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  1. Outstanding Year. Got better the further the season progressed. Bayley is clever. He is not a huge pack mark, but he will fly in a pack. but what he does is keep his feet, so he can make a second effort. he is also very good at making space. as an opponent he would be a nightmare. He just might kick a 100 in a Season 6 in a GF is a great base to work from
  2. ANB was far more than a role player. Role Players don’t nail goals 50 metres out on the boundry line. That takes skill under serious pressure
  3. I certainly do DZ. This will only end in tears stay away from this
  4. Don’t go near it. has nothing to do with the club
  5. If i was on the board i would be pushing for a 3 year extension I think that is what Coaches should be on… It is a harsh business that can change drastically After 3 years you sign another deal….
  6. Frank Adams Emergency… He won 5 Flags!!! Fail Werridee
  7. Tracc’s pick up in the middle before Sparrow’s Bomb. watch that over and over….
  8. This^^ Certainly drove the TEAM to all push harder i heard about the meeting that was had by the players preseason and was very proud and impressed that they all stuck to it 100% Taking all players to Perth said it all to me. they had made a commitment. i hope the same standard is exhibited in ‘22
  9. JJ took a great Mark. That has been a great mark for years and should be encouraged. Max’s goal was 50/50 depending on the camera angle you watch I thought the Umps were fine on GF night I didn’t notice them except for Kozzie’s high Contact in the 3rd Quarter That got me fired up!
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