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  1. Nice work @Big Col. It's good to see that even AI is on board the mighty Demons. Having said that, I think AI would probably be on board anything you ask it to be. I'm not denying that it's a worthy subject matter, but I actually find the so called Chatbot's effort repetitive, fairly vanilla fluff. While that may be fine and pass for HS type journalism, it's hardly a Martin Flanaganesk from the heart type motivational contextual specific references. AI may be increasing in its intelligence by some measures, but human it isn't yet - which may be good or bad, I'm not sure yet.
  2. Pure gold (And brown - poos). Lap it up Hawks fans and eat s**t - you deserve it. "But there was a feeling on Sunday, playing a club I thought we had a chance against" "There had already been a flirtation with Richmond, fed by him clocking that his interest in another club got under my skin. Kids can sense unease in their parents, and needling dad is a fun game. It’s also hard to mount a case to a child that, as animals, hawks are cooler than tigers." "Other fans helpfully chatted away about how it was a long road ahead, told him that losing was character-building. " “Dad, why aren’t we allowed to go for another team?” "So I admitted the truth to him, that the Hawks aren’t going to be good for a while, but when he’s 11 or 12, I’m hoping they’ll be on the right side of the rebuild and stealing some wins. " I love it!
  3. 9th - 13th. Finishing frequently around 9th there would be too much hope. A few 13th position finishes there's a certain hopelessness and reality of patheticness sprinkled in, without getting access to the real quality 'top end tallent' like the Pertracca's, Olivers, Buddy's etc of the comp that will deny them any future A graders.
  4. While in a sense I'm not that personal about it with LJ and share your positive sentiments for his contribution to our flag (along with a whole bunch of players who played a bigger part IMHO), I'd also like it if he can provide a good example to others of what it can look like to leave a team with huge potential for imeediate sucess for other aspirants where that on-field sucess may turn to carp and all they are left with is money and living in their 'home state' of birth.
  5. Or maybe it's harder to take marks when you're not getting the 3rd or 4th key defender? Kind of hope the good time continue to roll at Freo.
  6. That's quite true. Cox/Cousins/Kerr/Judd only actually played in the one flag together. Even though they played in a team that was capable of multiple premerships. I'd go as far as to suggest that their poor off-feild culture of getting on the gear together was probably the reason they didn't become a great team and win those multiple flags. Gawn is a much better captain than Judd and that the latter bailed to Carlton soon after the 2006 flag confirms Gawn's value to the MFC was greater than Judd's to WC. If we win another flag, I think our mids would easily rank as a better combo than the WC one mentioned. The other midfields that I think would be a more than worthy comparison would be those of the Lions 2000 era, three peat midfield of Voss/ Black/Ackermanis (Clark Keating in the Ruck?) etc and probably the Hawthorn 2010 era great sides, but I can't recall the individual mids they had of such great brilliance Cyril/Lewis/Hodge perhaps although McAvoy was hardly a super star.
  7. Calling out the players by number at the start of the game reeked of American sports hyperbole though - absolutely hated it.
  8. Not sure if it's quite the same thing, but I've seen Viney do standing front/back flips. Perhaps a few of our players could make good professional gymnists or circus performers when they retire from footy?
  9. Thought we did the 'tempo footy' game pretty well last night. Played defensively and slow around the boundary when things were tight and we didn't have the options on, but then flicked the switch and moved it fast when the time was right. There were alot of times the Dogs tempted us into switching across half back, leaving a few of our players faurly open, but within striking distance of their opponents, but we were smart and didn't take the bait. Even in at the start of last quarter when we a good 30 points up, we didn't rush any attacking moves and let the Dog's desperation to score play into our hands and pounced on the turnovers and opportunities that created. When we did attack, I was pleased with our quick ball movement and ability to run back into space. The number of times guys like Chandler, Spargo, Kossie and even BBB had a good paddock to run into because of our willingness to take the game on at those times was most refreshing. Loved that long goal of Melksham's that bounced through - he's a smart and more than capable player around goals and his last quarter cameo last night bought back flashes of his 2018 finals series form.
  10. Made one bad error in my book, missing that goal after the siren under a bit of pressure. But asides from that I thought he was pretty impressive tonight.
  11. He played in a few flags though and that probably means much more in the end. Kossie should take note and sign on the dotted line for the Red and Blue for life!
  12. So many players from other clubs get off for more all the time. If Kossie gets rubbed out for that it will be a travesty. There are players that could (and probably should) get suspended due to the potential for harm based on their actions. The AFL usually suspends based on actual damage done, but watch the move the goal posts for us. Time to hire Patrick Cripps lawyer.
  13. Thought Nibbler was pretty good tonight, along with Spargo and Chandler. Melksham also more than handy when he came on. Could have found himself a role as super sub?
  14. I know Kade is looking pretty buff this season, but he needs to get on the weights hard core if he's to remind me too much of Andy. Chopper was a beast!!
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