Welcome to the mighty Dees Lachie!
  2. What a relief....my life has felt so empty... - until now! Thanks a million Luce
  3. Agreed. To me he's a beautiful kick when under no pressure and a classic bomber when there is. Quite a nice intercept mark, but Lever has him covered there.
  4. There was an excellent interview on SENile with Wayne Campbell in the last couple of months, where he was asked to articulate Richmond's success, starting with their first premiership. I happened to listen to it at the time and highly recommend it. It's particularly insightful as he looks at it from an ex-Richmond player perspective and as the opposition (GWS) He emphasised how it was a club wide metamorphoses and went into some detail across all facets of the club. I could see many parallels with the MFC. I wont pretend to understand our or any club's game plan, other than the nutsh
  5. To be fair, it's hard to expect the players to sign up for serious years after the last year with Covid. Good on Kossie and Rivers for doing 2 years, but I'd be happy to cut any first year player some slack, particularly those from interstate, as they have eff all idea what a year with the Dees in Melbourne is all about.
  6. You forgot the tap down the throat from White to Yze!
  7. I agree with the blood bath potential and I hope the bullies smash them. A pie slide down the ladder, caused by the knock on effects their fine trading efforts, would make me very happy. I also agree that GC could be much improved as should the baggers be v Richmond, but fair dinkum, the preseason games look more inviting than Round 1. If the season kicks off with Richmond drubbing the blues, then just kill me now.
  8. I'm happy we're playing at the G, but that opening round (aside from Pies V Bullies) is an out and out snore fest. Rich v Carl - traditional opening mismatch Pies v Dogs - tick Adelaide v Geelong - 2nd v 18th last year - yawn Ess v Haw - battle of the has beens Bris v Syd - wake me up when it's over North V Port - prolong the agony GWS v Saints - might be a good contest but who cares WCE v Gold Coast - excellent reason to go out Who isn't looking for a big footy fix in Round 1 after months of nothing? Well not with this line-up.
  9. Freo have a heap of small forwards, so I'm not surprised they told him thanks, but no thanks. It tells us he's not a walk up start and I'm happy the club will get a closer look at him. We're not risking anything with a training invitation.
  10. West Coast player recruited as a key forward but couldn't get a gig with Kennedy and Darling there, so was reinvented as a 195cm winger given his endurance. Played a few games this year without setting the world on fire.
  11. Nice to see Patsy again. I wonder if she still keeps a stash of joints in her hair. You never know when you might need one with the Dees
  12. If his knee holds up, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Neita leapfrogs most on your wing list. He's missed a truckload of footy but his hard work and meticulous preparation (by all reports) should stand him in good stead. IIRC his strengths were endurance and kicking, amongst others. I know he was drafted as a half back, but I reckon he'll hammer down any door for a spot in the side with a bit of footy under the belt. I wish him every success after two recos and there aren't too many Dees I'd rather see debut than him ATM
  13. Probably more along the lines of Brander but faster (and better I hope)
  14. Who did Jason like if we still had our first round pick. which ended up being Pick 11 (Adelaide)? Just curious Also, how does he see recruiting next year with so much footy missed in 2020? Thanks
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