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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Yeah I meant to suggest that Petty will up his defensive game over the coming weeks as he gets game fit. They have to kick it to Brown not just lob it forward as in the past.
  2. Petty will get better,Brown can lead and mark and kick straight if they kick it to him. JVR is apparently the future and has to ruck and compete at against bigger bodies down forward,which is poor. Fritsch is defensively lazy ,probably doesn't even know what the word means but is the leading goal kick from marks and opportunist positioning. Who arnt you going to pick? BoneonBone BBB probably needs the bye more than anyone and with proper management possibly shouldn't have played on Thursday. He will likely be the sacrifice for AFL stupid and irresponsible fixturing
  3. Surely as part of a previous elite backline team we can expect more pressure from Petty ,but which of the other three doesn't get a game according to your thinking? Presumably Brown, who can lead mark and kick straight!!!
  4. Oh please stop fighting ...Kossie isn't a thug( or Williams) he's getting suspended for undisciplined and unnecessary minor infractions that a few years back ,when he started, probably would pass unnoticed I said to the first posturing response " choose your adjective. " :undisciplined, careless, unnecessary, wasteful.?? Then mentioned his genius with ground balls..suspension is wasting his talent and contributions. Now go away
  5. I know he's been rubbed out three times . That's enough to form an reasoned opinion
  6. Of course if you were paying attention to what I wrote you would note I balanced my frustration/ criticism with his genius in the ground ball mix. I doubt he' d be going back to Casey,hes too important for that,more likely the leadership group would be pointing out that he needs to not be missing games through lack of discipline. Still, carry on with your MFC can do no wrong polemic and no critical opinions should be voiced.
  7. Go to the naughty corner you said Maynard was a " great" defender not a serial offender,a thug who should be charged and banned forever . Everything else was interesting though.
  8. Has he just come back from suspension for a tackle? Maybe it was just the bias against MFC. Get real pal, none of us know anything first hand and we can only post opinions based on what we see
  9. I watch him play. I don't know whether he makes his bed or washes the dishes at home. He regularly jumps at impossible marks rather than being waiting at the bottom of the pack. He jumps into body contact " tackles" when apparently Maynard should be in jail. Choose your own adjective. I see" playing on the edge"s the go to club talk ," he's still "working on it" apparently". Thanks for your interest
  10. Just give it rest. Kozzi is undisciplined whether it's "tackle/ bumps " or ridiculous leaps at impossible balls. On the ground and in the mix he's a genius
  11. They look pretty user friendly to me. The abuse seems to coming from the internet
  12. Brian Taylor useless facile mistakes Brian Taylor reads from script
  13. Obviously they need to improve; its looking like a red hot season and no weaknesses can be allowed
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