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  1. Great that Jordan Lewis is still on board He wants success to happen at The MFC, 4 time Flag players are the real deal. he could have easily walked after his 3 years... He didn’t
  2. It doesn’t sound right Winning on field is the only remedy
  3. It certainly looks like Gosch’s Paddock will be revamped into our home. Makes Sense...
  4. Yes i have thought this for years Halftime is so often a reset. including what worked and what didn’t
  5. Goodwin has 12 weeks of the ‘21 season to prove himself Winning is the Barometer
  6. Yes i am waiting on this one too. I heard a whisper about 2 days ago We shall see....
  7. Richmond seem to have specific jobs for certain players and they stick to it. Difficult to see exactly from a TV Screen. personally i think “Gameplan” is a word journalists and commentators use in the media to take up space. inside a football club i would think looking at the opposition list each week would be more useful, each team is different Kicking, Handballing and Marking efficiently should be a standard of any AFL side. Not a luxury of good teams
  8. What purpose does that fulfill? We need to beat them regularly, that is all that matters
  9. To strangle 17 opposition teams into submission. Otherwise it fails
  10. 2021 will be no better, except we know what to expect. Life will be shiphouse until a vaccine 💉 arrives, and that won’t be for many months yet. Football will be in hubs again this year, I suspect. The new UK strain is far easier to catch. i won’t be going anywhere near a stadium in Winter 🥶 Pure Madness!!
  11. The MFC has one job ultimately . To Win Premierships, and to do this contracts x amount of young players each year to compete Since 1964 we have failed to fulfill our duty and purpose, from the Boardroom to the players. too many players have left the MFC and found Premiership Glory elsewhere. It sucks and it proves that this club is not held in high esteem. Meanwhile the Club that lives 100 metres from us has won 3 out of the last 4 Premierships.
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