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  1. Love it. I must say, I've only just started and I keep thinking of new bits and pieces I want to add. If we pull off the premership on GF day, it will be better than any Christmas I've ever had!!
  2. It's been quoted many times by the players in recient times that the key to our success so far this season has been that the players have embraced a team first mantra along with a sense if selflessness to acheive that. In so many ways over his career by sticking with us and finally punctuated by his decision to put family first and return home, Nathan Jones should be viewed as the embodiment of that selflessness. I previously thought that Jonesy playing on Grand Final day could provide extra motivation and his onfeild presence fearsome. Perhaps in the end it could be his final football sacrifice that will the more powerful influence? Jonesy thanks for giving everything you could to the Mighty Demons, giving us something to cheer for and the nucleus of hope for our club to build on --- Now go and bring us home the premiership Demons!!!
  3. My kitchen/dinning area. Exterior house lights in progress.
  4. Up here in Qld my 6yo son's PE teacher has been wearing one all season. Every time he walks past this teacher my son gives him a huge "GO DEMONS!!" with complementary pump action.
  5. Agree. I see it more as a statement of fact than a backhanded chip at the club. From someone really hoping Jonesy could still be in GF calculations, I think the club did pretty much all it could by him this season given where we are at. What really cost him was getting injured again just as his form was comming good, that and that the GF is being played in Perth, not the MCG and thus he couldn't do both the birth and potentially still keep a glimmer of hope as being named even the sub. With what it sounds like Jerri was going through, and what Max has said, it sounds like Nathan would have made the decision to come back home regardless of the potential of being named in the side or not.
  6. I've only re-watched 'that 3rd quarter' again so far as I was totally shagged and with a belly of red and cideres I ended up falling asleep on the couch (for a change), but highlights that stuck out to me: MAXY GAWN - did what he's always threatened to do and kick a huge bag. In my view, he's always had the potential to do this, last night it all just clicked. Trac - what a bull. With Geelong sacrificing Selwood in an attempt to quell Clarry, they couldn't contain the Trac as well and he had such a huge presence and driving force early; Kossie - was super sharp and Geeeelong just didn't have anyone capable of containing him. If he keeps playing like that, perhaps he'll be the measuring players off him and not Ciryl; BBB - did BBB things and has justified his selection and place in the side; T Mac - although he didn't set the looked like he has got his mojo back and could be poised to tear our opponent next week apart. Above all, I'm just so happy that a bloke like T Mac who was there when we were getting smashed every week got to be a part of last night and unless something goes pear shaped will be there next week; Joel Selwood - loved seeing him spit the dummy over that 50m penalty to Fritta. I don't know why the comentators are so in love with Selwood and act like he's an ornament to the game, when regular acts like last night show he's an absolute peanut.
  7. Still buzzing from last night's game, even though I'm tired as [censored] and mildly hung over. Could see from early in the game that we were sharp and switched on and for once we were able to get that dominance on the score board, put the foot to the throat and just keep ramming it home so hard untill it came out the cats [censored]. That third quarter was something to behold. Was happy enough pretty much totally cruising and turning the whole last quarter into a stress free, self preservation mode junk time. I've only really witnessed other great teams that have gone on to win premierships play in this way in big finals and not the MFC. Never seen our team play with such consistency and dominance over the whole competition. It's a great feeling and I just hope like heck it continues for at least another week this season and then who knows, maybe even the next couple of years.
  8. This is the preliminary final at Perth Stadium to remember. GO THE MIGHTY DEMONS!!! MAX YOU BLOODY LEDGEND. one more game...
  9. BTW, some good resources and suggestions for how to go about R U ok conversations on their website https://www.ruok.org.au/
  10. Thanks all for the kind words of sympathy. I'm really hoping for the fairy tale ending for the MFC this season and then next for all our sakes, not just mine. As I said in my previous post, it will be bitter sweet for me, but if it happens, I'll be absolutely stoked, as I'm determined to move forward enjoying life. An old friend of mine who worked in a somewhat mundane insurance administration job once emphised the importance of having hobbies and interests as a way of keeping realitively sane and having something to look forward to in life. I'd go further and say that when you can do this in a comunity setting with good social connections, it's even better. Even at the lower points of our season when things were looking kind of bumpy after losses to the Crows, Pies, Hawks and Giants, following the mighty Demons this season has been a welcome distraction from life and something to look forward to at the end of the week. If we don't pull it off this year, there will always be next few seasons, when our list should be right in it's prime window (as I said right through the 90s!!).
  11. Today is R U ok day, so I thought it an appropriate time to give this thread a bump. I read this thread at the time it was first started for 'Spud's Game' , but wasn't quite ready to respond at that time. Late in 2020, sadly my wife took her own life after a long and painful struggle with depression and lack of self worth. Somethings which struck me about this thread were two pretty polarised views of either talking to your freinds/mates/colleagues Vs seeking professional help. It also seemed as if posters were exchanging these opposing views in a way which somewhat lacked the care and sensitivity the subject deserves. For what it's worth, here are a few of My own first hand observations and oppinions: The R U ok / have a chat to your mates is a good message worth elevating. There are times (and there were several throughout my late wife's journey through life) when friends and colleagues may be more attune to something being a miss and / or could be someone the person requiring help is more likely to respond to and connect with in that moment than a medical professional. I am truely greatful for the caring and courageous conversations which a number of my late wife's freinds and colleagues had with her at various stages, without which she may not have been with us as long as she was. Not contradictory at all to the important role which trusted freinds and family can play, I would also strongly encourage and implore for anyone with mental health issues to seek the right professional help through their GP or a professional counselor to address their issues at the root cause. Here in part lies a catch 22 where good support from genuinly caring friends family and colleagues is of high value - from first hand experience, professional counselling is practically challenging to access at the times when it's most needed due to the high demand and a severe lack of trained professionals. It can take weeks and months to access a psychologist right now in 2021 and I dare say it's been that way for a while (That isn't to discourage anyone from persisting to get access to one, it's just the harsh reality right now). I am genuinely greatful to Majak Daw for the honest and open way in which he shared his experiences with depression and near brush with suicide as part of the ongoing efforts to de-stigmatise mental health and suicidal thoughts. Having lived with someone with severe depression for almost 20 years, I have some understanding and empathy for those suffering from this horrible pain and debilitating illness, but can't say that I truely know what it feels like to be in that place myself. What I can say though, if anyone is at a point of desperation, please know that there are people who would deeply care if you were not here. Right now one of the main things keeping me going is trying desperately to look after the welfare and mental health of our beutiful kids who deeply grieve their mother and the lifetime they will be without her. Even if you have no immediate family, I'm sure there is someone who cares, but it's also the sad irony that even those who do have people who do care feel as if no one does care about them and I see that as part of the need for professional assistance to help cut through those deep feelings of lack of self worth. On matters closer to this forum, the season the mighty Demons are having has bought some joy to my life and that of my youngest son, who is now also a mad Demons supporter (for life I reckon) and No.1 BBB fan. It could be a very bitter sweet moment if we can pull it off and win the flag this year, in multiple ways whether we can make it in person or not, but whatever happens it's a matter of perspective. Take care of those around you and yourself. For what it's worth, I genuinely enjoy the banter and sense of community from all online here at Demonland.
  12. Demonland goes into meltdown at sniff of injury to Jaden Hunt and ANB - wow, the world really has gone mad in 2021!!
  13. As it's turned out, I think finishing on top was a big advantage to us as well. I expect the other prelim to be between Port or the Bulldogs and both of them look far more formidable in the current circumstances than Geelong or GWS. If we make it through to the GF, our opponent will have had to work far harder than us to get their, which I think is an advantage this time of year as so many MFC teams have found getting to the GF in a dilapidated state though having to fight every inch of the way there. One game at a time, but I really do think we have set ourselves up in a great position to this point.
  14. That's generally my view too. My main hope is that GWS can still be compeditive enough against Geelong that they give them the hardest game possible and pummel the absolute crap out of each other. A few more pulled hammies etc for dad's army would be a great outcome as well.
  15. Sorry if I'm repeating others here, but what's with the whole 'Toby Tax' BS. I saw a stat that Toby had been charged 22 times prior to this and only been suspended for a total of 8 weeks. ANB, Viney and a few others at the MFC would be pretty happy if the got taxed at the Toby rate. It's like the AFL are rewarding him for being a total [censored]. Either that or the love GWS and hate the MFC.
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