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  1. This is Melksham’s chance to have a 4 goal game. 1 goal each Quarter
  2. Those 4 sides are there, BECAUSE WE PUT THEM THERE....
  3. I will be happy to win by 2-3 goals on Sunday, without a Fullback or Fullforward. take those 2 key positions out of a side, and the whole structure needs rejigging Clarkson is no fool. He will have tactics in place. Whether his players are good enough to challenge is another matter
  4. 8 point Game! i will just take 4 points without a Fullback and FullForward 1 challenge at a time
  5. Aah ok i use a Revolut Digital account, which is a great way to stop hacking
  6. I was travelling to Koh Samui that day. By the time i got to my Hotel, we had just won. Cold Beers went down beautifully watching some replays
  7. I would never have Viney in defence full time, but it will be interesting to see if he spends any time down back “floating” in & out
  8. Yes I know some of that pressure may be useful in defence with May out. late night srategy meetings will be going on right now to see how we cover the next few weeks
  9. Would be great to get BC involved at some level Kardinia Park was a Dump when he moved first moved down there.
  10. Was thinking about this today Does Jack spend some time in defence with May out for a few weeks, to help out or does he keep pushing forward??
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