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  1. One can never trust the colours on an old photo perhaps several or more generations removed from the original. I do agree that maybe the red has changed over the years. Was more of a vivid fire engine red as I recall. Old dyes were warmer in tone. Modern dyes tend to be colder.
  2. Royal blue makes our players look weak, skinny and callow. Navy blue makes them look like footballers.
  3. The original looked cool. Here is a link to an original jumper in colour. https://www.smh.com.au/money/vintage-demons-jumper-with-10000-hopes-pulled-from-sale-20140513-zrb74.html
  4. It was Stewart Spencer when he became club president in 1986. The first thing he did was to get rid of the ghastly royal blue. Northey just happened to arrive at the same time. I recall at the time the vast majority of supporters were very happy with the change back to navy blue.
  5. The fact that we have conceded only 25 behinds which averages out to just over 6 a game kind of waters down the value of this statistic. In contrast the Swans and Geelong have conceded 50 each. We don’t have enough opportunities on the board for a meaningful comparison. We also have only conceded 39 goals for a total of only 64 scoring shots against us at an average of 16 a game. The opposition only score 4 times a quarter. Very impressive. The Bulldogs have conceded 68 scoring shots.
  6. Absolutely thrilled by our win. Big raps on Charlie Spargo’s efforts. Great pressure, harassing, tackling and smart ball use. Was a key contributor to our outstanding forward work.
  7. The ball will be on the ground often today and conditions perfect for duckers. We have to be careful, Selwood planning a master class no doubt.
  8. Gary Ablett kicks 11 goals against Dees but cats still lose. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/from-the-archives-1993-not-even-ablett-can-save-the-cats-from-the-dees-20210407-p57had.html
  9. In the Brisbane/Bulldogs game an umpire refused to give a free for deliberate OOB because a Bulldogs player let the ball run out when he had a chance to pick it up. The umpire told him so. That’s the way it should be policed.
  10. Geelong have a habit of humbling us in the worst possible way. Despite their possession game they play well in the wet. Though not playing at Kardinia Park today they well and truly smash visitors in the wet over there. We don’t handle wet conditions well. Too many recent wild results makes this impossible for me predict anything. We could win or lose by 40 points. I’m nervous.
  11. I remember the last time a senior administrator was to be booted out and we played Geelong. I remember the day when our coach coached his final game and we played Geelong....ugh!
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