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  1. Which would have been heavily front loaded to get him over the Border.
  2. If we get a full season out of Jake, playing to his capabilities, we will push for Top 4. When Jake Fires the Defence is working. he is a barometer He has to play a good season
  3. I pay an MCC Membership each year as an MFC Supporter (and Member) if our game is moved, from a fixture that was already finalized by the AFL, i will be furious. Docklands is Essendrugs home ground, they signed the original contract. stand firm MFC. Shut your Cake 🍰 Hole Whately
  4. The ABC Commentary during the 1970’s and 1980’s was fully based on the English Football style. (The Winners) i loved it, it flowed with the game. Ch7 Commentary for years hasn’t flowed with the game. It is invasive.
  5. Yes it was fascinating, but hollow. Because nothing changed. That is why many supporters don’t trust the Club
  6. I won’t miss Bruce at all. Why? Because he told me a whole lot of stuff that i didn’t want, or need to know during a game. But to Bruce it was crucial. “Did you see that?” Yes i am watching the TV 📺 He should have gone 10 years ago at least. I haven’t listened to Ch7 Commentary for years. It’s cringeworthy. That said, James Brayshaw is worse.
  7. The facts are that in 2020, even after making the Documentary of the preseason, when the season was on the line, with our destiny in our own hands, both the Players and The Club failed to step up to the line. we get lost when under serious pressure. That trait has been around for the 50 years i have watched the club. Many have tried to remedy the situation, none have been successful, yet.
  8. That was a really good stream this morning. well done to the Camera and Sound Crews Commentary was great. Wish more AFL games were like that.
  9. We first went to Casey 10 years ago, and we are still wondering if anyone has noticed. We got the gig, because no one else wanted it. Yes there is always hope, just not at Casey...
  10. How long have we been out there already. macca you are talking as if we have just arrived. i looked at building investment properties out there 5 years ago. There is nothing there, except fast food joints on street corners. If that is where we end up calling home, it won’t end well
  11. But there is no infrastructure out there A lot of houses, with nothing to do The MFC would slowly die out there...
  12. I believe we would wither and Die if we moved 100% to Casey. It is in the middle of Nowhere The Club needs to become more innovative, i get the impression now, that Bartlett just thinks it will all happen. If there are no announcements this year, i will be very disappointed
  13. Every club has its stereotypes OD. We all know the Range Rovers and Ski Weekends, it’s a dig. I know loads of Filth Supporters who ski and drive Mercedes AMG V8’s
  14. Not all MFC Supporters and Members vote Liberal and go Skiing ⛷ every year OD You are just reciting a Stereotypical view Whorethorn are more Toffy than the Demons in 2021
  15. Irrelevent in today’s market OD
  16. Yep. I agree it has to be outside the Box. Jeelong $140 mill in State and Federal Funding. Meanwhile at The MFC...
  17. How does the MFC get Fed Funding? That is the Crux of all this
  18. So the Biggest news of the night is that Bartlett is no longer the Chairman, but now President Bartlett FFS His new name is West Wing....
  19. I Have been a Supporter of The Mighty Demons since about 1969 I saw my first Demon game in Round 1 1971 (50 Years!! ago) i still remember it vividly, we Smashed South Melbourne! But not once have i ever been into The Demon Shop. The location of said business is just so bad. i have always wished The Demon Shop was in the City Square, or in The Melbourne Town Hall. Then i would frequent it often We are Melbourne.
  20. What a disgraceful performance in front of Goal Lot of work this week
  21. Good I admire a Pub that can stay open during the current climate. That includes pre Covid. I have a Neighbour who owns a Pub near the CBD and he is just holding it together
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