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  1. Doesn’t matter in the slightest. Unless of course your appetite is being whetted at an inappropriate place, for example, your mother-in-law’s house. 🤭
  2. Dear, sweet 640… you do know there’s places on the internet other than Demonland that are teeming with Bristols, right? These sites are also free, and you don’t have to trawl through the MFCSS in order to see said Bristols… and they’ll bring more than a smile to your face 😜
  3. KB is their home game. They get to plan pregame and halftime ‘activations.’ But the banner is always ours. I’m sure there’ll be a Gussy element somewhere on it for that match.
  4. We are certainly working with the Club to make this a Gus Day. The T-shirt idea has been put forth and (time permitting) seems like it could be a thing 🤞🏼 Unfortunately, unless the Club can work something out with our partners, there’ll be an ad on the other side of the banner. Regardless, and weather permitting, we hope do a ‘show’ - raising the banner, lowering it, turning it, then raising it again so as everyone gets to see it. Thanks for the ideas, 58er
  5. There are no milestones for our Round One match vs Dogs. This means we have the entire front of the banner just for Gus. We welcome any and all suggestions for banner content. Note: one of the AFL’s rules is no insulting opposition players/clubs on banners, regardless of whether or not a player’s career has been cruelly cut short due to the deliberate action of a filthy thug… of course, that’s just an example. We’ve had the suggestion of a minute’s applause (standing ovation) at the 10-minute mark of the first quarter. We’ve also had the suggestion of as many as possible cheer squad members behind the goals wearing a Gussy-style helmet. These are just two examples of ideas that are welcome and that I’ll put to our esteemed DA leaders, along with banner content suggestions. Let’s show Gussy how much we love and respect him!
  6. Unfortunately this request is futile. Thank you @sam6172 for creating what had the potential to be a wonderful and very welcome thread right now. Sadly, it’s become unreadable, for me anyways. Same goes for DL in general, tbh. Way too many drainers. I need to do a Luci, and take a break. WCW out, for now 👋
  7. So, Andy asks for sentiments similar to the OP and three posts later there’s this ⬆️ What’s the point of starting what should be a positive, upbeat thread when it’s eventually gonna be sullied?!
  8. LOL I replied to a post on a PUBLIC forum. PS: please ensure you’re quoting the right poster. I never mentioned 14yo high school kids. I thought it a bunch, but I never mentioned it 😉
  9. I know, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but name-calling? Really???
  10. Here’s an idea… don’t go. Why subject yourself to what you think will be nasty? The last thing our team needs now is a bunch of sooks masquerading as fans.
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