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  1. I don’t think Langdon can be classified as a moderate B grade midfielder. And our recruiting this year has been OUTSTANDING . When else have we recruited three 18yos who will be gun 200 game players ? And Langdon is already a star
  2. Yeah that’s right mate, Mahoney is a dud. Really!!!! In one year we recruit Jackson, Kosi, Rivers, Langdon and Tomlinson. Not wrapped in the latter but I regard it as the best recruiting year for a very long time . The three kids will all play 200 games , hopefully for us
  3. Are u serious. Trade OMac for pick 88? Hardly anyone rated 70 or above gets to play a single game
  4. Just watch the first two finals of 2018, then you would know a lot more
  5. Really. In these boring times do yourself a favour and watch our two winning finals from 2018 and then tell us if Oscar, let alone Tom, should be traded . oscar does not LOOK the part. When he first started playing I had friends who jeered him unmercifully and often unfairly . In fact he’s a more than useful player . Good height against tall key forwards . Lovely kick. Only 24. Are you certain we will get someone more useful ? I find it interesting comparing him with Lever who DOES look the part but who makes howlers every game, three in a row costing immediate goals against, from mem
  6. Exactly!!! Take Josh Wagner. In my opinion excellent recruiting. He was overlooked in two drafts . We picked him as a mature age rookie. How many mature age rookies play as many games as he did. And he played some very good games. He was never in our best 22, nowhere near it , but he was a bloody good backup on the HBF. Our latest recruiting has made him superfluous ,he would understand that . Anyone can select excellent kids from the first two rounds of the draft. It’s the ability to get value from the lesser known selections which demonstrates good team management
  7. DD, being bored last night I watched the second half of both of our winning finals in 2018. I suggest you do likewise. If u do I think u may agree there is no way we should delist OMac and neither should we trade TomMac . Give them both specific targets over the summer then see what they can do in 2021
  8. Some of his defensive efforts are still poor. In the first quarter he allowed Ridley to mark out on the boundary line with a very half hearted attempt to spoil by the Weid
  9. Judging by what the players, and Goodwin himself have said, that was precisely the instruction. The teams were exhausted yesterday, again Goodwin mentioned that our blokes were b——ed in the last quarter. Percentage wasn’t an issue
  10. Does it?Is there anything Goodwin could say at the presser that would satisfy u? it was a TERRIFIC interview .He mentioned undoubted strengths in the backs. Mentioned that we are still young up forward and need more - was entitled to mention that we’d jumped firm 17 to 9. Steely reserve to go ok v WC , if we get there which is hardly surprising as we’ve beaten them twice in our last 4 encounters. Talked glowingly about Tracc while mentioning the players around him. by comparison with a Malthouse, Clarkson or Longmire thiswas excellent stuff
  11. Well Doc, he is being criticised for our recruiting of Tomlinson. I agree, it is irrational . But if he was wrong about To linson , and it’s only a partial disappointment, Then he must get credit fot the other 4
  12. And his recruiting of Langdon, Jackson, Kosi, Rivers. No credit for that?
  13. U do realise this is only the 4th last quarter we have lost out of 17?
  14. Pre season I heard one of those discussions with Plapp and Richardson in which they mentioned Smith’s “ freakish skills”. Then, in R1 v WC he went for a couple of speckies and allowed easy goals . I think the “ freakishness” has been drummed out of him for this year. But I would persist.He is a lovely build and I think he is learning defence. He had some good moments v Cameron last week. He’s actually played v little footy
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