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  1. Many Perth pubs and nightclubs are a throwback to what Melbourne entertainment venues were like in the 1970’s. Anyone living in the 1970’s would remember those big suburban beer barn blood houses. Perth still has them. Respectable people make sure they get out of suburbs like Northbridge quickly before 11pm after the restaurants close. I don’t go to these venues but one only needs to drive past them to see brawls spilling out late at night. Seen a few in the past couple of years.
  2. He was running towards goal at a slightly wrong angle for a right footer. He checksided the ball a bit to get it on target. If he kicked it straight it would have gone for a behind.
  3. My great grandpa reckoned Vin Coutie, Basil Onyons and Jack Leith were gun forwards and George Margitich was better than Norm Smith.
  4. Pointless comparison. No way to compare what was a local amateur suburban competition to a nationwide professional one. Like comparing a T Model Ford to a Tesla. Best to honour great players in context of their own era.
  5. His elite disposal, coolness and decision making pushed Hunt out. Bowey and Salem across half back makes our transition play rock solid on either side of the ground.
  6. Absolutely amazing fitness and running power. It was like he was subbed on in the last quarter the way he moved so freshly. He was making his opponents eat dust with his running.
  7. Bontempelli was the only one having a go in the last quarter. His teammates to a man had all given up.
  8. We have had a dream season but we still don’t beat teams we are certain to beat often enough. Better a tough game with players fired up by the occasion and opposition.
  9. Pickett also tackled and dispossessed Weightman to enable Bowey to get the turnover and pass it to Brayshaw for his lead changing goal. He also harassed the Bulldog players to force a turnover for Spargo’s goal.Three very important efforts that directly turned into goals. Never got much ball himself but was always in the thick of the forward line action.
  10. Yep, he’s a specialist lock down player. May be superfluous to play on an average player but is high value against big guns.
  11. That will be Keath who kicked it long to the wing where Naughton took another impressive contested mark.
  12. I nearly cracked it after Gawn was tossed by the dwarf. They were toying with us at that stage. Couldn’t sit down anymore and got out of my seat and watched the miracle unfold from the aisle.
  13. Maybe NQR but still up to his old trick of playing for the free. After being dispossed in the Kickett tackle Weightman flopped forward causing Kickett to fall on top of him. Luckily the umpire wasn’t fooled. No sympathy from me.
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