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  1. Firstly, I’ve already been corrected, only in a much nicer way by @Winners at last. And unlike many on here, I thanked him for pointing out my mistake and explained the reason for such, (namely I hadn’t slept for 30+ hours). Secondly, I’ve barracked for Melbourne since I arrived in Australia as a 7yo, so I’ve also “seen this movie” too. And finally, save your sarcasm for people who don’t support our team because god knows there’s more than enough of them out there.
  2. “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time” — Abe Lincoln
  3. Thank you for pointing that out. I stand corrected, I posted while sleep-deprived. By all means feel for those who put in the effort and expense of making the trip to Optus, but don’t include me. I don’t regret going. What I do regret is coming onto DL so soon after that loss and subjecting myself to the noxious bile. My stoopid. 🙄 The problem isn’t the Negative Nancys vs the Pollyannas, as you put it. It’s the tiny people who need to tear down our players and coaches and anyone else who gets in the way of making them feel bigger and better about themselves. In particular, beware the failed AFL aspirant, for their bitterness grows with every week that passes as their dream of making the big-time gets smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror.
  4. Dude you brought this up in the first place, now I’m making an issue of it???? Yes, find my post and I’ll wait patiently.
  5. I don’t. I ran into one of our admin staff members who I know (events and GameDay activations) and he had just come from the rooms and told me Kolt was subbed off because of injury. We were both in a huge hurry so that’s the extent of the conversation.
  6. I saw the game (live) and I agree with Kev. But had I not seen it I’d still agree with Kev. The misery and abject hopelessness and despair is suffocating. We lost a game of footy today. We won the previous three, we may win the next three. And just as the venters are entitled to vent, so too are the folks who find the venting stifling and uber-negative and an overwhelming drain. Everyone/entitled/opinion etc. PS you’ve yet to show me where I potted Tom Fullarton. You accused me of such, remember? So… show me.
  7. Sticking up for Goody’s coaching is one thing, being called “champion Goody nuffies” is another.
  8. Kolt was injured. That’s why he was subbed out.
  9. Why wouldn’t we have praised his selection and coaching decisions this week? His selection and coaching decisions resulted in three consecutive wins before today. Hashtag you need to park your hindsight.
  10. YOLO! I’ll sleep when I’m dead 🤪 Thats actually a dumb saying. Folks who say this clearly haven’t grasped the concept of sleep, nor death 🙃 I slept for maybe two hours last night. Not staying in Perth tonight, got an 11:45pm flight home with Mrs Frittata. Neither of us will have slept in more than 24 hours so it’s a good thing *we’re gonna win today; it’ll make the trip home bearable. *yeah, I said WE’RE GONNA WIN, coz we are K? K!
  11. Not showing off (except totes showing off so much it’s not funny) I got a video message from Melky yesterday. He is supremely confident (but not cocky or arrogant) about today. So rest at ease, fellow DL-ers and Demons tragics… if Melks is confident, so too should we be. PS Red Bull and toothpaste don’t go together 😐
  12. GAME-DAY? More like… GAME-YAY! We’ve got this. We’ve got this so much, it hurts. Hurts the Dockers, that is 😜 Us by my boy Melks - 18 pts CARNA MIGHTY DEES!!! GIVE ‘EM HELL!!! ❤️💙🫶🏼❤️💙
  13. When it’s against Collingwood it’s buckets of fun!
  14. And just to top off the Ginny show, he drops the F bomb 😂
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