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  1. Yep. Classic Choke when pressure is applied Walsh and McKay unsighted
  2. We should win, but once again it won’t be an easy game. players should not be “Rested” All hands on Deck
  3. A Worldwide Viral Pandemic 😷 that is now out of control in India 🇮🇳
  4. Carlscum are playing well today. They will be no pushover next week. no esy games…
  5. Couple of weeks ago i spoke to a Young Kid in my street, about 13 i would guess. He saw my Demons Beanie and said “You are a Demon?” ”50 years, i am yes” he was Proud to be a Supporter too and was heading in to The ‘G for the Anzac Eve Game Was so good to hear a Proud MFC Kid talking us up It is so important we get young kids on board for life These Wins on Friday and Saturday nights are so crucial for exposure
  6. If you followed TMac on Instagram last year his work over Summer was inspirational. i am not at all suprised he has turned his career around and is marking the ball like a CLAMP!! Thought he may have to go back in defence last night and help out. Glad i was wrong. He is a serious forward now The Weid’s job just got harder
  7. Many here on ‘Land obviously expect now to win every game by 10 goals. It ain’t going to happen. A tough hard win like last night was superb to watch. Sydney threw everything at us, relentlessly and we were up for the fight. players didn’t star last night (TMac and Clarry aside), but they worked bloody hard
  8. One of the toughest games i have seen in years and I always thought we would win. But now is the time to fix up the Center Clearance disparagy. Finals ramp up 20-30% on last night
  9. Viney makes a huge difference it’s that simple right now. We have to train up players to fill in that position. He isn’t going to play 22 a Season
  10. “Don’t forget to hang the Picture Basil…” ”I’m doing it now dear…”
  11. “what a strange Person…” ”Is there someone else up there we can talk to…?” ”no, now go away or i shall taunt you a second time….”
  12. There are still a lot of South Melbourne Supporters down here
  13. Yes, Singing “You will never Walk Alone” is such an original idea. it is bound to catch on I am another Gooner and i will not be singing a rivals song
  14. Agreed This whole idea is ludicrous Norm’s Curse can only be lifted in Late September/October Sit down Craig
  15. I have no interest in Nought. They were primed for a win. getting up in the dark to go to the airport completely stuffs the whole day. I have done it often. When i heard that this was our preparation for last week i was not at all suprised at the sluggish start. i was impressed with our finish. Tonight i think we will be “on”
  16. Ok so the rest of the team got up at 4:30 am Still a shiit preparation
  17. A lot of our players were flat last week Waking up at 3am to get a Chartered Flight can have that effect. Home Game Melbourne v Sydney. Tracc BOG I think we will be up for the task
  18. This thread is very strange. Similar to the video put up on the Club Website of LJ and Trent Rivers stealing Alan Richardson’s Jaguar. very strange
  19. Reiwoldt was nowhere!! Lynch was beautifully uncoordinated
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