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  1. Hit someone in the head with my giant Gus head so now on ARRM duty. Note to self: don’t hold the letter upside down!
  2. There’s more than one giant head, Jontee. 😁❤️💙
  3. I’ve been fast-tracked to Giant Head duty!! PS declared my undying love to Melks as he ran through the banner. He smiled and winked at me! I’m thinking an October wedding. 🤔
  4. Yeah we’re going the NARRMY ARMY chant. 😑
  5. Amended! Now to hotfoot it to the ground to amend same on banner! Might take a little longer. 😬
  6. Might be difficult to take a pic while lying on the turf but I’ll try my damndest. That’s if I can comfortably hold my phone with rope-burnt hands. Again, damndest. 👍🏽
  7. Don’t tell anyone 🤫 but it has a massive NARRM logo (all of which I cut out!) on one side and a montage of BBB pics (none of which I was allowed near) on the reverse side, and it says Ben Brown 150 Huge Games (!!!!) Again, Dub, don’t tell a soul!
  8. If not in this post then defs in the one that followed.
  9. Hey… Guess who’s making her banner raising debut today??? I’ll give y’all a clue: ME! Peeps at the match look out for me. I’ll be the horizontal one, as opposed to the vertical ones, ie the ones who AREN’T lying on the turf having just tripped over. #squadLife #KlutzLife #wtfWasIthinkingAcceptingWhatIsSureToBeAdebacleSinceI’mClumsyAF
  10. [censored] it all. I forgot we have to vote today. Looks like I’ll be issued (yet another) $75 fine. Well, if we lose today I’ll be able to pay it five times over. 😁 GO NARRM!!! make me pay that goddamn fine outta my hard earned! ❤️💙💙💙❤️
  11. LOL, the Blues fans emphatically booing Luke Parker coz of his taunting of Dylan Shiel who plays for Essendon, the team Blues fans despise the most. I wanna see their faces if/when this occurs to them. 😆
  12. Take it easy. You do know Melks plays for us, right? Maybe redirect that disdain to players of opposition sides.
  13. I’ve been promoted to sharp-edged scissors! Round-edged scissors are SO last week. 🙄 A lil sneak peek… But a pinky promise first. 🤫 Don’t tell anyone! Ok everyone, pinkies in! Our illustrious leader asked me to choose from this side to cut out or BBB’s pic. Since no one wants to see BBB’s hair trimmed, I chose this side. 😁 #SquadLife
  14. Pom-poms are purely ornamental. During WW2 when there was a dearth of pretty much everything - in this case ready-made clothes - women would knit garments since wool was cheap and relatively accessible. Further, knitted garments, when no longer serviceable, could be *unknitted, in a manner of speaking. Not wanting to waste anything, leftover wool was used to make pom-poms. Two reasons: there wasn’t much else in terms of decoration for one’s attire. And also coz making pom-poms is cake. So easy in fact that even men can make them Maybe Welp, that’s it for theory. Tune in next week for prac. where I’ll teach y’all how to make one. 😁 * For those who doubt this is possible, look up the lyrics to the chorus of a song called ‘Undone’ (aka ‘The Sweater Song’) by Weezer. 🤭
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