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  1. There’s also this one… Apparently the silhouette is that of ANB although I personally can’t see anything that sets it apart from the other players. I was gonna order this one until my son asked why the footballer’s arms are so long and now I can’t see it any other way. 😁
  2. I don’t think the Club has officially announced it yet. But because the DeeArmy is very much involved with these events we get plenty of notice.
  3. Geez OD, Jack’s only got knee issues, shouldn’t be so quick to wanna replace him.
  4. Uhm if you’re gonna regard my precious babies as a menu item, at least get their breed right. They’re Bearded Belgian D’Anvers. 😠
  5. Family Day now confirmed: Saturday 25 February @ Yarra Park 10am - 1pm ❤️💙
  6. I wouldn’t even line my chicken coop with that newspaper.
  7. My new Demon Chickens! I realise this is a footy forum and not a chook forum but it’s off-season so I hope nobody minds. Besides, the four little bundles of feathery cuteness (below) are all named after current Dees players (my three fave players… plus Fritta 🙃) so this isn’t entirely off-topic. Footnote: I tragically lost my last clutch of bantams to a brazen fox who clearly didn’t get the memo re being nocturnal, nor that my backyard is in the middle of suburbia. So these lil guys are living in the house until they’re old enough to move into their outdoor accommodation… “Chook Manor” a nod to @Bitter but optimistic😁 Left to right: Langers, Fritta, Melksy and Harmesy. ❤️💙
  8. It is indeed the same hand. Not surprised it’s taped up; I saw it without tape, the scar is long and deep. And that was a couple of months ago.
  9. Melksy: “Do you want my eyes closed or open?” Maybe he should’ve gone eyes closed. 🤣
  10. A fellow cheer squad member wants to settle an argument with her Cats friend about whether or not the Cup on their Cup Tour is the real thing. She posted this pic on our WhatsApp chat and naturally we all called BS on it. Of course, we’re all biased. Just as everyone on here is. But it highlights Kate’s decision to NOT keep our Cups (dents and all) under lock and key. Ours (Men’s 2021, Women’s and Casey’s 2022) are stilling “touring” and will be there at our next function. As Kate says, “they’re the People’s Cups.” ❤️💙
  11. This T-shirt’s design comprises all 1361 of our past and present players… It’s by the same artist and passionate Demons fan who designed the AFLW premiership T-shirt print. If anyone is interested in having a look at his website, please feel free to PM me.
  12. But the player wasn’t there. He chose to sleep at his own house. What’s your stance re DL’s sleeping with a player’s dog?
  13. Not a single fried banana in sight. But I’m happy to say I didn’t sleep under a tree in the Frittata front yard. I slept in Fritta’s old bedroom and was woken this morning (a little hungover and waaaay too early, for mine) by being jumped on and face-licked by Oscar, the Frittata family pooch. Good times.
  14. Demis Roussos? Wardrobe dept budget would be spared. Wouldn’t have to buy any 7XL kaftans.
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