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  1. Why? They aren't struggling off field. They pare financially sound off field and have money to burn on field. They are going through a re-build and are struggling. Weren't we not in this situation 10 years ago? They will be fine, if the AFL didn't muck around competing with other codes (which isn't a competition) Tas would already be in and not bloody GWS and GC which is a joke They are in the league before Tas!
  2. Agree with Milkshakes for BB. But also not against no change. I think "resting" Jones isn't a great optic and will have everyone saying we gifted him games which isn't true. But if anyone is sore or under 85%, (no one plays at 100%) then sure give them a rest!
  3. No change. If I was coach though. B. Brown for Melksham
  4. Haha I think there is room for one more, just not this week
  5. Agreed with you 100% on Melksham, but 80% chance of 1-5mm in the arvo tomoz. T-Mac and Jackson is all we need up fwd. Don't need another tall. If anything Bedford for Melksham I'd like
  6. Great selections, sat night is going to be wet. Not good conditions for guys who have missed alot of footy to come back in at the top level too. And gives them a chance to really bang down the door and force their selection next week. Chandler for Sub
  7. I totally agree, I can't stand Melksham and he wouldn't be listed if I picked the side. But I have come to terms with him being goodies love child, so just gotta hope he has a bad enough game to get dropped without loosing us a game. But I do believe players should get 3 games to prove if they deserve their spot or not, so that's why I say he is on notice.
  8. In - May and Fritsch Out - Brown and Petty Only 2 changes of they are both fit, I would bring in Weid for Melksham as well, but the weather forecast will suit our current fwd set up. Weid and B.Brown I think will struggle in the wet and definitely struggle with locking it in. Melksham on notice, has to bring pressure this week and lock it in, in the wet.
  9. Hey all, I have been lucky enough to grab some AFL membership tickets for the game on sat. Which means my membership ticket is free, level one in the Great Southern Stand. Want a Dees fan to have it, So if anyone would like it please let me know. No charge, just expect you to barrack loudly! Cheers
  10. Jay Clark reporting that Oliver has re-signed. No idea of the details but this is huge news for us and a big statement to the team! I was a bit worried he was going to get offered a truck load and move on.
  11. From us, Gawn, Petracca and Kossie Langdon should be but will be a Treloar/Mcrae type on the wing because the AA selectors have no balls to pick people based on positions.
  12. Out - Melksham, May In - Sparrow, Petty Lockhart the new sub. Possibly rotate Jordan if he needs a rest, but he is 20 and has done 3 pre-seasons so I assume he is up to it.
  13. C. Bruce L. Jurrah D. Neitz A. Dave J. White
  14. Melksham'swhole career has been that, good for a couple missing for a couple, il be happy if he is just a depth player from now on. Jake has been pretty solid for a while now, Tomlinson taking they key fwd and allowing Jake to take the third tall and work off him for intercept marks has helped alot. Looking forward to Ben Brown in this side, with the space and leading lanes opened up with this new game style I think he will be a key to deep success.
  15. Can't believe I'm going to say this, but no change. Hunt's brain fades drive me insane and put my TV in seriouse danger, but the fact he kept Butler too 8 disposals and had no influence forward of centre has to be rewarded. Melksham doesn't offer us anything we don't already have, purely a backup player. Except Goody loves him so will come in at some stage.
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