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  1. Hawks will likely have one of their rucks resting forward alongside Lewis and Koschitske (sp?), so Petty makes sense. If they want to go with speed, then Hibberd, but I think Petty will get the nod. For mine, go with the same 25, with Jordon being the sub this week. It was a good week to play Melksham and Jones, given Geelong are old, but I don't think we can keep doing it all year. The same goes with Jetta, but we're winning, so happy to run with it.
  2. My 3 favourite moments other than the magnificent win: 1) Free kick against Selwood for a high tackle on the ducking Spargo in the first q. Can dish it out but can't take it! 2) Seeing Viney mark in front of goal and watching Selwood (his direct opponent and 15m away) pointing to all and sundry in a 'not my fault way' 3) Kossie standing over Selwood as mentioned earlier..... say no more Yes, I have a problem with Selwood, or should I say, had
  3. If all the people who should know about it, do know, I'm fine with it. If it's a leak, it's not a good sign. I'm also fine about his departure and replacement. I suspect if the club leaked it, the recipient would not be Tom Morris. It'd be someone like Jay Clark.
  4. Do not like hearing this [censored] the night before a big game. It should've waited until Monday or after the game. Don't like the leaks either.
  5. QB Demon clearly said that Collingwood is the third biggest team in terms of financials and membership no.s yet you try and twist his post into a preposterous claim that Melbourne is bigger than Collingwood. Give it a rest.
  6. He's been in a couple of centre bounces, but too early to comment. I know he played junior footy in the middle so it shouldn't be completely foreign.
  7. I'd like Weid for TMac. It doesn't mean Tmac is out. He can rotate with Brayshaw on the wing and Brayshaw can swap wing / inside mid. It would mean maybe Sparrow or someone out - not that he deserves it. Jackson and the Weid worked well together last year before Jackson went down. We can also see if TMac works on the wing or not. Jackson will be something special when he starts putting it together. Not sure when that will be but it's not too far off.
  8. I'm pretty sure I heard the Ox say about 3 years ago, that he was more interested in basketball ☹️. He must be about 17 now.
  9. There was nothing more cringe-worthy than BT calling G. Ablett the little master. There's only one little master on this planet, and he played cricket. While I'm a big fan of Spargo, the copycat tag/legend status is a tad premature. I agree about the unusually large footy brain.
  10. Cripps is a gun, but he looks slow and injured.
  11. Max's only real weakness is his kicking. Unfortunately, he loves to kick and needs to handball it more. There's a reason the opposition give him so much room to kick.
  12. I don't think there will be too much of an issue over dollars or contract length, it'll be more if he thinks he'll have any success with us versus another club. If we bomb out again he'd be off
  13. It's a long drawn out dispute over who pays for the sound tech during the interviews - the AFL v the journalists (or their organisations). As you can see, it's unresolved and is likely to stay that way. To put it mildly, it's lame!
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