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  1. And Libba blocking Oliver with his back to the ball.
  2. That a ball up play. Looks like a blatant block on Gawn to keep him out of the contest with English. Gawn didn’t get the free I presume.
  3. That’s what I said straight after the Bulldogs game. We got murdered in defensive 50 stoppages and above all other excuses that’s why we lost the game.
  4. Bulldogs won all their free kick counts in 4 finals including against WC at Perth. 79 frees for to 48 against. In the prelim and GF it was a total of 43 to 21 in their favour.
  5. It puzzled me as well that those dangerous players were not manned up as I would like.
  6. Pickett kicks a goal. We win the following centre clearance and drive the ball deep to one on one marking contest. Marking contest brings the ball to ground and Pickett is not there to crumb. Makes perfect sense. .
  7. Max doesn’t trust our mids work. That why he tries to clearance his own ruck work to much these days.
  8. Trac 35% DE, Oliver 57%. Both ball butchers today.
  9. We got murdered in the back half stoppages. They always looked like scoring from throw ins or ball ups near goal. Soft frees to them didn’t help either.
  10. I’m really disappointed to see all those unmasked protester in Sydney and Melbourne and no doubt spreading the virus. Now looking forward to see a Melbourne VS ???? Grand Final at Optus Oval. Nice sunny day here in Perth and after our recent brief mini( kill it before it grows)lockdown, no masks and everything open.
  11. And his baby was in hospital a few days before the Hawthorn game. Not amongst his best games this season.
  12. Agree. Looked at it several times. Dermie must be puzzled how a skinny guy like Fritsch can do so much damage accidentally. Fritsch is not a wrecking ball. An affront to his macho sensibilities perhaps.
  13. Brereton got his headlines. He’s happy. Who says projection by accusing doesn’t get what you want?
  14. I notice with too many set shots that players use up all their time, fiddle with the ball, over angst and grimace, eyes darting left right and centre and over think the situation. Why not just go back and move forward straight away to kick the goal? Look at old footage, players rarely wasted too much time in lining up for goal unless in a tight part of the ground.
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