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  1. Lots of work before September his routine and balance is right off. Still easily fixed with hard repetitive work
  2. It’s not as easy as that. We are being hunted each week Yes our goal kicking must improve, but i have no problem with our endeavour We are playing tough footy. Without Langdon and Viney. This was Noughts biggest game of the year. Next week they will be crap again. Meanwhile we are 10-0 I hope Mr Ed is ok
  3. Goal Kicking has let us down But this has been a tough win
  4. Nought going the man all game. i don’t care about ladder positions, this has been a tough win
  5. Totally agree. Other teams set themselves to play at their best against us. This is what Nought are doing. Losing Ed and no Viney makes a new dynamic Bad Kicking doesn’t help. We need to get that sorted
  6. Naughton would be a Superb 2nd Forward. He isn’t big enough to be the Primary
  7. Last night was a reminder of the Carlscum of old (1965-99) it was not a happy memory
  8. Carlscum have been bad for a lot longer than 20 years. i refuse to eat in Lygon Street
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