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  1. "Random teal intruder" - lol, I love it! Tell your boys that you have Rodney's support in your fight against Eddie McGuire to wear the prison bars jumper in any freaking game you want to wear it (it's better than Collingwood's anyway). Depending on the result, you may or may not be so welcome around her in another 4 weeks time, but thanks for your interesting insights into Burgo.
  2. To me the BBB vs Weid comparison at VFL level performance somewhat distorts the picture. I think it's far more representative to look at their respective performances at senior level. Weid: 5 games, 3 goals. Drops marks all over the shop, doesn't get to the right places and sprays his set shots. Limited track record of producing it at the top level. BBB: 3 games, 5 goals. Doesn't look 100% with the pace of the game or to have found chemistry within the team, but still holds marks and gets to the right spots. Hardly looks like missing a set shot with signature cartoon style 100m
  3. Year, but that Clarry bloke we recruited with pick 4 - I think he goes all right. It's pretty hard, even with the best recruiters to get it right 100% of the time. I'm also so very greatful that St Kilda picked McCatin at 1.
  4. Not only was he lost and basically nowhere near the footy, but when he was near it, I hardly sensed any despiration from him to get his hands on the pill and do something with it. That's pretty basic stuff for a footballer and KPF 101. At very few occations in Weid's career with us as a player have I sensed him having that basic want, compeditiveness and despiration for the footy that is such a requirement of a key forward. Show some bloody mongrel FFS. Potentially he had a wiff of it in finals 2018 and in patches last season, but asides from that he's really never impressed me much wi
  5. Whatever tickles your fancy. Will just be great to see him back on the field dismembering opposition players and dismantling their midfields.
  6. In the form he's in I'm sure there isn't anyone here trying cancel Hibbo, but at his age, that cliff can come quickly (think Nev) and I think it would be better to bring in quality replacement options before we have a hole in the armor. If we get him and Hibbo's still going strong, then perhaps that provides an oppertunity to play someone like Rivers or Salem further up the ground?
  7. Maybe they are trying to put together a list for the new 35+ veteran men's AFL competition mooted to come into play ...like never.
  8. Latest training photos on the MFC website show Jack running around and kicking the footy. Must be getting pretty close if that's the case. My bet is that the club are both playing it ultra safe with Jack making sure he doesn't risk re-injury, but probably also getting him back to as close as possible to full match fittness, so that when he does get put into the senior side, he's cherry ripe, ready to smash some heads and make pleanty of opposition on-ballers cry. Dangerfield, Selwood, Bont, Zorko, his old mate Wines all need to feel the full force of Jack 'The Human Cannonball' Vin
  9. I think he's actually been available for a few weeks, but there's been no VFL footy in that time.
  10. Guessing that if he's that 9 - 11 weeks away, then that could equate to him being in the zone of playing games for Casey around finals time. Would be handy to have as depth around then and must also be giving the man himself some motivation to play either AFL or VFL finals.
  11. ...but yes I get where you are comming from. I did read an article on Pendelbery in the past few months that was stating he was looking to step down from their captaincy and looking forward to mentoring the next captain comming through, so yes that would suggest he's pretty invested. Mind you this was all before the Collingwood board erupted in civil war and Buckley pulled the pin too. But he'll be pretty old at the end of the season and Collingwood will be looking to fee up.list spaces and probably cap space etc for rebuilding and also with a new coach, new board, new list manager
  12. I guess Jordan Lewis would never leave Hawthorn either.
  13. From my own observations on game days, I agree with your statement that his disposal let him down at times, but I also believe he was highly rated for his kicking within the playing/coaching group. From recollection there was that pearler of a goal he kicked from 50m on the run to put us in the position of stealing the win/draw we scraped against GC in 2019, which would support high quality kicking ability. Our kicking as a team has improved out of sight this season as a team and I do wounder if playing in the current environment Hore would similaly benifit from the increased confide
  14. Yeah, I get where you are going with this, as I do see some potential in their respective footballing abilities, but do wounder if their bodies will ever really allow them to be the sort of reliable contributor to the side that Hibbo has been. My impression is Maynard has been pretty sound over the journey in terms of getting out on the park.
  15. How about prising Scott Pendlebery away from them as a free agent at the end of the year? Think he'd be a great addition to our team. Play him as a half forward to provide silver service inside 50 delivery and bursts in the midfeild distributing the ball to the outside. Would also be great mentor to guys like Sparrow, Jordon and co, and even guys like Clarry, Vines, Trac, Harmesy and Gus could learn some new tricks off him. Peddles gets the oppertunity to live out a childhood dream of playing in a Demons premiership. That has to be an attractive prospect compared to more
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