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  1. Anything is possible if you want it enough. But we would have to give up a fair bit in exchange. if North have a bad year in ‘24 i would be right into Larkey, getting the 2 brothers maybe too hard. But it is a very interesting Poker Play….
  2. I agree mate, but i still don’t think we have been as focused and tuned in as we were in ‘21, to me that is where the forward conversion has played a part.
  3. Yes we have underachieved, considering the talent that has been on our list. Why? Let’s find out. the latest issue is very serious and could well be a big factor in that underachieving. Everbody has got to be Rock Solid on board, Standards have slipped, doesn’t have to be by much
  4. There are some of us who want to find the problems and fix them and there are others who keep denying problems exist i know how hard the Media are going to attack us, they will be relentless on this one We need to win early games this year…
  5. If you have a Motor that is underperforming, you strip it down and find the problem, then rebuild it. That is what we need to do now. We still have a good list, so it can be done carefully whilst we still play the season at a competitive level. But if the Club takes a defensive position when the Media are in full attack mode, it won’t end well. I don’t like the way previous administrations went about it, but he obviously saw things he didn’t like. We are standing at the Crossroad….
  6. Sadly we haven’t evolved from ‘21 That’s the point, in such a competitive competition, you must evolve. We still play the same style, that is why people are concerned Goodwin gets outcoached in BIG GAMES far too often, because he is reactive during a match,and those who don’t think it’s a problem, or ridicule posters for bringing it up, are not looking closely enough
  7. No. But i am sick and tired of the excuses We have had a poor conversion Rate forward of Centre, for most of Goodwin’s Coaching Tenure. I do not understand why it looks the same Gameplan every week… There are people on here who disagree with me, fine. But as i have said for many years on here September pressure goes up 10-20% over the Home & Away and as Tracc said in the Podcast “We Crumbled” Now good on him for owning it, but we better not see the same conversion rates in ‘24 or Teams will murder us. We are in enough ship now because of a certain player This is going to be a tough year, i hope we get through it without major hemorrhaging
  8. Winning Margins are irrelevant in September Coulda Shoulda didn’t
  9. We were shown up September does not lie Incredibly wasteful in the forward line we should have won both games but failed. I am concerned the Senior Coach has no back up plan, against good opponents.
  10. I am suprised we didn’t take Croms offer last year. We could have hard bargained them a lot further than what they offered. Harry has serious natural talent at both ends of the ground, but his body is injury prone. It’s a serious gamble we have taken. I hope it comes off
  11. Ahh yes. The last play. After the Damage was well and truly entrenched!!
  12. Sure he does he has to improve his kicking action so the ball leaves his foot with more accuracy.
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