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  1. WTF was that Free kick for? This game is becoming a serious joke
  2. Ugggh I picked the Filth. Had no idea they had so many injuries They look awful so far. Which is a beautiful thing…
  3. I don’t think the info has ever been given out, but that is only part of the problem, We have massively assisted an oponent, to being a Huge Premiership Contender, whilst our own list is considerably weaker. A complete shipshow in my opinion
  4. Not at all. But it’s not worth discussing it with you, the MFC can do no wrong. We had a shocking offseason last Summer on many levels. Including off loading excellent players we are now paying dearly for.
  5. I disagree. Should have been at least a 2 year project We Have gifted Sydney Top Line Players for a paltry return
  6. That last Footscray Goal was disgraceful If that was given in a Final, there would be Riots!!
  7. Yet another concussion subbed out tonight. It’s happening in almost every game now Worrying trend….
  8. It is so irritating to see Grundy playing for the Top Side Don’t get me started on Jordon, considering our midfield hasn’t fired all year
  9. The midfield has to step up to cover the loss of Lever. keep the ball forward. They honestly haven’t performed efficiently all year so far
  10. Petty is not going to the Backline TMac is not going forward From the Coaches Mouth
  11. Had a couple of those many years ago Fantastic dogs
  12. That is Absolute BS Parker ran straight at the Player and broke his jaw….
  13. The ball has left the area. Parker has eyes only for the man
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