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  1. That could actually be a good thing, just thinking outside the box a bit, they don't need key forwards. So the further they move up, the more chance of one of those Key forwards slip. still think we need pick 6-8 to get Cadman.
  2. Whitfield is exactly what we need, Haynes is way too much and we don't need his type
  3. Hickey, Oscar Mac, Gawn the rucks in the top 4, Sean Darcy, Nank and Tim Eng below them. Coll and Geel the only ones with Genuine top level rucks Port lost 4 of the last 6 which shows how sustainable that model is. No problem with Weid as a back up, but he isn't close to being ready for that role.
  4. Impact around the ground isn't rucking, finlayson and port also didn't make finals
  5. He is the 4th Mid now, Brayshaw pushed his way in. Maybe depth isn't the correct word. But not in the first centre bounce. But this is the reason that Harmes is looking elsewhere.
  6. Hunt was only good as a lock down defender, rivers is a good kick and whilst he has work to do he is coming along nicely. Hunt was tried as a Mid, tried on the wing, tried up fwd, tried as a running half back. unfortunately he wasn't a good decision make and he wasn't good by foot. Frost had speed too, but i don't want him back! good skills and kicking will get the ball moving faster than a speedy player. Laurie was an Emg for most of last year he is right on the edge of getting a games, Howes has a way to go but only his first year in the system still. Im actually surprised they let Rosman and kept Baker, by all accounts he was a talented hid with some speed and a long kick that had injury issues.
  7. Yeh recon the money has a bit to do with it. Bowie, Turner, Rivers would have passed him. Laurie and howes aren't defenders Our midfield is Oliver, Trac, Brayshaw. our depth is Sparrow, Viney, Jordon, Dunstan, Chandler Laurie isn't a long way off at all, has had a great year in the VFL, he needs to try take a Spargo or ANB spot. I'm not saying we are a destination club, i dont think they exist anymore the one exception being Geel. but players want to go to successful clubs and clubs in the window. and that's us atm.
  8. Jackson - 900k+ a game Bedford - not best 22 Hunt - just best 22 but about to be passed by kids coming through Harmes - Sad loss, but great midfield depth without him still is reasons for everything, more players have come to the club of late than have left. Even Cerra wanted to join the Dees but we just didnt have the capital to do the deal, Dunstan Joined us even though he knew he would struggle to break into the side, could have gone anywhere Id say the caliber of guys coming in is better than what is going out.
  9. Yup i agree with you too, i think it will be Sparrow, Chandler(if he takes Harmes role) and Viney that take up the rotation. the the likes of ANB and Kossie that get a little bit. Ideally though you want the big dogs in there when the whips are cracking.
  10. so do, Dunstan, Tomlenson, Lever, May, Grundy, Hibberd, Melksham, Langdon and Ben Brown
  11. he pretty much plays a midfield role now, but an outside mid. He just need to make a few better decisions, like stop taking on tacklers when your 80kg ringing wet. but not going to ever be an inside mid
  12. He didn't lock down on him, just manned up on him. Harmes has also had games where his tag opponent has dominated too
  13. Entirely different situation, McDonald was cut no chance for a contract. Harmes has a contract and will see it out if he wants to stay at the Dees.
  14. yup this i can deal with. i also rate Lienert, he would be behind Turner but a good cheap depth player
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