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  1. “It just wasn’t weird enough for me...” Hunter S. Thompson 2020 isn’t over yet Thanks to all involved
  2. It was definitely both this year. We hardly had an injury Losing Luke Jackson when we did, certainly was a turning point. The Weid was then double teamed I have no doubt that is why TMac is up for sale, he couldn’t do an important job when needed
  3. I like it Standards are being set. What must happen though, is accountability. If we don’t do well next year, then people must go, including th President So make it work Do Something
  4. Correct, but they didn’t. Jeelong’s Finals record since 2011 has been very consistent but ultimately very ordinary. The amount of Government assistance they recieve compared to other Victorian sides is Horrendous, and it is about time Clubs like The MFC stood up and said so. Maybe this is one of the reasons Pert is so forthright about being financially independent. It is the only way we can change things around It will be an interesting period of time over Summer. How close did we get to raising $1 Million...?
  5. Yes that is the point that i shall never forgive The MFC is so good at outsmarting itself We are still so far away from getting it right. Although i have some faith in Pert, to do the job
  6. Yes definitely a big Richmond Supporter and Hailerbury Boy, just like my late uncle, who reminded me regularly back in those dark days
  7. I am not disputing that at all Nac. We were a very bad Club at that point. But Scully as the number 1 recruit i always questioned He could run all day, but Martin was always the smarter Footballer Scully was a joke in 2011, he couldn’t wait to run away. He cashed up. Dustin earnt it
  8. Yes I remember all that. And the recruiters were wrong. Scully & Trengove were not in the same league as Martin from day 1 Scully was a Runner with a good tank
  9. He could play. But he took out too many players behind the ball I was there the day he punched Stephen Smith and Peter Giles Never Forget it. His record is tainted, or should be
  10. Matthews was a vicious thug who played in an era that turned a blind eye to most of his work
  11. Martin was always a better player than those 2 Trengove played some good games in 2010-11 but never match winning like Martin. We all got sucked in by a terrible strategy
  12. Looks like he’s just gunned about 6 cones after breakfast
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