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  1. Things to do this game 1 - Max ruck 80% of the game, he is the best ruckman in the league. Jackson will get there but it's time for Max to take his position back 2 - do away with the Hollywood handballs that have crept back in 3 - look for a leading fwd, if it's not on kick in the air to BB advantage, allow him to bring it to ground. 4 - get back over the mark, been a few kicks touched which has ruined a passage of play 5 - Trac kick to advantage don't try pin point, love everything he does but the past few weeks he has looked to bullet passes in rather than lay them out in front. Could be due to no talls in the fwd line
  2. Think the weekend showed we have to have a stat home fwd, weid hasn't kicked goals when in the side but at least you know if you kick it in his area he won't allow an intercept mark. BB is the same. To Many times we kicked to Spargo/ANB/Kossie v a taller opponent or ever 2 opponents.
  3. Polec is a very good wingman. Which is why he was played big money to leave Port. In a good side he would thrive. Caddy is also a good wingman and gets into good spots, always seams to be open and has the rich defensive game style in him. These guys woukd slot into out side nicely, they aren't going to be superstars but that's not what we need atm, im also just throwing these two up as examples of pretty good players you coukd get for next to nothing.
  4. Handy is a great role player and plays the wing very well. Has been pushed out of a three time premiership team. All I'm saying is his type who will be cheap and play a handy role.
  5. If we are looking for players now it needs to be role players, we can afford to pay more player big money. Im thinking like a Waterman from the Eagles. Or maybe even a Caddy/Polec who will be dirt cheap but coukd add something
  6. Cerra is a good player, but is a dime a dozen midfielder. So many players like him around. Is going to cost way too much. Is talks of clubs offering close to one Mill a year, that's crazy and silly.
  7. Good selections, prove that last week was an off game. Deliver the ball properly to Weidemen and well Milkshakes is probably lucky
  8. Gee Max gets its rough, he is the best ruck in the game ATM, no 2 in hit out to advantage and has taken some back marks at important times in the game. I also believe his work at ground level is as good as it ever has been. We won't get that from anyone else in the AFL.
  9. Thats a worry, seeing he was "almost ready" for the crows game
  10. If viney is fit, he needs to go H2H with libba. They are the same player almost. Tacklers won't stop Libba, we need someone who will beat him to the position over the ball. And stop that delivery to the dogs mids. Viney might not beat him but if he halves his influence thats a huge win, as the bulldogs game play is based on midfield dominance. Ruck taps against a rookie and a horrible tap ruckman in Sweet and English are vital also. Time to get that right.
  11. Bit rough on Hibbo who has done jobs all games bar this one. Salem out hurt, and Jetta unfortunately doesn't cut the mustard anymore. Think we got unlucky with Hore's injury, he is that good mid size that can take smalls and talls. Hunt worries me, but is playing his role atm, but he could drop out for Bowey who is playing nicely at Casey. Lockhart is an interesting one, seemed to be next in line before his injury but hasn't pushed for selection since.
  12. In: Viney, Salem Out: Jetta, Melksham Bad loss, but a good one to have before we take on the Dogs and Brisbane, give Weid 2 more weeks like BB had and go from there. We just played poorly in Adel, fumbly, ordinary inside 50 and missed opportunities. Reset and have a solid outing this week against the Dogs.
  13. Why? They aren't struggling off field. They pare financially sound off field and have money to burn on field. They are going through a re-build and are struggling. Weren't we not in this situation 10 years ago? They will be fine, if the AFL didn't muck around competing with other codes (which isn't a competition) Tas would already be in and not bloody GWS and GC which is a joke They are in the league before Tas!
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