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  1. It’s quite simple. AFLW at this point in time is not ready for the daily microscope to be on it. The product is still evolving I am well aware that you disagree. I am happy girls are playing the game, it is just not at a high enough level yet
  2. It’s not a worry. It is just not ready yet to be promoted as the elite sport. IMO it should be played at VFL level until the skills are more advanced. 18 teams is far too many at this stage But it Is run by the AFL, so I shouldn’t be suprised. They have no patience
  3. File size also depends on how a hard drive is formatted eg. EXFAT will hold 4GB Files. if they are bigger they split MPEG Streamclip or Handbrake are the best apps i have used to compress size, without losing quality, if the original file is on a Hard drive
  4. “Hawk The Demon” the name bothers me, not sure why…..
  5. I hated that game. it was totally schizophrenic!!!
  6. The MFC has a lot more winning to do yet. We were down for so long, it became “normal” If the Norm Smith era was on the TV, we would be in a better position. We need more Seasons like ‘21
  7. Probably yes, but until he actually left, they did not want him to go. That i was told. Huge Talent left the Club
  8. Not true. The Club wanted to keep LJ, right up to the day he left. Our President at The B&F made that quite clear But a Plan B was put in place a long way out.
  9. If he stays it will have a lot to do with Success. You have already given up
  10. Ok then, let’s just give up and lose every week. WINNING is the BEST CHANCE we have to retain our A Grade Players. I am not really phased if you disagree
  11. Of course it is about winning, there are other factors of course, but the BEST chance we have to keep our A Graders is to keep winning.
  12. The more games we win, the more chance he stays. It’s a business now. Success is what counts
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