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  1. Looks like they are at Gosch's today. Going by the instagram
  2. People need to calm down a bit, we will be going in with the same fwd line we had in the back half of last year, and got us within a kick of a Prelim (without JVR). Whilst it's not ideal we know how to play with this fwd line and will do untill the cattle are ready to trott out onto the park. Play the long game, not round 1.
  3. I hope he sits in Tracs back pocket, he reminds me of Trac at the same age. Same build, skills, confidence but agree hopefully a better shot a goal
  4. SVR is not an option. If we were to get a replacement for BB it would need to be a proven VFL/WAFL or SANFL player that can hold a key position if needed. No point bringing a kid in that cant get picked up by West Coast. There is plenty around if the club were thinking that way, but i have a feeling they are more thinking along the lines of if it got to dire straights they have Schacke or move the defence around and put T-mac/Tommo up fwd.
  5. X2, second one was a great pass to Trac rather than blaze away. Well over 15m especially in today's AFL.
  6. Think a lot of people a reading into players "resting or going to rehab" How often in these reports are players joining the "rehab" group only to be fully training again the next week or even later in the training session. It's work loads and management, the same thing was happening this time last year and everyone was carrying on then. If in 3 weeks we are still managing players, then you worry!
  7. Whilst the fwd line is a bit of an issue, Has anyone looked at our efficient when JVR, Fritta and Petty were playing? I believe it was actually pretty good with just JVR and Petty, cattle makes a big difference. We have been crying out for a second tall since 2021 as T-Mac hasn't been able to keep his body together. I do agree though we need a new fwd line coach.
  8. Here is something for those looking for a training report. Very basic! https://aflratings.com.au/2024/01/15/training-report-melbourne-2/
  9. They don't put the whole ones up, but it was reported he was one of the last couple and was struggling. But it's only the start of pre-season so hopefully he builds a good base at a new club
  10. I hope he is, he has the skills. But his 2km time trial showed where he lacks. and has been the knock on him the whole time he was at Adelaide. big pre-season for him to change that opinion of him.
  11. that's only if you upgrade to Cat 1
  12. type in gather round, then select your game(if you want multiple day passes scroll down further)
  13. My email just come through from the club, not the best seeing its 3 min after they have gone on sale
  14. In my little hometown of Whyalla, South Aus i played for South Whyalla Demons and the SANFL i followed the Norwood Redlegs. So i always had a leniency to the red and the blue, but never followed the AFL super closely. But then a good friend of mine (Issac Weetra) was drafted to the Dees which sealed my loyalty and on going membership.
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