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  1. Exactly. Cricket was Sponsored by B&H Cigarettes for years until it was banned. There are many Companies who would step up their exposure, if Gambling and Betting ads were banned, as they should be.
  2. That too. I am sure the AFL executive will have 5-6 star Free Accommodation over the entire weekend
  3. This has nothing to do with what SA want. They get a free hit. This is all blanket broadcasting against The NRL
  4. No. This is “Gather Round” all teams should be given full coverage. Not everyone wants to go to Adelaide
  5. Yes it is as easy as Changing Cables They all use the same Cameras. I worked on many outside broadcasts. Please don’t tell me TV Stations are not flexible to time slots. They always have standby programs ready The Reason for this Farce is for one reason only. To STOP PEOPLE WATCHING NRL. That is it. all 9 games should be on Free to Air, all 9 games should be on Cable Blanket Coverage for 1 weekend It’s a half assed joke
  6. No need to change that. You either plug in Ch7 Cables or Foxtel. This doesn’t need months of planning The Top 4 teams are being penalised It’s a joke. The whole thing
  7. Kayo is a complete joke. Not worth 50 cents Games can still be changed days out Nothing has taken place yet They call it “Gather Round” but it’s not on Air
  8. So the Top 4 Sides are not on Free to Air Broadcast this weekend? What an absolute Shambles The AFL should just sack themselves for total incompetence Love The Demons, Hate The AFL
  9. Nothing wrong with “swimming under the surface” if we keep winning games…
  10. David King made some good points this morning with Gerald Longmuir isn’t coaching to suit his list at present. They have cleared out too many solid players. They could fall off the cliff very quickly
  11. “Jack is not a Legend of the MFC”, now you are just being silly That’s another one you can tell him eyeball to eyeball..
  12. Of course he doesn’t have to share my opinion. But when he refers to our VC as a player with no IQ, then he had better have a good reason for saying it. I am yet to see anything except a hole being dug deeper and slagging off at me The $100 stands
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