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  1. Yes played at Pork Barrel Park. One of my favourite all time non MFC finals game. Steven Hills 5 bounce late charge along the Pork Barrel members wing to goal and ice the game was sublime.
  2. Are you sure it’s Fish Creek? Fish Creek is on the other side of Wilson’s Prom and from Geelong it would take longer to get there than to fly to Adelaide.
  3. An acquaintance here in Perth who’s a WC supporter told me WC stopped tanking because they are now out of the running to get Jackson. I take that with a grain of salt but who knows what goes on.
  4. I don’t think it matters much if commentators are connected with certain clubs. Sport is entertainment. We had Daisy Pearce commentating and no one here complains. The football world and associated media has always been incestuous and nepotistic and bias in some form is always there. It is what it is.
  5. He did alright in the finals and GF as I recall despite being so so early in the season last year. He’s here for the duration this season.
  6. That’s assuming other clubs were interested in him at the time. Delisted players hitting 30 years old usually don’t have too many offers.
  7. Mitch Brown must be one of the longest travelled journeyman ever. Drafted in 2008 but only played 79 games for 3 clubs. Very few players remain from that vintage in the league. Amazing.
  8. There were 77 free kicks paid that game. 39 to Fitzroy and 38 to Adelaide. Unbelievable.
  9. Both Weid and Mitch battled hard. They played their roles perfectly.
  10. Suns robbed of a couple of holding the ball frees at the death within scoring range.
  11. Lots more opposition coaches now coaching from interchange bench copying Goodwin and Fagan who were the only ones doing it last season. Today both Rutten and Longmuir coaching from the bench as was Beveridge the other day. Must be a trend to think it might be advantageous since Melbourne and Brisbane are top of the ladder.
  12. Great game between two middle of the road clubs. Richmond clueless on how to ice the game.
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