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  1. G'Day Gents Very very disappointing month. Goody had built a contested hard nosed style of football that complimented our mids perfectly, Viney, Petracca, Oliver could get down and dirty and do what they do best. It's clear that he has tried to implement forward hand balling into our game. But it doesn't suit our list and quite frankly a lot in our team are not good at hand balling, the amount of times a player has to stop his momentum to wait for the ball to arrive is frustrating. The players look lost with this new system and haven't bought into it fully i don't think. My question is, we have been top 4 for 3 years and last year lost 1 final by 7 points and the other by 2, the first with a makeshift forward line and the second with no forward line. Why have we made such a drastic change to our game style when were were that close? and it is a drastic game style change, handball more, posses the ball more, use the corridor more. I feel Goody and Co have jumped at shadows a bit here. We tried to go back to old Melb a bit this game but this clearly confused the players and they look confused and lack confidence. We are now fighting to make finals and fighting to find which style of football we want to play, that's not a good position to be in at this stage of the year with the ladder as tight as it is. Have a good week off guys you have earned it!
  2. Like this idea, another one we could look at is Ned Reeves at the Hawks. He is a big boy nd reminds me a lot of max in his early days. only 25, were not gonna get another max but he could be a good guy to come in, give max a spell through the year and learn off him ready to take over in a year or 2 or 15 🙏
  3. TMac is finally playing some really good footy, we would just ruin another backman by moving him. Hold Petty/Disco for now and pray Melksham just falls straight back into his form from last year 🙏
  4. Whilst i agree with you,i think they ade "lowering the eyes" too much and looking for options that aren't there. We seem to turn the ball over around the CHF line way to often looking for a 15m kick on the 45 which opens us up straight down the middle.
  5. Yeh unfortunately we don't have options, it's him or Turner, and i think he is a better option than turner.....just.
  6. FB: McVee May Bowie HB: Rivers TMac Howes C: Langdon Viney Windsor HF: ANB Petty Chandler FF: Fritta JVR Kossie Fol: Gawn Petracca Oliver Int: Salem, Sparrow, Woewodin, Tholstrop Sub: Billings Out: Hunter, Thommo, McAdam, Disco In: JVR, Howes Tholstrop Tommo unlucky but i dont think we need 3 talls against Collingwoods forward line. Woey into the starting line up. Disco or Petty i don't really care, both showing they are backmen not fwds, but they are both better than what we have in the VFL. Would like to see Kolt get a go think this kid can be our next Petracca. In time!
  7. Almost 100 point loss to one of the worse offensive sides in the comp statically. That is a very very bad loss. Do we need to throw this new gameplan out the window ?as i don't think we have the cattle for it. Which woukd mean reverting back to out old long to the pocket gameplan, which i have never had an issue with.
  8. Sweat doesn't come from the sky, it comes from a 30 degree day running around
  9. Not so much the weather, its always sweaty. in the past players have worn sweat bands ect.
  10. Yeh, he had injuries. Got back to good form in the VFL and a few AFL games last year then was delisted.
  11. Another couple of midfield depth players i think we should be looking at that can fill the void left by Jordon and Harmes is Toby McLean and Rhys Mathieson. These guys both can play at the AFL level and at a pretty good standard for back ups. Que the Rhys hate, which i do not like the guy either.
  12. Yup, like this move. good solid player. Beautiful long kick on him too
  13. is another one that maybe, but isn't gonna have impact this year. None of these players are an answer to our needs. Teakle is ruck back up, and is some midfielders that can be depth. but nothing there is walking into our best side
  14. i sort of agree. But he hasn't really had a go at it. Like give him a run at it like we did Billings and let him settle into his role.
  15. We have been bad in the past, but we were a lot better in the slippery game against Carlt, just that first quarter
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