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  1. your second and third points are funny af
  2. Cool. Clearly you have way too much time on your hands. But, whatever floats your boat.
  3. IMG_2800.MOV At the 24 second mark of this vid. with thanks to my buddy @DEE fencewho sent me this vid recently when I needed cheering up. And it worked a treat.
  4. And who can blame them?! Disgraceful treatment of a couple of young guys.
  5. This is true, NC. Either they weren’t regularly updated as to their performance and therefore this has come as a shock. Or they were regularly updated but didn’t/couldn’t see the signs of what was to come. These are boys in their early 20s. The club psychologist or well-being officer or whomever is tasked with looking after players’ mental health should have known and would have the wherewithal to make this outcome not as hard hitting as it clearly is.
  6. Of course that’d be infinitely worse. But not having even an inkling of what’s about to befall these boys is pretty harsh.
  7. You can’t tell me players aren’t given some sort of idea beforehand, in particular when they’re to be jettisoned. From an outsider’s pov (which we all are) this is how it goes (bolded, above) but as is the case with everything to do with footy, a lot happens about which we know nothing. The very fact that Callum was shocked to find he’s been delisted says it all, imo. I’m no psychologist but I think in this day and age in these situations young players are handled with kid gloves.
  8. Unfortunately Less Diana, more Camilla. PS: I’m just glad no one has said ‘who’s gonna take Bluey home tomorrow night?’ since that was my nickname for years and the only one taking me home tomorrow night will be the cabbie.
  9. Should be all good, PF. Apparently when they heard I was attending they ordered extra security. But thanks for the offer to chaperone. If I ever did need chaperoning I couldn’t imagine anyone I’d rather be forcibly restrained by than you and Uncle.
  10. I’m so excited for tomorrow night. I’ve never been to one before. I just hope I don’t show all the WAGS up!!!
  11. Casey’s Premiership Cup… After the siren the MC announced Casey’s Premiership win “… after waiting 23 years” since the last one. I was taking the son of a DA OG onto the field for kick-to-kick. I heard him say (under his breath) “pfft, 23 years? That’s nothing! Try 57!” The kid’s NINE YEARS OLD!!!!
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