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  1. Yes we need to guide the ship... to more 'accurate' waters
  2. You're essentially answering your own question. Goody not big on shutting down players.. genius right there 😉
  3. This is a total joke.. Scott is right ( for a change ) borders farce and criminal towards rest of comp. If the Roos are THAT bad ( and i don't believe they really are ). but if so...take them out the back paddock and shoot them. If this is what they're happy to do for this rabble... just wait til the Devils come in..
  4. Thanks for stating the bleeding obvious...... ( concur 100% btw 😉 )
  5. Ask yourself good squire... By what ethos does the AFL abide ? Upon arriving at your answer....you will have 'the' answer ;)
  6. Got me stuffed why Nought is getting anything really.. What makes them so bloody special.
  7. Demons ...cooking. Grundy and Curtis were cooking up Lamb the other day... probably doesn't count now huh..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷
  8. Was thinking a later 1st rounder and some sort of steak knives... 11 would be fantastic
  9. Im reminded of Roos's take on this. Trade for need , draft for talent. We have needs
  10. Would you think then we'd likely get a latish 2nd round pick... which i suppose is beer money in any deals with others upgrading our pick(s) ??
  11. Its just a little harder for team with no access to neighbouring rural properties......
  12. A good article. Definitely. I'll be disenchanted sufficiently to do a severe edit. As not only does it sum up our position it highlights the perpetrators. " they shot themselves in the foot...twice" Damming.
  13. Permutations and orientations untried... for sure.
  14. Ordinarily i might concur... but there's a further context ...imho. of Max's kick... he fluffed both relatively easy shots. That he should have slotted both let alone that one is really the measure ...as it is also fuel for the media. He was certainly not alone .We couldn't hit a barn... it was like a lurgy that the team was suffering... ( and has for a while ) That wasn't a one off... and that's surely the bigger picture needing addressing ??
  15. I'm somewhat confused about all of this. I'm all for gallantry, all for good sportsmanship ...all for a good fair game etc. I'm just not 100% about how this should apply to what took place. Quite possibly it's not for the players to call out each other. I really don't know if that happens so have nothing to gauge by. Whilst I don't think it was for him to displace Cripps from playing I'm equally of the thinking it wasn't for him to help facilitate it either. To say it had al lthe possibility of an event-changing outcome is not far fetched. I would wonder if in the reverse would there be a similar outcome ?? Same Weitering We are talking about the long fingered Bluebaggers who are fond of a good 'story" !! I'll just put it all in the "strange umpiring " basket..A lot of that happens at Melb - Blues games doesn't it !!
  16. You've hit on something.. i think. " saw no joy " .. that's it. I think the closest word i can hijack is anxiety. There was no real spark out there... it seemed very highly strung on our part. BBOs phrase of the day recently.. "Joie de vivre" ..as it pertains to the game.. the fun, the buoyancy etc... wasnt there. Is it that the malaise that seemed to blanket our game for much of the night came from a worry of failing ( yet again ) and this usurped their natural confidence and enthusiasm...... for certain the latter was taking the evening off. Dunno.. just a bit of left field thinking....cheap seats and all
  17. Why do you think we couldn't execute..all very glib to use this buzz-word as the get out.. but reality is thats the result...not the reason. Irony much in your last paragraph.
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