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  1. Surprised that it hasn’t been mentioned that 2020 was our best recruiting in living memory and we are now reaping the benefits . When has a team landed five guns , Jackson, Kosi, Rivers, Langdon and Tomlinson in one recruitment. ? And Goodwin must have been heavily involved in those decisions
  2. Well I wish u would look at Q4. Harmes was vital. He played the Viney role, hard at it . Tracc was completely blanketed, Jordon buggered after his super first half . Clary was wonderful but without Harmes I think we might have lost
  3. U must be joking. Sure he buggered up a few times but overall, he was terrific. Have a look at his last quarter
  4. Weather forecast for Saturday night is not good. I would hate to see Brown and Weideman trying to deal with wet slippery conditions. Tom McD is surprisingly ok if it is slippery . So I would leave him in attack and give Petty another shot in defence . Size wise he meets the requirement of a replacement for Tomlinson , and I suspect that with a couple of games he will gain confidence and become a valuable player
  5. I have never seen a player who looks less like a wingman!
  6. Some of u guys are stark raving mad!!, our best win since 2018, we’ve lost one key player and u want to drop other blokes- fortunately it just won’t happen !!!
  7. I think you may have overlooked Earl Spaulding and Warren Dean in 1986 ( first played in 87) Well to contradict myself, in 1953 I believe we recruited Ken Melville ,Laurie Mithen , Bob and Trevor Johnson , Don Williams and perhaps Ian Ridley and Bluey Adams. but in those days the club offered recruits immediate entry into MCC membership and that was enough for many ! With the complexities of the draft I can’t believe how well we did in 2020, or, strictly, 2019
  8. Jackson, Kosi, Rivers, Langdon, Tomlinson. In 2020 can anyone recall a better recruitment in one year ?
  9. Geelong will remember how Tom McD played in the first Final v the Cats in 2018
  10. Gawn langdon Viney kosi hunt Salem
  11. Agree. He still blunders when least expected
  12. Give him a break. Good in R 1,ok in R2. Many entries came in flat and hard .Still, I agree, he wasn’t good and he will know it
  13. Lever? Made a heap of errors/ blunders
  14. Of for heavens’ sake!!!! Even though he no longer plays for Dees he still can’t do anything impressive in your eyes
  15. Dazzle, they recruited Lever who is terrific if he doesn’t have an opponent. In his great year at Adelaide they played a seven man backline .Just listen to Mick Malthouse on that topic
  16. Again , watch the two finals !!!! anyway, he is gone, forget about him , let’s get across the line on Saturday
  17. If his second goal was not under pressure , I’ve never seen one
  18. Dazzle, watch the two finals we played at the MCG in 2018 and tell me that Oscar is the useless crud you described . Tall, can kick , intelligent. You don’t let such blokes go
  19. Dazzle, Pickett etc I have to salute you It’s great that you have watched thousands of games but haven’t a clue as to what constitutes a useful footballer . Not a clue! You and your ilk have rubbished this bloke unmercifully. I suggest you watch Curling !
  20. Well sign him up now!!!! He’s a better prospect than anyone else, both as a key forward or back but especially if anything happens to Max
  21. Well short answer is that Oscar was delisted two months ago. The need for another tall has just now arisen
  22. “ not capable of playing AFl footy” the clips show he is well and truly capable . The turmoil at NM in recent years has not helped him
  23. Fantastic, and it’s only a couple of years ago. Didn’t suit the NM list at this point but could be v handy for the Dees
  24. Last week on the ABC Mick Malthouse said that he was stunned that MFC got Brown so easily, and that he thought Brown would make a big difference to to the Dees
  25. U are correct. His wife was . But he adopted Tassie and dominated football there.i think he captained the only Tassie team which beat the Vics in 1960. There must be footage of him and his dropkicking
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