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  1. Nice work Ben Pointing out Rubbish from last week, i like it. This has never been done before, I wonder if Pert has had a word to The Media Dept. to Ramp it up We are watching...
  2. The Football Department has not recovered from that Preliminary Final in 2018 Good Clubs learn and sort it out
  3. I just heard Dwayne on SEN tell everyone that Goodwin, regardless of results is safe until the end of 2022. coffee went everywhere There is no way Bartlett, as a Lawyer took Public Aim at Goodwin without knowing exactly where he stood. I was going to ring in, but just couldn’t do it!!
  4. Totally agree But it is up to The Coach and his Assistants and The Captain to fix it up
  5. Keep going Hard Ben. We are tired of Rubbish Performances
  6. Absolutely The Smug interview from Mahoney won’t cut it with me anymore. This is why i have mentioned the 2018 Preliminary Final so many times. We were ZERO GOALS at Halftime Game Over It was so Melbourne Football Club to just dismiss it as a bad day rather than learn from it. Not just Goodwin, the whole Club Bartlett should have gone hard then We expect to lose, winning has always been a suprise since i have been following the MFC in 1971
  7. Easily fixed though We keep hiring First Time Coaches ***Stop doing it*** We need the Best Coach in the land ( should have been Ratten a few years back, but Roos held the decision)
  8. Wilson had a real crack at Bartlett last night on Footy Classified. trying to find it online.. Anyone else see it?
  9. It is up to Simon to turn it around, or else he is gone. All i am saying is that the President has put him under notice Publicly So from that he gets the opportunity to keep his contract. It may be fruitless, but you have let it play out
  10. We do need to win this game. So i just hope the big man can contribute in the way we need him to
  11. No i don’t think he will walk, just putting it up there as a possible option.
  12. Fair Call, but he has been put on Notice Publicly now. so you have to let that play out. If the performances don’t improve he will go, but i don’t think it will be until the end of the season. that would cost too much, unless Goody walks.
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