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  1. Love you guys. Soak it in and enjoy it.
  2. The 'Van Buren Boys' are in again this year. Thanks for organising this DeeVoted!
  3. It happens by winning games of footy.
  4. He wouldn't be that bad, he's just obviously not in the best 80 odd players that got drafted this year.
  5. No doubt the club has a plan in mind. Plenty of time to look further at our options and rookie the players we think are right for us.
  6. I think we get too attached to players that are potentially coming to us through someone's Phantom Drafts. Jason Taylor has the runs on the board, and if the club feel these are the players we need at our club moving forward, then I'll back that. To be honest though I'm pretty ambivalent to it all right now. As a supporter I want to get behind them as much as possible and give them the chance to develop and work their way into our side. Too much water to go under the bridge yet - let's see what they're doing in 2023/24.
  7. This stuff comes out every single year.
  8. Laurie and Bowey are two blokes who are described as great users with good footy IQ who never waste a disposal - makes perfect sense to me why we would be interested in both. Mentioned it on the Laurie thread, but both of these guys could easily push further up the ground (with Pickett) in the coming years. Just because they are more forward type players doesn't mean they stay there for the long term. Lots to work with here and I like it from the club.
  9. Super pick, WJ. My thinking, and it really is only my thinking and not based on anything else, is that they'll get Pickett, Laurie and Bowey in the side and at least one of those, maybe two, will develop into players who can play through the midfield and up on a wing. I could easily see Pickett on a wing, or even in a few centre bounces, in the coming years. Just because they are smaller types does not mean they have to stay as forward for their careers.
  10. Might be small, but super user of the ball, clever at ground level... makes sense to me. I'm also not in the game of judging picks until they've been on the list for a few years, so hardly going to bother potting the club before we've seen the outcome.
  11. I'm happy to sound dumb here, but he is eligible to be drafted this year isn't he? Or is it 2021?
  12. I shook my head at this, scrolled down to see the pic with Jeff, then went back to the top... I reckon you're spot on here dazzle! Very interesting indeed.
  13. Meh. Really. Meh. They worded it poorly and clarified it. No footy club is perfect, no matter how much supporters want them to be. Next.
  14. Stevens said Egan is 'very highly rated in the AFL coaching fraternity'. I feel like journos always say that whenever a coach leaves one club for another, or moves on to something else. If they were all this good then the game would be a far better spectacle than it is right now.
  15. I was going to say exactly the same thing. I just want to see a solid game plan that stands up against the best in the competition. I believe we have the talent to do it, but the pressure is on Goody to get them going in the right direction. If we miss the finals then I think the club has no choice but to pull the pin. It would mean we've played finals once during his coaching tenure and that's just unacceptable at this point. We aren't the basket case we were when Roos took over. He has the players at his disposal and has had plenty of time to mould the list to his liking.
  16. Going by the article on the Dees website, it sounds as though he is over most of the issues and is in a really good head space. So I'm glad he has made the decision to retire. There is no need to get over these symptoms and then go back out there and potentially make it worse than before. All the best in your future endeavours, KK.
  17. Club announced it on twitter about 10 minutes ago. Has announced his immediate retirement.
  18. Very pleased to see Lockhart get another deal. I thought he worked his way into some good form during the middle of the season before getting dropped, so hopefully he gets a few more chances next season.
  19. Matt is trying to stir the pot. Not that it means anything...
  20. Demonland IS life, dazzle. Without it, I'd be using my time far more effectively, and frankly I can't have that.
  21. Couldn't disagree more. Dunn showed numerous times that he was unwilling to work within the defensive system that Roos wanted to play. So he flicked him. Okay, he played okay at the Pies when he wasn't injured, but I don't think he makes any different in the W/L column for us at all. I'd like to say that he wouldn't have done any better than Oscar, but that's revisionist type stuff. We'll never know, but I really don't think he would have made a lick of difference to our side had he stayed.
  22. The only thing I find confusing in this thread is anyone believing that holding on to Lynden Dunn would have been a good thing. It was absolutely his time to go.
  23. Handy to have as a depth player. As we saw with those last two games, he still has the capability to hold a spot if required and hit the scoreboard as well. We could do far worse than him.
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