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  1. Oy - this is the JDG thread. Shouldn't this be about sexting or porn or something? Cheers, WPA Fan
  2. Agree! That is a very decent side. Needs a little tweaking given how important Bailey is. The only potential weakness is the forward line with Daniher and Hipwood. They can both do great things when on song or be effectively absent when not.
  3. Jedi as per Super's post at the top of the page
  4. I'm quite looking forward to Allen requesting a trade back to WA in 2 years, now that he's at the pies.
  5. I'd like to know what 'things' we're getting rolling again with the govt.
  6. Can't wait to hear Nat Edwards (?) Tuomey and Shifter drone on and on and on, long after the next pick is in. Can't wait to see each club's recruiters looking bored/awkward when the camera sits on them long after they've submitted their pick. We then get to listen to the above for 5 more minutes while the whiz bang technology catches up. Fair dinkum - write the player's name on a piece of paper, wrap it around a rock and chuck it at the panel. It would be quicker and at least entertaining! I've looked at the Foxtel time slot - TWO HOURS for the first round of the draft! Kill me now
  7. According to Twomey's final phantom draft, we didn't nominate FEB. There goes our shot at the hyphen record :-( “… but Finn Emile-Brennan will be available in the open pool with the Demons not having Next Generation Academy nominated him. “
  8. 10 Casey players in total nominated. Steele, Bell, Freeman, Grey, Valentine etc even Mitch White amongst others
  9. I agree but how someone like The Ox or Daniel Ward would have dealt with our current level of ad bombardment beggars belief. If you were a gambling addict today (there are plenty in that minority) it would be impossible to watch/enjoy a game of footy.
  10. I wasn't directing outrage at betting organisations nor am I averse to a punt. My beef is with the saturation of all things sporting with gambling ads/odds quarter time, half time etc etc and the reliance of the AFL, SEN etc on the income of betting agencies. It puts them in a compromising position. Ciggies are a good comparison. Tobacco Co's certainly have the marketing budget and could easily (and would be desperate to) replace the betting agency ads in terms of media saturation but they can't for a good reason. What's the difference between kids watching gasper ads versus gambling ads? I also agree with you that for most people it's a bit of fun or makes it interesting, but the level of advertising is ridiculous and there are too many people that 'take it to the next level' (pardon the pun). I'm quite surprised by the amount they get away with in advertising.
  11. I think the AFL will go hard after Pell and give him a lifetime ban even if he doesn't get jail time. They'll want to be seen as taking a strong stand so there will be lots of outrage. They'll also be miffed because they can't control the judicial process. But, they and media entities enjoying the support of betting agencies wont look at the toxicity of their relationship - nothing to see there! That'll be left to media outlets that don't depend on gambling ads for revenue.
  12. I listened to a little of that and got the impression Jefferson wasn't coming as he was unlikely to be in the first dozen selected (the criteria for an invite as guessed by the AFL). Further Twomey pretty much confirmed no one had any idea what we were doing with pick 14 and many just presumed we'd go for a tall forward because Jackson left.
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