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  1. Rumour has it there was some sort of game yesterday. I cant be sure as I paid absolutely no heed to it and haven't seen a solitary second of it nor will. That's how much interest I have in this game now. Take a bow Melbourne. Might get interested in March...might not. Might get interested when we get serious. tootaloo
  2. All we do with open windows is fall through the bloody things. The Fuschias landing in the flower bed !!
  3. Unfortunately we ARE.... no one's ever taken the Brisvegas Bogans seriously. .. We however continue to disappoint in front of the Country's largest audience. Make no mistake. ..we are viewed either as a laughingstock or simply pitifully. ..or sometimes both !! I don't take this club seriously anymore..not sure how i could expect others to.
  4. Yes Stretch isn't too flash Truth be told ,AT isn't really that much better. Surely better prospectives.
  5. Cant help it...he's just slightly more than another NQR hopeful. Would fit in perfectly well with current mfc. And that's why I don't want him.
  6. Actually the window was never open..really ...a gust of wind caught it and everyone got excited.
  7. If Stretch trains well. .maybe a position as a ... trainer. As a footballer...hes a magoo Nothing wrong with that. ..just dont clog the list.
  8. Good luck mate All the best Jack Always be a Demon for mine. Stuck at it when many would have withered. A top bloke by al accounts. Enjoy your life son.
  9. He didnt turn us down. He was denied to us by Collis.
  10. There was NEVER a time for a team called Melbourne to play in the NT Never...Never
  11. Sounds a little loopy but has a ring to it
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