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  1. Ah, Whippet, Schnippet. Fans will always love and hate, they love to hate, hate to love. I remember when all of Hawthorn hated James Sicily - for good reason. Hawthorn fans will have amnesia about that now. I've found it difficult to 'whip' players: there but for my wonky knees would I like to have gone. Let us praise would be Caesars on this site, they'll be buried when they're ready.
  2. Who killed [censored] Robbin?
  3. I would change Ingerson for Rivers, Steve Febey for Bizzel. The rest would be the same, maybe Johnstone in the centre, Oliver on the ball,
  4. Yes, and if I didn't have double kneemonia I'd be genuflecting as well.
  5. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea maxima Culpa.
  6. THat bloody Shakespeare,no concept of the English language - where means 'where are you'? 😍😍😂
  7. Pickett in his excellent training report mentioned Kozzie was not to be seen, then the Dazzler pointed out he's been in SA for a fortnight. What is the story here?
  8. THey've had to do it in Queensland, NSW, WA and SA in the last month as well. Or haven't you noticed?
  9. So, a white washer!. Him Sung started it: of course he did. Same in Vietnam. So you destroy North Korea so that there is not one brick on brick in the whole country, you rape Vietnam using all kinds of proscribed chemical weapons but the US didn't start it so what's the problem??? So when Hilary said, We came, we saw, he died as she watched Gaddafi being butchered is not evidence? And what the hell do you know about Lebanon in the early '80's? And, no doubt, the US Turkey shoot during the first so-called Gulf War was justified. Of course it was, by the Western Press. And to attempt to instal
  10. Most? I'd humbly dispute that. What were the good intentions of the European Colonialist Powers? Their good intentions didn't exist, they invaded country after country to exploit and drain them of their assets. And what do you make of the good intentions of Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Clive of India, Churchill, Hitler, Mussolini, George Bush, Blair, Clinton, Howard and Stalin? I really don't know what you mean.
  11. I have a great book called Human Smoke by Nicholson Baker. It is comprised of newspaper cuttings from around 1900 until 1942 and it allows the bit players and protagonists of the trail that led to the Nazi camps in Poland, to the mass murders further East, to speak for themselves. Churchill is quoted quite often, mostly for his ghastly and contemptuous prejudices against Kurds, Iraqis, Arabs in general, all Indians/Pakistanis/Bangladeshis ,Jews, in fact any people you'd care to nominate.
  12. They are not as different as you think, Db. Hence the relevance of this debate. You are aware, no doubt, of the wars the US has perpetrated since WW2? Allow me to list some of them: Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Cambodia, Cuba, Lebanon, Bay of Pigs, Laos 1953, their part in the IRanian Coup 1953, Dominican Republic, Lebanon 1981, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, First Gulf War, arming IRaq and Iran pre first Gulf war, arming Saudi Arabia to rape Yemen, Sudan...We won't even mention the coups by stealth in Chile, Columbia, Puerto Rica, Venezuela, Honduras, Bolivia etc In other words, t
  13. I have real problems with anyone who thinks a racist mass murderer is great. Unless you mean, he was a great racist mass murderer.
  14. So? That excuses him from sending thousands of Australians to a useless death??????????????????????Yes sir, Rear Admiral, I'm just following orders.
  15. Your question should be, Why did Churchill have the power to send thousands of Australians to be slaughtered in a British Colonial War???????
  16. Absolute racist rubbish! The track record of the Brits is one of the 'hidden secrets', mostly because we are still yolked to them by the anachronism called the Monarchy. Read Churchill's narrative about the Indians, the IRaqis, the Sudanese...
  17. I had serious reply, but if any 'Australian History buff' wants to talk about 're-written by morons' with a straight face, it is surely at their own peril. I thought you were better than that Biff. I was wrong...
  18. Biff Let's be equally clear. Whether they were convicts or stowaways, is not the point. They were sent here by the British Government as an act of appropriation of the sub- continent called Australia so that no other country could take it over. Also, unless they were very good swimmers, their only option was to come by boat. Secondly, White Australia was neither Labor nor Liberal not National. It erupted from the innate prejudices of Europeans who settled in the goldfields. Turdly, to raise semantics about the definition of 'boat people' ignores the great claim of Abbot and Scu
  19. As I wrote in one of my previous posts, racism is a universal phenomenon. We live in a country founded exclusively on white privilege, that's what we have to live with and deal with. We also have a very, very long way to go as a nation before we can look ourselves in the mirror and admit that the treatment of our indigenous people was and largely still is shameful, and a situation which needs to be urgently addressed. The fact that it's 2021 and we're still learning how not to deal with it is an indictment of how little headway we've really made.
  20. BIt short on key defenders, when you examine it closely. Vince was a better ball user than Moloney, far more 'finessed.'
  21. I had him in the original 22...Then I remembered Woewodin...
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