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  1. + 1 Stiff - Petracca, Langdon, Chandler, Kos & JVR
  2. If we're splitting hairs (tee hee), I'm a traditionalist and can only consider the classic mullet: This is pure business up the front and party out the back. Sparrow and Sestan don't count as they have what's professionally known in the industry as long hair, although Sestan, in some circles might pass as a whispy mullet. But, in my book, there's not enough business up the front. The purest mullet running around at the moment is Jake Waterman. It's a pearler! If he was single before opting for that doo, he certainly still would be.
  3. I think they need to redefine their mullet criteria. According to them, MFC has 6 mullets: Jack Viney, Jake Lever, Tom Sparrow, Tom Fullarton, Kynon Brown and the Kolt. In my book, you can cross out Jack Viney and Tom Sparrow from the outset - they're not mullets! There's also a technical issue in that Fullarton and Brown grow their hair longer to soften the wingnut effect- also not mullets! That leaves Tholstrup and Lever. In my expert opinion, Tholstrup is the genuine article and Lever has a mini-mullet!
  4. Best in no particular order: JVR, Fritta, Bowey, Chandler, ANB, Spargo, Melksham, Macadam, Jefferson, Billings and sometimes Petracca and Salem.
  5. Not sure why but these are mine - I just enjoy watching them play: Keidean Coleman, Jamie Elliot Sam Taylor George Wardlaw Liam Baker Errol Gulden The Bont Rhylee West Jordan Clark Darcy Moore Harry Sheezel Noah Balta Zac Bailey The lizard
  6. A great article on Neville Jetta and his transition to coaching: https://www.afl.com.au/news/1135106/coaching-playing-caring-why-neville-jetta-still-gets-a-kick-out-of-footy I hope he comes back to the Dees one day - one of my all-time favourites and just a great man!
  7. You really should watch some Casey games
  8. T-Mac and Tommo in the same backline - no thank you!
  9. I don't think you can have T-Mac and Tommo in the same backline. B Brown has to go based on Sunday's game but showed way better form than Fullarton at Casey last week. Hunter was horrible and deserves to be dropped from Casey. I like the idea of AMW getting a game but not if it's in the backline. Sestan goes missing for stretches of the game and Tholstrupp is NQR (Not Quite Ready). I don't think we can look to Casey for too many answers but my ins would be: Langdon and JVR. Fullarton could come in as sub (if the forward line isn't functioning, Petty goes back and Fulla comes on and goes forward). Out: Lever and BBB
  10. Yes, That was a head-scratcher. I assumed it would be Billings and Windsor with Woey. I can understand why they picked Brown, with JVR out, but having an underdone MacAdam in the same forward line was another factor in the unravelling.
  11. A combination of factors: Win was pencilled in Midfield has major issues and no depth Throw something curly at the Dees and we struggle to adapt Midfield: Clarry - attacks the contest but doesn't defend. When he gets the pill he blazes away. Might be better to just dish it off by hand. Trac - brilliant attacking player, but doesn't defend Viney - gives his all but when he's sending the ball forward it's mostly a turnover. Sparrow - defensive b grade workhorse That's pretty much it plus midfield - no depth May had a rare stinker and not on his own.
  12. Agree with this. If Salem doesn't get up, I suspect Laurie will get another crack with Woey coming into the side. Verrall and McAdams not ready and I don't think Fullarton's shown enough recently to warrant a call-up.
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