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  1. Season Team No. Games Totals Averages (per game) G B K H D M T G B K H D M T Career 54 58 33 253 238 491 186 73 1.1 0.6 4.7 4.4 9.1 3.4 1.4 2016 Melbourne 26 3 3 0 8 17 25 9 0 1.0 0.0 2.7 5.7 8.4 3.0 0.0 2017 Melbourne 26 7 3 4 24 32 56 18 12 0.3 0.6 3.4 4.6 8.0 2.6 1.7 2018 Melbourne 26 10 10 5 57 58 115 40 24 1.0 0.5 5.7 5.8 11.5 4.0 2.4 2019 Melbourne 26 11 11 8 60 53 113 46 16 1.0 0.7 5.5 4.8 10.3 4.2 1.5 2020[a] Melbourne 26 13 19 8 59 41 100 41 6 1.5 0.6 4.5 3.2 7.7 3.2 0.5 2021 Melbourne 26 5 3 4 19 21 40 16 9 0.6 0.8 3.8 4.2 8.0 3.2 1.8 2022 Melbourne 26 5 9 4 26 16 42 16 6 1.8 0.8 5.2 3.2 8.4 3.2 1.2 Remember, unlike Geelong, the Demons were ordinary in 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020.... And during crunchtime in 2018, he was aweseome.
  2. Remember it took him 5 years to establish himself: AFL playing statistics Season Team No. Games Totals Averages (per game) Votes G B K H D M T G B K H D M T 2007 Geelong 26 9 12 10 52 25 77 33 9 1.3 1.1 5.8 2.8 8.6 3.7 1.0 0 2008 Geelong 26 10 13 5 71 48 119 51 15 1.3 0.5 7.1 4.8 11.9 5.1 1.5 2 2009# Geelong 26 24 34 17 148 130 278 131 56 1.4 0.7 6.2 5.4 11.6 5.5 2.3 0 2010 Geelong 26 18 21 13 95 131 226 102 47 1.2 0.7 5.3 7.3 12.6 5.7 2.6 0 2011# Geelong 26 18 27 17 125 98 223 88 38 1.5 0.9
  3. We need to keep in mind that , as I recall, it took him at least three years to crack a regular game...
  4. 6: Brayshaw 5: Oliver 4: Petracca 3: May 2: Langdon 1: Spargo
  5. I started following the Dees as a nine year old in 1959: 1: Smith 2: Goodwin 3: Daniher :4 Northey 5: A toss up between Balme and Skilton who took us within a bee's stinger of the Final 4 in 1976.
  6. I detect an underlying sense of 'put down' of Joel Smith in some of these posts. As though copping injury after injury is a sign of weakness or self indulgence. I would have thought compassion would be more appropriate.
  7. 6: Gawn 5: Oliver 4: Petracca 3: Brayshaw 2:Brown 1: May
  8. On holidays at Goolwa Beach, don't laugh, we go precisely because it's not Beach Weather. Only able to watch the replay today and have only watched the first 3 quarters so far. Some Observations: - A good 'Team Effort', especially considering that Melbourne was without 6 of its Premiership side. -There were many contributors: Melksham, Bedford, Dunstan, McDonald, Weideman, players who did the hard and unrewarded things. -In the first half, when Hawthorn had most of the play, it was difficult for Spargo, Weidemann, Fritsch, McDonald and Harmes, and Brown to make their cases. They all made contributions during the game. -I note some petty remarks about Jordon and Melksham: cheap shots. -I like the idea of Smith, and desperately want him to succeed but...I'd love to see him play a full game where he 'nails it'. The turn around game from which confidence builds.
  9. We pick up: there are people in a dog park on the other Western side of Elgar Road, west of a Secondary College, Kooyong country, who don't...just saying...
  10. I live around the corner from this ground. We are at Goolwa Beach at the moment, left Melbourne on Friday, and it was a bit uncanny turning on the TV and seeing a live broadcast from my neighborhood. I couldn't get over how long the grass was...It's normally a highly maintained oval. My dog loves it...
  11. 6; Gawn 5: Oliver 4: May 3: Langdon 2: Petty 1: Bowey
  12. Played for them as an Under 16: got among the best players in an Under 16 Semi, my opponent was Laurie Sandilands. I kicked 2 that day,
  13. Or, as a friend who was on North's List under Barassi said today: People don't go to the footy to watch the umpires. He also thought for a very long time on the question of how much umpire abuse he witnessed in his playing career at North. He finally said, I recall hardly any. He also made the point that since his playing days, the rules have not changed for the better overall. He's not sorry that the Mathews/Wallis/Brereton etc He-man head hunting has been wiped out, but he doesn't understand how anyone who devised the present day Tribunal system hasn't been sent to Siberia, nor does he understand how the AFL tolerates umpires who allow players like Hawkins, Selwood, Dangerfield, and a host of other 'star' players to get away with shenanigans for which no-namers are punished. In other words, until the AFL understands that a Professional Sporting Code needs to ensures all umpires/referees are also professional, the AFL will continue to be ruled by a gang called Riff Rafferty, who plug holes in the Titanic with bubble gum, who treat cancers with band aids.
  14. The other aspect I've noted is that initially Green was banned for two weeks for walking through an umpire. That was the end of last season. Suddenly, just asking 'what was that for", or raising arms in dismay is a possible game changing 50 meter penalty. For the record, I've been watching AFL/VFL football since 1959, played a few games myself for a VFA side - Under Age - and in that time, I've been aware of not very many incidents where an Umpire may or would have felt unsafe or threatened. ( Though I understand this does not apply in certain Leagues throughout the country: which in itself, simply points to much wider sociological issues.) Yes, Green's action was over the top and deserved probably more than the sentence he received. Green, though, is a special case of a young man deluding himself into entitlements he believes he deserves. I have also seen some awesome displays of very biased and incompetent umpiring in that time, and I note that not much has changed in that regard. Perhaps the AFL , instead of bringing one of the greatest examples of shall we say 'unpleasant past AFL characters', to make sanctimonious announcements a la Scott, it ought to make umpiring an attractive and sustainable career, creating a coordinated network, where career umpires begin apprenticeships at every level of football in Australia. It's probably the best way to attract men and women of high caliber. We offer lads in their late teenage years the opportunity to make big bucks as AFL footballers, we ought to - as a professional sport - be offering the same opportunities to umpires.
  15. If I'm correct, the germinal incident which caused this over-reaction regarding players being able to say, Che?, was Tobias Green walking through an umpire. I fail to understand how a question or an arm wave is even remotely related. That there is a problem recruiting umpires in most forms of Football is an issue related to more than on field player dissent: rather, it is a reflection of how deeply aggressive and troubled our society has become.
  16. 6: May 5: Spargo 4: Oliver 3: Gawn 2: petracca 1: Viney. I loved the spirit displayed by both sides in this game. The highlight was Rivers extending his hand to pick up his opponent in the last two minutes of the game.
  17. So, what did Clarry said? I doubt any umpire could decipher his gibbersih anyway...😁😂🤣
  18. Precisely: Ryder should have jumped out of Day's way, see... Then he would have been reported for 'Diving'.....
  19. Yes, Byron is doing it tough these days: all that bloody rain...
  20. He did not 'bump': he braced himself before a collision which was inevitable because of Day's momentum.
  21. Can anyone explain how Ryder could have avoided Day running into him. In fact, I saw a similar incident in the Adelaide game on the weekend, where a player ran into a stationary opposition player and it was 'play on'. I still spit chips about the May suspension in the practice match against Brisbane in May's first year. The circumstances were similar: in my view, May stood his ground as the Brisbane player cannoned into him. Had may, or Ryder, turned and ran the world would have laughed at them. That, would have been the real joke.
  22. We've had four comfortable wine: others have kicked the goals. Kozzie and Spargo are still vital cogs.
  23. Have you seen the scoreboard? 14 goals, both sides, for the game. Three blokes kicked 7 of them... It was one of those nights. Port weren't bad, actually, just couldn't get their forwards organized.
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