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  1. The last time i went to Vic Park was ‘92 We beat them, with Allen Jakovich kicking a bag. It was a heavy vibe waiting for the train at Vic Park Station. i still have the same scarf, that went to all those grounds, and was at Waverley in 1987 i wore it very proudly during the Grand Final
  2. It was certainly different to anywhere else i have been to on this planet!!
  3. We stay fit and can have minimal injuries, we will generate more success. the Boys want more It doesn’t come easy and i think they understand that. The Captain’s diary is a great read
  4. That’s the point. You cannot get in, even though it is entirely paid for by Victorian Tax Payer…
  5. And where did Macintosh end up? Academies for anyone except The Sydney Swans are a complete joke
  6. Windy Hill was pure Evil. In 1990 we beat Essendrug in the last Quarter. fantastic game. But getting out of the ground and getting to my car was not fun at all. Seriously. At Windy Hill they would want a fight. At Victoria Park they spat, and would threaten a fight. Moorabbin was scary if The Aints kicked a few… Princes Park was Liberal HQ (Menzies watched from his Rolls in the early days!!) Never went to Jeelong and never will
  7. Thanks. I wondered who the 2nd brother was. just too sad. 25. Still a baby really I hope the MFC reach out to Harley
  8. What are you talking about? i shall be very proud to see the recognition of AFL Premier each round of next Season. These boys earnt it. Back to Back 22 (You certainly put some strange posts on this site) Gold is Gold for a reason
  9. If we keep getting sent down to that cesspool to play games, i shall always want to beat those arrogant bastards 186 is a distant memory now. But we should never completely forget, so that it is NEVER allowed to happen again. The MFC must aim to play Finals every year.
  10. He is certainly ready to go These boys are Hungry, as long as our fitness standards stay at peak levels. That is what got us Number 13.
  11. The main problem with Kayo is that it is owned by this man. who will do things the cheapest way possible. We must demand an alternative Do not give this person any of your hard earned He has no regard for anything apart from himself
  12. Long as the attitude is right, these boys are too good for just one. i am hoping they thrive on the challenge of being beaten for many years. Norm is at Peace now
  13. We are all going to get Covid19 in some form. The sooner the better. get Vaccinated and it won’t be too bad
  14. He needs to hold his marks. not be close, hold them. At least 4-5 a game minimum
  15. There is only one way that Weid plays in the Senior Side. He has to smash the door down and play better than TMac or Benny Either way The MFC benefits Good Luck Sam…
  16. Have tried Kayo it’s Rubbish There has to be an alternative
  17. Absolutely i was told to expect delivery in the New Year, so they have done a mighty job The Premiership Jumper is superb It will be worn with pride over Summer!!!
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