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  1. We don't even know the list size yet do we? We could be cutting a number of players first.
  2. Seen the advertising onslaught? What are your tips for the aromas? Mine: A hint of rayon, baked beans and beer with overtones of cheap sex and hair product
  3. In Viney, Gawn, Lockhart, Bennell Out (managed or otherwise) - AVB, Harmes, TMac or Jackson, Jones
  4. Agree with everything you said apart from this - 'dash' and Tomlinson in the same sentence. He runs hard but, not by any stretch of the imagination is dash involved. He's lumbering. I'm not saying he should necessarily be dropped either.
  5. Jeeesus! What's going on? There's hell of a lot of players heading out the door: https://womens.afl/news/51677/trade-period-preview-dees-bracing-for-exodus-tigers-eye-reinforcements O'Dea (Good pick-up Dees In Oct), Newman (poor year), Jakobsson (sold out on us twice or expendable?), Cordner (should only ever be allowed to play for MFC with that name), Guerin, Katherine Smith Cant we afford to pay them?
  6. Ditto and that's just a start but: Tom - plodder. Is it a coincidence we played pretty well without him? Oscar - two shocking games, one of them particularly cringe worthy against a first gamer
  7. When the pressure's on revert to type: - don't think, fall over - bomb it to port players or noone - all go for the same mark - forget the gameplan - let the structure fall to bits - look for frees - get sucked in by a second gamer into thinking you can forget them and spectate - confuse tackling with falling on players - dispose of ball in random directions - fumble
  8. If we had the luxury of dropping forwards, Fritsch deserves to be dropped for one of the worst acting displays of all time - resulting in a much deserved 50 metre penalty.
  9. These players need to managed - Jetta, Bennell, Jones, Pickett, Jackson. I can't see Bennell playing this week with his history - way too risky. Risky too, playing Jones in 4 days. Jetta's conking out. Pickett needs a break this game or next. Hannan was [censored] and didn't look to handle the conditions. Brayshaw bollocks and Harmes horrendous. Out: Bennell, Jetta (managed or head knock) Brayshaw In: ANB (not a fan but fills a need ), Tomlinson (ditto), Rivers or Smith Harmes can tag Gray and stop taking on the god dam tackler.
  10. I like Lockhart and I presume Goodwin's giving him an extended run. He's making mistakes by getting caught with the ball but I think there's already improvement. He looks for and hits targets, has vision and is creative. I like that he looks inside and doesn't do the auto bomb down the boundary line. His lack of stats might be because he's given a job. I don't like that he gets caught with the ball and that he has no (or less of a) tank but both are improving. Smart footballer, quick enough and not afraid to tackle.
  11. I'm not that fussed if it's Jackson or TMac. Perhaps the best wet weather footballer if it's going to be wet. Jackson will be a gun. His ground ball work is already better than TMac's but he's not really clunking them yet and a wet slog wont help. I think we'll need Jackson over the next month to give Gawn a decent chop out - not just a couple of minutes here and there. So, I'm happy if Jackson misses and comes back in on Thursday.
  12. The positive (note the singular): A big shout out to Michael Hibberd. The guy is under way more duress than any other player in the team and still managed to shine.
  13. We are also hopeless at guarding space. Geelong showed how easily they could zig zag their way through it. Zone defence is utterly futile if you cant guard space.
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