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  1. I saw Jones having a long friendly exchange with Selwood post siren. You guys need to grow up
  2. Ok on form in a team that's winning and with no one kicking the door down to get in he stays in indefinitel its amazing its even being spoken about. Last season and the one before he looked vulnerable because he needed to do more for a crepe team. He fits in just fine at present
  3. I suspect you mean " are far less articulate "
  4. A little kind but fair enough. I would say we look very vulnerable to good sides and still lack speed and basic ball skills. The " new " AFL game style doesn't suit us
  5. I suspect plenty of the school boys on here didn't see Jones when he couldn't kick straight but still managed to carry the team essentially on his own, for what seemed like decades. Best 23 should earn that fella a game every week for a while longer and give the spuds around here some time to do some historical MFC research after they've done their homework and chores for mum. At least he can slot a goal now and get in a chain instead of trying to do too much, even if its in the twilight ( smile )
  6. " some of" ." Most of" more likely If if wasn't for Hunt stinking up his run with his kicking we'd setting loose the hounds onto Brayshaw. Only Cam Bruce could kick more up and unders but he' d perfected the helicopter
  7. Oliver " Falls over " much Spargo can he smile? TMac 1 1/2 good seasons
  8. Its remarkable given the commitment and service Jones has given, carrying a crap team on his shoulders for about 15 years that he gets so little respect from the cheap seats on here. Obviously they want to get him to 300 games ( well duh) and he's only just best 22 but he's still going better relative to his best form than Neitz was when MFC gifted him his 300. Get rid of Spargo. Hes played his 2 good games for the year
  9. Frisco just needs a normal hair cut so he won't be embarrassed that everyone is looking at him
  10. He could start by tapping to a mfc player more often rather the technically " to advantage "
  11. When he does get the ball he still mostly kicks it up in the air in the general direction that we are headed. That much hasn't changed and if he comes good then there will just be a lot more if that. Surely Jones is an automatic " in " (given theyre 2 zip ) for the next four or so games ; as he should be . He's still best 22 while Vanders, the only one who can miss a pass more often than Chunk, is best 30
  12. Can't get injured if you Don't go for a run
  13. What's going on here? This bloke is built like a footballer He'll never fit in
  14. When Trac can do in 30 touches what Dusty does in 25 then his name can go on the same page. Same with Oliver...if he can "win " a game with his 35 then he's a genuine A grader matching Dusty's 25 possessions and timely goals. Reality checks all round please
  15. Nah the myki I use to get to Hoddle St doesnt go out that far
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