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  1. Asides from his substantial footballing ability, everything I've seen and heard about BBB suggests that he's a rippa bloke to have around a footy club. Really makes me think that North made a big mistake offloading him the way they did and if they have made similar mistakes to the MFC era 2011 loosing too much experience and leadership within a young, struggling team.
  2. Yeah, I can understand that too. I just thought it added a good bit of theatre. Can just imagine how Bruce McAvaney would have carried on after a goal like this. Regardless of the like or dislike of the commentary around it, I just think it's great that the MFC finally has an excitement machine like Kossie in the team again, from all of the perspectives of marketing potential, matchday excitement for our supporters and the added team performance it contributes when you have a player that can regularly manufacture goals out of almost nothing.
  3. Do quite like the commentary from Kelli Underwood to this goal ..."Buzzing around like a mozzie Kozzy"
  4. The royal blue retro isn't exactly my first preference MFC jumper, but it's a vast improvement on any predominantly white jumper the AFL made us wear for way too many seasons, so I'm not going to complain about it. Next weekend is a MFC home game, so I'm assuming they will wear the traditional red and navey blue and hopefully the following weekend against Hawthorn as well.
  5. The thought of Hibberd comming into the side is quite tantalising. We would have some serious drive comming out of our backline with all of Hibberd, Salem, Hunt, May and Rivers running the ball out and then delivering with long penetrating kicks. I think Nev has been quite serviceable, but I think we really need to take our game to the next level and we have the players there to assist with that improvement, so should use them. Similarly, I think Melksham's ball use inside 50 could be quite valuable. Still thought we weren't as efficient as we could be delivering the ball into
  6. 6. Salem 5. Oliver 4. Picket 3. Tomlinson 2. T Mac 1. Jones
  7. Mmmmmm doughnuts. Hot jam doughnuts at the G after a win for the MFC are my favourite. ...and they only have a little hole where the jam goes in!
  8. To temper that, I think Jackson spent a big part of the second quarter on the bench/in the rooms getting a shoulder complaint assessed and the Dockers had multiple injuries which hampered their ability to rotate players in the last quarter in particular. But agree that his mobility/agility for a big man is quite awsome. He does really seam to move with that basketball style 360 degree spatial awareness like Trac as well.
  9. Lol I guess Kyle Dunkly and Kade Chandler also somewhat support this hypothesis!
  10. Yeah, I did think of that as I was writing ;-) . ...but thanks for pointing it out. Along with the right to free speach is the right to be a hypocrite. There are alway shades of grey. I would suggest that the Melbourne Football Club doesn't use it's name in quite the same influence peddling way as the others I mentioned. The main grip I have with the Australian Family Association is the way they are always get their name dropped into news bulletins without qualification by news readers that are either lazy or have an agenda.
  11. As an asides, I don't know why exclusive clubs like this are allowed to own such generic broad titles like "The Australian Club" in the first place and proport to represent a broader base of people than their rules allow. A bit like the Australian Family Association which proports to be a secular non partisan organisation, but is really a front for conservative Christian values to be represented as more mainstream societal best practice.
  12. The timing of this is shocking and probably most of the reason it has become headline news, rather than an overlooked footnote in the AFL clubland social callendar. That doesn't change the fact that it's dumb and poor/weak leadership for club officials to accept the invite in the first place. That the likes of Pert and Bartlett didn't know of the venue organization's exclusive male only policy beggars belief. Smart and strong leaders would have politely refused the invite unless an alternate venue was offered on the grounds that it went against the clubs values. Forget the public perc
  13. Love the drive, team first attitude and passion for sucess that Gawn expresses in this article. Maxy has come along way from eating pizzas and smoking durrys after training. Also love the quote in the MFC article “Free Agency – I don’t even know what it is really, I wouldn’t even know how it works,” Gawn said. In many ways the down to earth Gawn is culturally the anti $cully and vomiting on Tom was probably the first great thing that Maxy did at the MFC and which hopefully one day we will look on it as the preeminent turning point moment for the MFC.
  14. No, not so much. The elite development of Patracca, Gawn, Oliver, Salem, go against that. We will have to wait and see if Oscar continues on an upward trajectory, but there are probably also some players like the great Nev Jetta that need to stand at the precipice of their AFL careers before something spurs them into action and they turn things around. Also similar to Nev, perhaps just a change of environment and someone showing some interest and faith in them may be what's required. For what it's worth, I think in fairness, Oscar has probably had alot of the tools to be a decient
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