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  1. Agreed. At his best, he's pretty close, but slightly different in football attributes to Fristch. Takes a good high mark, on the lead and reads the drop of the ball well with good timing to scoop up the crumbs and pounce on opportunistic goals. I think he is actually a pretty good set shot for goal and has Fristch covered in that area. His form has been incredibly patchy over the last 2 seasons, but IF he could recover that 2018 fittness/form, then I think he's better than depth as a half forward.
  2. Have been saying for years that this highlights a huge flaw in the AFL's free agency system, while trying to maintain an fair and even competition through the draft. The high placed teams like Richmond and particularly Geelong have been able to constantly top up with free talent via free agency and able to pay them unders, because of the value players rightly put on sucess. Yes the club that looses the player gets somewhat compensated via draft picks, but the club that gains the free agent doesn't need to pay anything with respect to draft picks. In my veiw, they need to be made to
  3. Couldn't agree more. So sick of this blame the coach mentality. Time more of our players started talking a leaf out of the book of guys like Gawn, Trac, Viney and Steven May and took ownership for their own and the teams predicament. I think it's great that Patracca his lifted his personal performance to an elite level, but I think the next step is for guys like him Oliver and the aforementioned guys to take some initiative and drag the teams performance along with them. I'm not saying that we necessarily have a bunch of selfish players who don't play a team game, I just think it's
  4. So your 'impeccable' source starts leaking his info to a bloke who posts it on a supporters blog site. Give me a break.
  5. If we could get either of those two, then yeah great, but a) at what price and b) if we don't land them we need a backup option.
  6. Side show Bob could be the leader of his fellow mop head brothers Jackson, Hunt and Langdon.
  7. Just watch those free kicks evaporate the moment he pulled on the red and blue.
  8. Two Salems would be better than one! I'd probably have Hibbard and/or possibility Weid in the top ten somewhere.
  9. Yeah, I feel like I'm taking a bit of a punt there across the board against the prevailing logic in a lot of ways. I just suspect that coaches and those within the club might rate the value of Langdon's contributions to the side differently to your average footy jurno. Even looking back at who myself and other have given votes to with the Demonland player of the year votes, Langdon doesn't feature that strongly, yet when I look back across the season at his enormous efforts he so consistently puts in week in week out and what that has provided for the side in terms of ball movement and s
  10. Per the thread title, the club are running an online comp: https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/817801/predict-your-best-and-fairest-top-five For what it's worth, the top 5 as I think it will fall out is: 1. Trac 2. May 3. Langdon 4. Clarry 5. Gawn
  11. Don't see how that's at all controversial. From what I understand Grundy fell away big time this season and wasn't anything like AA form. Goldstein started strong, but faded out. He was practically non existent up against Max, so I think that shows a clear pecking order.
  12. Most consistently good player of the season would have to go to Ed Langdon in my book. I think I can recall him playing maybe one mediocre game all season, but I couldn't tell you which one it was. Really liked what he bought to the team. Absolutely genius move recruiting him and I hope he enjoys the wide open spaces of the MCG next season.
  13. I also can't help thinking that the whole COVID situation, draw and fixturing didn't help our cause much this season. When you look at a number of the teams that have finished near the top, Port, Brisbane West Coast, they all had fairly substantial home ground advantages over Victorian sides this season, particularly Brisbane and to some extent West Coast who always seem to get a substantial home ground advantage (particularly from umpire assistance). West Coast were actually so good at home and so bad away from it, that you wounder if they would actually have made finals had they not be
  14. To me the Bulldogs winning tonight thus ending our season makes little difference. Had we made finals, we would have just been making up the numbers with the form we were in and the lack of ability to beat the good sides with any regularly. That said, I don't think we are really that far off any of those teams that finished in positions 6 - 8, being Collingwood, St Kilda or the Bulldogs, so finishing 9th is more or less as good as finishing 6th to me. About the only thing to be said about making finals is that we could have got a bit more 'finals experience' into a few players. Unt
  15. Situation apparently is that the club want him to build his fittness/running power and go to that next level he has in him. Unless he breaks down in the process and calls it quits, I think he'll be a Demon again next year. I was impressed enough with half fit Harley, the thought of us having him after a full tune up and firing on all cylinders again is salivating.
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