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  1. Rumour has it there was some sort of game yesterday. I cant be sure as I paid absolutely no heed to it and haven't seen a solitary second of it nor will. That's how much interest I have in this game now. Take a bow Melbourne. Might get interested in March...might not. Might get interested when we get serious. tootaloo
  2. All we do with open windows is fall through the bloody things. The Fuschias landing in the flower bed !!
  3. Unfortunately we ARE.... no one's ever taken the Brisvegas Bogans seriously. .. We however continue to disappoint in front of the Country's largest audience. Make no mistake. ..we are viewed either as a laughingstock or simply pitifully. ..or sometimes both !! I don't take this club seriously anymore..not sure how i could expect others to.
  4. Yes Stretch isn't too flash Truth be told ,AT isn't really that much better. Surely better prospectives.
  5. Cant help it...he's just slightly more than another NQR hopeful. Would fit in perfectly well with current mfc. And that's why I don't want him.
  6. Actually the window was never open..really ...a gust of wind caught it and everyone got excited.
  7. If Stretch trains well. .maybe a position as a ... trainer. As a footballer...hes a magoo Nothing wrong with that. ..just dont clog the list.
  8. Good luck mate All the best Jack Always be a Demon for mine. Stuck at it when many would have withered. A top bloke by al accounts. Enjoy your life son.
  9. He didnt turn us down. He was denied to us by Collis.
  10. There was NEVER a time for a team called Melbourne to play in the NT Never...Never
  11. Sounds a little loopy but has a ring to it
  12. that's spectacular...the somersault almost looks rehearsed....the entry....not so much !!
  13. At Buller i take it...no idea these days. Rarely ski the place.
  14. @Sir Why You Little it is interesting what passes slowly across desks or between a few beers on occasions
  15. Ill ask you exactly the same question I asked dogman And i'm quite serious. What do you consider would be the outcomes from this forum that may occur that would not had it not taken place ? as to trolling...you seem to not be noticing its the other way around. Each to their own. In my view the forum is a public relations ruse. It goes hand in hand with trotting out Simon and his waltz on the wild side of" who really cares...results speak louder" This is a softening up exercise by the club. You wont like that type of viewpoint. My only wish is for the club to get serious about being ultra-competitive and successful Who accomplished that for the MFC ..either Office or Players is of absolute no interest to me in terms of personality etc. I've noticed over the years, you and your ilk are far more engaged with the packaging....I care about the contents. So again, how are we better off come that first bounce in season 2020 for having this feel good frolic ??
  16. by way of interest....what did they reply ?
  17. @Mazer Rackham re post #31 that sir must be among the very best posts to EVER grace the pixels of these Forums ! if there such a thing I'd nominate it for the John Clarke award. Bloody Hilarious....and sadly too poignant Thankyou
  18. hilariious this little yappy lapdog comes out all the times when ever someone says boo about the club. Question...what does it REALLY achieve.. this forum.?? In simple terms..what will change for it...as opposed that it didnt occur. Im not bashing the club...Im just having a go at all of its lame agendas and achievement (read,,NONE ) So little dogman..run along and chew your bone
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