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  1. Radio commentators today pointed out that everyone seems to need a week or two after coming back from injury. Stick with him
  2. Because of quite appalling coaching. He decides not to play Stef Martin or Schache, plays a novice, Young as first ruck, and leaves English forward almost all night . Got smashed in the middle, hardly any inside 50s and it was a disastrous result for Melbourne . If we lose tomorrow night our season could be over on Saturday fortnight, if Footscray had won we would have finished first or second and had an easy run
  3. When Kosi kicked his last goal we were 35 points in front. Port were dispirited and buggered, there were 7 minutes to play. I’ve known some Melbourne teams not as good as this one, who would have Won by 50 . Even the last goal by Dixon was quite costly. If we miss a top 2 position on percentage, we will think about a few passive last quarters when we haven’t poured on the gas
  4. I disagree that he was poor v Swans in difficult slippery conditions. From memory he kicked three out of not many
  5. We need to try something else. Play him at CHB in the twos . It worked with both G Lyon and Neitz. They both returned as much better forwards
  6. A few of us discussing the turnaround on Friday night and trying to remember a better one by MFC. have a look at R8 of 2017 v Adelaide at Adelaide. 28 points down half way through Q2 , then we kicked the next 9 goals against the top team who lead the comp all year before losing in GF. Ended up winning easily. Goodwin moved Tom McD forward for the first time ever I think and he kicked goals. But the unexpected spark came from Tomas Bugg! And Pedersen rucked most of the night with some help from Jack Watts . And a gorgeous part of the video is a v loud ho ho ho from a Dees supporter whenever we goaled .
  7. Crumbs! If Weid had played as well as Hipwood we would have won by 10 goals . If I hear “ Weideman nearly” after yet another dropped mark I will scream
  8. This guy kicks beautifully . May just need the much harder work he will be obliged to undertake, to become a pretty good player
  9. One bad mistake. The goal to English just before half time, only occurred because, first, Petty was blocked, and then Gawn was . Quite obviously really!
  10. Yet another brilliantly planned coaching performance. Time to extend his contract
  11. I agree. i believe we have much to thank Glen Bartlett for and whilst there were some mentions of his achievements they were swamped by an otherwise critical piece gaming, gone leighoak sold for a fortune club’s finances in a state we could only have dreamed of 10 years ago Anzac Eve, a special night for Dees sound, settled administration. many thanks Glen!
  12. Surprised that it hasn’t been mentioned that 2020 was our best recruiting in living memory and we are now reaping the benefits . When has a team landed five guns , Jackson, Kosi, Rivers, Langdon and Tomlinson in one recruitment. ? And Goodwin must have been heavily involved in those decisions
  13. Well I wish u would look at Q4. Harmes was vital. He played the Viney role, hard at it . Tracc was completely blanketed, Jordon buggered after his super first half . Clary was wonderful but without Harmes I think we might have lost
  14. U must be joking. Sure he buggered up a few times but overall, he was terrific. Have a look at his last quarter
  15. Weather forecast for Saturday night is not good. I would hate to see Brown and Weideman trying to deal with wet slippery conditions. Tom McD is surprisingly ok if it is slippery . So I would leave him in attack and give Petty another shot in defence . Size wise he meets the requirement of a replacement for Tomlinson , and I suspect that with a couple of games he will gain confidence and become a valuable player
  16. I have never seen a player who looks less like a wingman!
  17. Some of u guys are stark raving mad!!, our best win since 2018, we’ve lost one key player and u want to drop other blokes- fortunately it just won’t happen !!!
  18. I think you may have overlooked Earl Spaulding and Warren Dean in 1986 ( first played in 87) Well to contradict myself, in 1953 I believe we recruited Ken Melville ,Laurie Mithen , Bob and Trevor Johnson , Don Williams and perhaps Ian Ridley and Bluey Adams. but in those days the club offered recruits immediate entry into MCC membership and that was enough for many ! With the complexities of the draft I can’t believe how well we did in 2020, or, strictly, 2019
  19. Jackson, Kosi, Rivers, Langdon, Tomlinson. In 2020 can anyone recall a better recruitment in one year ?
  20. Geelong will remember how Tom McD played in the first Final v the Cats in 2018
  21. Gawn langdon Viney kosi hunt Salem
  22. Agree. He still blunders when least expected
  23. Give him a break. Good in R 1,ok in R2. Many entries came in flat and hard .Still, I agree, he wasn’t good and he will know it
  24. Lever? Made a heap of errors/ blunders
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