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  1. Idk why it’s on the WADA list: it’s hardly performance enhancing. Have you ever seen a stoner get off the couch to go to the kitchen? They’ll take the circuitous route, be gone for hours and come back empty-handed anyways. 😁
  2. I just wanna clarify something re the above story. The then-bf wasn’t an aggressive person at all. Thing is, I told him that the big drunk guy probs wasn’t even aware that he’d hit me. The then-bf (naively, I suppose) wanted to let the big drunk guy know, and for him to apologise. I wouldn’t have pointed him out had I even remotely suspected there’d be trouble. There’s a happy postscript to the story: Millane indeed didn’t know and when told, said “no worries mate, bring her over and I’ll definitely apologise.” But he never got the chance to coz by this stage I was out front hailing a cab. B
  3. If memory serves me well it was Chasers nightclub.
  4. 30 years ago I was weaving my way through a crowded nightclub making my way back from the ladies’ room when I was hit in the head with a jug of beer. It wasn’t deliberate, one big drunk guy was passing the beer to his mate, but it was reckless. My then-boyfriend was furious and asked me to point the guy out, which I did. What happened next? Nothing, that’s what. Turns out the big drunk guy was Darren Millane and the then-bf was a diehard Magpies fan. Needless to say, that relationship didn’t exactly flourish.
  5. I’m just glad he doesn’t do his ridiculously long run-up as he used to. I’d be at risk of nodding off halfway through it. Coz old.
  6. And cheers for this mental image. I can’t get it outta my head. 😳
  7. Those of us of the older persuasion would remember watching “The Big Replay” on black and white TV. (And there were no big-screen TVs back then.) Watching Richmond v. Essendon was the hardest since the white shorts were the only distinguishing factor. And more often than not, players would be covered in mud so there goes that one distinguishing factor. Talk about 50 shades of grey!
  8. I watched it in real-time but thought I was watching it in slo-mo: coz the time that elapsed from May’s contact with Franklin, and Franklin’s head being thrown back, was enough to make myself a cuppa.
  9. Defs Petracca ❤️💙 Or Salem ❤️💙 A Christian, either way.
  10. That’s interesting. I never gave it much thought, but now that you mention it...
  11. Didn’t know afl matches were played in India. 😉
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