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  1. Goodwin seems to be obsessed that the 2nd ruckman has to able to play forward as well. We had Jackson who could play the role but he was a unicorn. Tried and failed with Grundy. We recruit Schache and Fullerton who are just jack of all trade hacks. Max is a big fail tried in both roles. Even Majak Daw was recruited because he could ruck and play forward/defence but we never used him. The last decent 2nd ruck we had was Preuss. Even in the Jamar days we had a young Gawn, Fitzpatrick, Pederson and Spencer who could be reliably called up to ruck compete out a game. Now we mostly rely on VDR which I believe almost certainly costs us several goals a game from his absence from the forward line every game.
  2. Our defence in the Balme days was terrible The archetypical Swiss Cheese defence.
  3. He kicked 8.7 before 3/4 time then went quiet. Game was already done and dusted by then. He gave Danny Frawley a bath and upstaged Tony Lockett. Saints fans were shocked because it was an early game for Jako and still a relatively unknown. If only he was as disciplined and committed like his brother. He could have been an all time great. Burned too many bridges with his chaotic nomad lifestyle.
  4. The AI artwork is a little wonky but I get the gist.
  5. I always thought the time honoured tradition at baseball games was to eat hot dogs. Times have changed.
  6. I don’t go to the footy to eat though I may buy a pie occasionally. I still miss the Four’NTwenty Cornish Pasties from years ago which were delicious. Don’t know why they were discontinued and an Australian cultural tragedy they are no longer sold. I don’t drink the catspiss served at the ground. I smuggle in a couple of shots of over proof rum for the tense and exciting moments.
  7. Fullerton has played 19 games for 50 hit outs. Not looking good.
  8. It kind of works in the NFL though they are not perfect as well and would need a lot of tinkering for our game. The referee in the white hat has the final decision on all rulings. Here is a quote on Wikipedia on a NFL referees role; The referee (R) is responsible for the general supervision of the game and has the final authority on all rulings. In the NFL, the referee also has final authority on the score and the down number in case of any disagreement.[8]Although all officials on the crew may be responsible for any decision involving the application or interpretation of the rules, the referee has the final decision.[9] Thus, this position is sometimes referred to as head referee and is considered to be the crew chief
  9. Some seriously dumb use of the Sub by Goodwin. Not just last game or the previous game, but now going back several seasons as well. I rarely if ever comment on coaching decisions but his illogical use or non use of substitutes perplexes me mightily.
  10. If the AFL is going to keep the 4 umpire system, one should be a master umpire, preferably a full time professional. The master umpire does not need to officiate normal play unless required to intervene. Thats for the other 3 umpires to do. However the master umpire has the power to reverse bad decisions or apply decisions where clearly one has been missed. The master umpire can confer with all other umpires to determine a correct ruling where there is doubt. The master umpire also has the power to direct and advise the other umpires on how they apply decisions during the game. At this time it appears all four umpires run their own show and not as a team with little coordination and a reluctance to intervene with a clearly wrong decision by the others.
  11. I can see the AMW moniker will be here for a long time.
  12. But just about every other club were already corrupting the medical sub system that season and the AFL did bugger all about it.
  13. Petty and Langdon missing easy shots that would have put us nearly 5 goals up lost it for us
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