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  1. You wonder what sort of wage this guy has been on?? $100 a month!! $850,000 for the next 2 Years!! what rubbish accountancy are they running up there?? That is a disgrace Tony (Loud Mouth) Cochrane We cannot even look at this deal, how the hell Jeelong can is mind blowing
  2. Essendrug is not the Place for a first time Coach. Not even Worsfold could make any difference!! Yze will get his chance in good time. I am sure he enjoys being home in the meantime. There are Flags to be won
  3. Norman was never coming to the MFC He wants a new lifestyle, i would be suprised if they get more than 1 year out of him up there. He has had serious back issues. We cannot draft everybody…
  4. Eric Burdon declares War (1970) Absolutely superb album
  5. The Trouble with Jayden was mainly that no one knew where to play him. He has always been very good spare parts, and i say that with no disrespect Sad to see him go, but we have good young talent at Casey that needs Senior Games
  6. Exactly my point. You cannot exclude one race without the other if you want fairness
  7. Were a Sleeping Giant. They are too internal. You only have to listen to coterie members who jump on the radio Still living under the Sheedy canvas
  8. If Essendrug fail to improve and the “Essendonians” pull rank and have him sacked, Brad Scott will go back to what he is doing now. Essendrug need to give hime 3 years, but i bet they don’t They still see themselves as a power club It’s a dangerous job, but i can see why Brad Scott would take it on rather than other experienced coaches
  9. But there is no other way to handle this one. if the story hadn’t got out, nothing would be done. Lawyers will be involved in this, this is beyond just AFL. Mediation often has a Lawyer presence from both sides
  10. Fair Comment. You had an element of doubt. But you still didn’t didn’t think he should be free to walk the streets. i haven’t been called up for jury duty. It would certainly be a new experience
  11. I have no problem with Trade Radio once the trade week has arrived, but to begin it a week before anything happens for 12 hours a day is just wrong I find it amazing that anyone listens “Pickett is going to Port” No he is not ”weid will seek a trade” No he won’t
  12. Trade Radio is on air 12 hours a day?? So much time to talk about nothing or just make [censored] up It is quite pathetic. is this another Hutchison run disaster?
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