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  1. Well if MFC wins the flag that's a no brainer. What's your reason for picking someone who can't carry an injury can't hold his form and doesn't even look like he's happy to be playing
  2. It's an established lineage from Teddy "flick pass" Whitten written into the" secret rule book " and stored in the basement at AFL House
  3. Generally if Tom has two poor weeks and isn't smiling it leads to four or five bad weeks
  4. I think as a guitarist he's just there to keep Keith company. Mick Taylor doesn't get the credit he deserves. The Stones seem comfortable in their career longevity. Can't blame them ,they're good at it. But they are a cover band . First band I saw.....Palais theatre . Thanks mum
  5. Meant Bobbie...I was getting more flustered than embarrassed. At least you arnt correcting me about Ronnie's appalling " painting "
  6. Correct !! I went off my head....then ran with it without thinking.. Apology ... I kept thinking about Bobby Keyes. The rest is true though, a tight jazz fusion influenced band without Ronnie would be a rebirth with Jordan on drums. Rebirth of the band to honour Charlie
  7. He tours with them on every tour and album since about 1990 and has played with Miles Davis BB King,Sting,Clapton,Armatrading to name a few. Steve Jordan drummed with Keef and the expensive Winos as well as Sprigsteen and John Mayer He played on Dirty Works when Charlie was drinking and doing smack....no specific credits like with Mick Taylor on Exile. He's a jazz fusion drummer ,a perfect fit with Darryl Jones and Keef. I thought you were a fan? There's a tight musically elite band right there to let Mick and Keef go out with something more than being their own cover band....which is Ronnie's only contribution ...a lousy artist and a journeyman on guitar They're a lesser band without Charlie for sure ( the only one who isn't a cliche ) but the are a lesser band WITH Ronnie.
  8. The thing with TMac is that either injured or negative head space seems to go on for weeks....he's a liability but not as much as Weidmann...interchange so he can use his aerobic capacity when needed
  9. I suspect they will construct one in the vault before too long. Steve Jordan will fill the spot better than Ron Wood covers for Mick Taylor....Let it Bleed, Exile Ya Ya's Goats Head Soup and its only Rock and Roll. So 2 of the run of the greatest sequence in Rock history. Sway is basically his track( no credit at all).Ron is basically a session muso for a great covers band . Jordan plays on some Stones tracks now actually Darryl Jones on sax now Bobby Keyes is gone brings the jazz genius that Charlie had Ronnie offers nothing at all. Mick, Keith, Jordan and Jones would be a tight band if they could find a guitarist or just stick Wood in the background
  10. How do you feel about Frittas cut? Or BBB's hair?
  11. Clearly they were hoping for Clarko because they moved immediately his manager said he was having a year off. Why did they think he would go to them anyway,?.he's just finished having to put up with Kennett....any other club would be more enticing than Carlton. Delusional beyond conventional imagination
  12. If you rely on Fritsch youre in trouble
  13. And exactly as I "guessed " Including leaving Lever free to intercept. So much for pompous analysis from the cheap seats Lol
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