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  1. He's still playing in the backline. I'd guess at getting back to how he was playing last year - so run and carry, taking the game on etc but also switching and working on his defensive role in the mens' department which has let him down at times this year. The camera work at VFL level is really limited, so it's hard to follow a player closely.
  2. He looks a lot more comfortable in the back line this year, but aside from that, I'd have to agree.
  3. Consider yourself backed up Nasher! So long as I don't have to schlep back through this thread.
  4. Clarry's been doing it for some time now. I have no problem with it at all. It doesn't alter their hunger for the contest and doesn't stop them smashing their opponents at the next encounter. Having said that, I would offer the hand up to Jack Ginnivan then drop him halfway - but that's just me.
  5. I was thinking that myself. However, if Dogga chooses to leave, surely we'll be doing exactly what they did to us and advise that Freo cant satisfy a trade and that we could only deal with West Coast or let them battle it out between them to come up with the the most attractive offer. If Dogga wants to go home after only 3 years, it's the least he can do. It won't be necessary though, when he signs on again.
  6. Agreed. The commentators struggled too. It took them until half way through the 3rd quarter to call George Grey's name correctly. I don't blame them either. It was a mess of colour and I doubt these guys get remunerated for their trouble.
  7. I think we should all get a grip. We have Weid most likely as the No. 1 ruck for a whole week before Max gets back. We're playing Adelaide, we have a gun midfield that will adapt and shark. If Weid plays like he did last week, against an inferior side (compared to Brisbane), he will do more than OK. BBB has done a lot of back up ruck work for North over the years and can come in if the sky falls in (which it wont). Not that excited by M Brown or Thommo coming in but hopefully they'll do their job. Don't forget everyone, we've got an ace up our sleeve with Harmsie to the ruck!
  8. I watched bits of Will Hayes first two games. The thing that stood out was how absolutely gassed he was at the start of the third quarter in one game. I get that it's his first taste of the big league but sheesh, he's got to have been in the system for 5 years or so. He couldn't get to ruck contests and I would expect him to be fitter after that long in the system. So, while I'm not writing him off yet given the step up between AFL and SANFL, but at this stage, I'd want to see more, and, at the very least, a tank. Flynn from GWS is the one I really like the look of as a genuine ruck and handy forward.
  9. I saw two games of his last year and thought he was a absolute gun in the making. I still think that but agree, he hasn't showed much this year. Hard to break into that midfield though and I'm not sure he can play anywhere else.
  10. On the subject of the big heads, what's with the Gawn one? It looks like he's had his eyes gauged out. It's creepy looking. Can someone in the cheer squad give Max back his eyes? Thanks
  11. He really doesn't strike me as someone holding out for cash.
  12. I know where you're coming from! I'm half an hour from Geelong and that's too close.
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