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  1. That is worth a Royal Commission “you cannot touch them Tony….”
  2. I am looking at the Way Melbourne play. I am not disputing your stats at all, but the WAY a team constructs those figures can be different. We blow early opportunities far too often, and that would be so costly in Finals. Call it method, i am not sure. But it isn’t working so far
  3. Onion 🧅 i am looking at the WAY we score. We waste far too many opportunities after a lot of hard work previously. It has been an ongoing problem for most of Goodwin’s term thus far. It needs to be fixed before The Finals, otherwise we are wasting our time
  4. As i stated. We disagree Good Teams are not dysfunctional up forward We have much work ahead of us
  5. You and i never agree and obviously we watch the games differently If you can’t see that we have major problems converting forward entries into good scoring opportunities, then we are watching different games We are no chance against September Teams playing like that, we have serious work to do, otherwise we will be out in straight sets. Good Sides take their chances when they arrive, last night we failed to do that. (Umpires didn’t help) but we still missed far too many chances. Good sides are consistent. and that, we are not. But it’s still July
  6. It is more hope that it will come together Mono I enjoyed the ride while it lasted, I just think our flaws are now being exposed We do have time on our side though…
  7. Talk to me in 4 weeks. Hopefully by then we have a forward line that is at least functional. The forward entries whilst Goodwin has been Coach have always been way out of balance,shocking returns for great effort. We will get Carved up in September if it is not addressed
  8. I am talking about “above the shoulders” An area we have been lacking for a long time We have not played with the same intensity consistently since the Adelaide Game Clubs have worked us out. Queen’s Birthday showed me that The Filth are a total rabble on & off the field this year, but the whipped us.
  9. Luckily we beat Brisvegas You can argue it but up forward we are very average
  10. Greater Wa$te of $pace get up sensational!!
  11. Adelaide worked us out in Round 10 and we have been very average since then, particularly up forward
  12. We have the “smarts” if the team want to work hard enough
  13. Plummeting to 3rd. Is it free fall? Or do we have some inner strength stay tuned.
  14. Cracks are appearing The Forwardline is below average at best the spotlight is being turned on…
  15. The MoJo has gone Just cannot score enough. The efficiency is terrible
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