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  1. The AFL needs to get up to date with all major world sports and implement an order off rule for serious violations. The pseudo legalistic AFL tribunal is an anachronism and time and time again we have seen high profile players from influential clubs get away with murder facilitated by legalistic mumbo jumbo. The system is set up to be scammed. This can be done by umpire consultation on field and off field with supplemented video evidence. The cynic in me believes the AFL only prefer the current system because it generates media attention to keep the game on the sports front pages just about every week.
  2. Feel sad for Gus, wish him the best, he didn’t get justice for having his health and career ruined and I hope sues the effing [censored] out of the AFL.
  3. Pick 6 is a cursed draft number. No great players of note have been picked with this draft number. Only 68 games average for all pick 6’s from 39 drafts which is the lowest number of average games played for all top 20 pick numbers. For example pick 5 averages 128 games and pick 7 averages 123 games. A trade should not be discounted.
  4. Carlton got a goal from a dubious blocking free yesterday.
  5. Good point, we play a defence based passive aggressive game which relies on beating the other teams own game. Problem it gives them the opportunity to play the way they want, gives them confidence and that evens things up. Thus losing 7 games by under 10 points has turned our games into a coin flip. And again losing centre clearances badly just lets the opposition seize the initiative when our defence is most vulnerable. I would say this aspect of our game is more [censored] up than our forward game. There are 4 or perhaps 5 A graders that rotate through the midfield who do bugger all where it counts.
  6. Totally bizarre, I expected that if Tmac was having a stinker and the scores close he would have been replaced at3/4 time at the latest. Tmac had no touches in the last. Tmac’s history shows he is notoriously slow in regaining form after injury. He should never have been selected to start with.
  7. if we played BB tonight even with his dodgy knee I would fancy him to kick 1 or 2 opportunistic goals just relying on his smarts around the goal face.
  8. Lost 9 games all season by a combined 79 points. A kings ransom for an extra goal a game.
  9. Gawn and Viney dumb sheet errors in the dying minutes. Oliver brutally wasteful,again.
  10. Tmac zero tuches last quarter.Schache zero touches on the bench
  11. Worried we could become stuck in a kind of limbo where we are good enough to be a top four team but unable to progress any further. If we go out in straight set two years in a row will be hard to take and do little for future confidence.
  12. AFL tribunal caved in to media pressure to clear Maynard. Shows the power of propaganda.
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