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  1. Absolutely thrilled by our win. Big raps on Charlie Spargo’s efforts. Great pressure, harassing, tackling and smart ball use. Was a key contributor to our outstanding forward work.
  2. The ball will be on the ground often today and conditions perfect for duckers. We have to be careful, Selwood planning a master class no doubt.
  3. Gary Ablett kicks 11 goals against Dees but cats still lose. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/from-the-archives-1993-not-even-ablett-can-save-the-cats-from-the-dees-20210407-p57had.html
  4. In the Brisbane/Bulldogs game an umpire refused to give a free for deliberate OOB because a Bulldogs player let the ball run out when he had a chance to pick it up. The umpire told him so. That’s the way it should be policed.
  5. Geelong have a habit of humbling us in the worst possible way. Despite their possession game they play well in the wet. Though not playing at Kardinia Park today they well and truly smash visitors in the wet over there. We don’t handle wet conditions well. Too many recent wild results makes this impossible for me predict anything. We could win or lose by 40 points. I’m nervous.
  6. I remember the last time a senior administrator was to be booted out and we played Geelong. I remember the day when our coach coached his final game and we played Geelong....ugh!
  7. Better to have both on 2-2. Win tomorrow and we will be 2 games clear of both.
  8. Football media always had its resident clowns, Lou Richards, Jack Dyer, Sam Newman, Dipper, Eddie, Rex, Hunt to name a few. If they weren’t effective in their roles they would have played it straight or never had a career. The media wants fans to love or better still hate them. Ignoring them is death.
  9. I disagree with posters who believe Essendon’s loss is no good for us and that the Swans are 4-0. The more distance we can put on to the middle of the road sides the better. We want to be a top side but there is always is a top four. We hopefully will be 4-0 on Sunday evening.
  10. The bookies don’t think so. Geelong clear favourites to beat us despite barely surviving against the lowly hawks.
  11. Being undefeated and as is generally acknowledged we have a lot of improvement to do then it bodes well that we may get better as the season progresses. Consistent winning is always confidence building and obvious defects can be addressed without panic. Better than flying out of the blocks and to fizzle out come finals time.
  12. TMac couldn’t snag them but contested everything coming forward and helped our crumbers. Lots of forward pressure and five tackles as well.
  13. We are 3-0 and our opposition so far is 2-7. The jury is still out whether we are the real deal but no one can complain about the 12 points. Big scalps on offer coming soon.
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