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  1. Lucky it was only twice! During one match he was commentating (Swans vs. Essendon) years ago he mentioned that this was the first time in VFL/AFL history that two players in the same game had the initials O.F., those being Ollie Florent and Orazio Fantasia (who tf looks this stuff up???). Not only did he mention it several times, but it was during play and iirc it was a fairly close game. 🙄
  2. 🎊 It’s his 18th birthday today 🎉 (or maybe it’s his “age” today?)
  3. Hey S_D, are you playing some sort of drinking game? A shot every time you say Mark “Choco” Williams? 😆
  4. I think that guy kinda represents how just about every Dees supporter was feeling at that point in time. Almost like not knowing how to feel about what was unfolding in front of our very eyes. My son with his big ol’ psychology degree reckons that that action of putting one’s hands around one’s neck harks back to caveman days as a sort of protection mechanism. Only, in this case it’s not the body (or head) needing protection, but the heart, so to speak. Maybe he’s right. After all, we Demons tragics, more so than any other team’s supporters, have had a need to develop a means of bracing ourselves against the inevitable heartbreak. Don’t forget to tune in to next week’s episode of Armchair Psychology… “How to reconcile with the fact that Essendon will always be a thing despite how much you wish they’d burn in hell for all eternity.” 😁
  5. Oh Daisy… I bet you were that kid at school who’d encourage another kid to wait ‘til the teacher is almost sitting before pulling the chair away.
  6. Maybe think of it this way, Cassie: a pic with the Cup isn’t as important as a pic with the Cup in your memory. (If you know what I mean.) 🙂
  7. Hells, I’d happily wear full PPE complete with gas mask if it meant getting anywhere near the PREMIERSHIP CUP. You know, the one that says WON BY MELBOURNE. 😉
  8. SAMESIES!!!!! It’s still as sweet a feeling today as it was on the big day. And yeah, any and every time I see it written I stop to think, hell yeah, we are the 2021 PREMIERS!!!
  9. Happy one month anniversary y’all. ❤️💙🏆🏆🏆🏆❤️💙
  10. And can the boy lay a tackle!!! Sometimes I think, You’ve no business dragging these very experienced players to the ground so perfectly, young man! 😁 Love, love, love Riv. ❤️💙
  11. Sooooo excited for this event❗️ ❤️💙🏆❤️💙 🎊 🎉 💥 🍺 😈
  12. Just give the Christmas gathering a miss. Think of it this way: in the last 57 years there’s been 57 Christmases but only one Melbourne premiership. 😃
  13. Someone on another thread this arvo has said a date has been selected, that being Sunday the 5th of December.
  14. Thank you for this! Gotta love how he just goes about his business: no-fuss footy through and through. Shook Weightman off as you would swat an annoying fly away. 😁
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