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  1. Young/ Jackson. You say we needed a HBF?Really? Still not sold on Pickett? Listen to Healy and del Santo But my principal beef is your judging our recruiting by reference, often to rookie picks or v low draft picks . I’d like to know what is the average number of games played by rookies— at any club. Buggerall I should think . If any AFL player plays more than 50 games it is a recruiting success, unless he’s a first rounder . How can the recruiting of McDonald at 53 be regarded as a failure? Kent wanted to go to St K. He had been often injured ( and still is) . I liked him but what was his trade value? When Tyson was recruited we needed him badly. We were at rock bottom, he gave us a number of v good seasons and anyway, wasn’t he a package with Salem? Can Taylor be blamed for Koladjasnij’s concussion. .?He was a v good player at GC . Petty an error? How on earth can u say that after his games last year? Wagner, a rookie, has played some serviceable games and I bet he plays some this year. V good rookie pickup in my view . And Weideman a fail.Really?
  2. Still think it was a mistake to get Jackson? If u do then every Demon supporter would disagree with you. I reckon he may we’ll win a Brownlow . And I reckon he, Kosi, and Rivers will play 200 games. Anyone disagree?
  3. And I think that’s a real B S Line . I see no evidence
  4. I see zero evidence of softness. We play tough un relenting football, Sometimes skills let us down. I think we finish matches v well
  5. Exactly right. at that time we were rock bottom. To get Tyson and Salem instead of Kelly made sense. Tyson gave us an immediate lift .A lot of lazy research in the Malthouse piece and no reference to the brilliant recruiting this year
  6. I think u are correct. I love Jackson’s potential. But as this stage I would play TMac and give Jackson a rest. Might sound like heresy but I would also rest Kosi. His actual impact is v limited at this stage
  7. That is so much rubbish! Win the next two games, and with a winnable game in hand we are a good chance to make finals. Throw out half the team and give the season away . I again urge u to look at the teams we’ve played. We’ve played the 4 most tipped teams for the flag, in fact The five most tipped, WC, Rich, PA, Brisbane, Geelong . it is a very odd season .Freo have just beaten the Pies ( I’m heartbroken)
  8. Am I alone in being puzzled about Tom’s role on Thursday? Don’t misunderstand me, he tried hard and was not too bad. But he was given the role of running with Boak. This meant that when Boak was in the middle for centre bounces, Sparrow was there too. problem was that this meant that one of our gun midfielders was not there. Surely, in Clarry, Viney, Trac and Brayshaw we have an excellent midfield. I would have told Sparrow to pick up Boak outside the centre bounces. I might be wrong but I thought Tracc was in there less than normal
  9. That is disgraceful , you should be ashamed to publish that stuff, even if in your twisted mind you think it. Any number of AFL identities have been gamblers. Today on the ABC McClure revealed that Riccuito had 100,000 in his betting account . the players love and respect him ( this from a bloke whom I know who lost his spot on the list last year)
  10. WTF! U must be joking after we lost the prelim to WC in Perth ( having beaten them there the previous two occasions) , Goodwin’s win loss ratio was 27/19. As a second year coach! What was Hardwick’s after two years. What was Norm Smith’s ? (13/23)
  11. Well I think that’s BS to be honest. We were not soft in 2017 12 wins to 10 losses we were not soft in 2018 16/9 including two wins in finals we were hopeless last year after a terrible pre season. If there was a mistake it was that Goodwin et al talked up the season , as though we coukd get over all the operations, lack of pre season etc. . Then we continued to get even more injured. Before Thursday I had rated our game v WC as fair, tho disappointing . Not soft , had more inside 50s v Blues, awful second half. V Cats , ok performance certainly not soft. V Tigers, well beaten , butchered the ball. V GC improved as match went on certainly tough enough V Hawks , played well, v tough inside. V Brisbane tough enough, lacked tactical skill in the middle So I was quite unprepared for Thursday. The club can not refer to the 4 day break but I felt the team was flat from the first bounce . I watched Langdon closely. He displayed little of the pace he usually displays . I thought he looked buggered this season is now throwing up curve balls. Pies lead WC 4 goals to nil, then lost by 66 points. Blues lead by 5 goals v Hawks, lose by 30. Essendon has had two shockers. St K miles ahead of Freo then lose. Footscray thrashed by Blues. provided the result on Thursday doesn’t affect the group TOO much the season is well and truly alive
  12. Depends on the weather. If it’s another wet slippery pitch I would not play Kosi or Pickett. dont misunderstand me I think both are future stars but in these conditions Tom McD and ANB would have been better
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