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  1. Lockdown ends tonight. Well done, Vic!
  2. What he says in public may well be different from how he really feels. Someone over on the “is Goodwin the right guy?” thread explained how he/she interprets that comment as well as other things Goody said in that presser. Made a tonne of sense.
  3. Why can I not stop laughing at this? FFS, I’m legit crying. “Bombers win - almost wrong” ”Suns win - probably wrong” ”Dogs lose - Bingo!” Stop it! 😂
  4. My son lives in Poland and isn’t into footy at all but keeps abreast of the Dees coz he knows how much of a diehard I am. This was me telling him we’d lost to Adelaide and his (fitting) response…
  5. Beautiful cover! BTW, best opening line from a song. 😆
  6. Great song, great album, great vid, great band. 😊
  7. Uhm, so… Picket Fence suddenly morphs into Geoffrey Chaucer, and no one notices?!
  8. I’m just happy we kicked more goals than behinds. 😑
  9. Which logically doesn’t make sense since it’s the top sides we’ll meet in September and not the cellar dwellers.
  10. Of course they will! You know how it goes… Win, and it’s all, I’m glad I’ve got my GFG, this is our year etc. Lose, and it’s all, ima run a hot bath, slide on in, and open a vein. 😑
  11. “Whadoowe want? Sunshine! Whendoowe want it? NOW!”
  12. If you’re wearing a mask as a chin-warmer you’re not wearing a mask at all.
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