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  1. Absolutely. The way the media portray our forward line is just wrong But who cares. We are on top with a% of 139 and at least 10% possible improvement
  2. Bailey Fritsch on the Bench, hopefully that fires him up for a big game. Glad Bedford is in the side. We need his speed up forward
  3. I think any problems we have are accuracy. We have enough shots, it’s just those 3-4 easy ones that are missed. Kick a point and the opposition get possession of the ball…
  4. They should sell 2 game Memberships for the Filth and Carlscum games
  5. Absolutely. Hawkins “Breakout” was the 2011 GF He was instrumental in getting Jeelong back into the game…
  6. What a glorious night it was. Gary Rohan played a real blinder… I HATE JEELONG
  7. Possibly because he is nowhere near the player he was before. He would struggle big time playing Finals as a defender
  8. Jackson changed the entire momentum of the game. Yes Viney was huge as well, but it was Jackson who denied The Bulldogs any touches of the Ball when he went into the Ruck so that we had total Domination Ugle-Hagen has done nothing, regardless of what Luke Darcy keeps saying
  9. But Hagen is no good and That’s why he can’t get a game. Anyway F all that. I want Jackson to stay Jack Watts was Tough compared to Ugle-Hagen Please don’t insult my intelligence LJ Played one of the GREATEST Quarters in a GF of all time
  10. Haha :) L Jackson for Ugle-Hagen That is a wonderfully ridiculous statement Watch Last years GF again
  11. JJ has been excellent this year. He deserves that wing
  12. Even if it was on Saturday there would still be only 500 MFC Supporters there It is a disgrace that we have been sent down there 18 times this century, whilst other teams NEVER play there. it is Corrupt
  13. NO PETTY IS A DEFENDER, and a very Solid one. Sadly Tomlinson seems to have lost mobility since the knee popped He would be a liability in September
  14. It’s a waste of time and money The Place is stuffed from top to bottom All Positions need to be refilled. 3 Recruitment Staff Walked out at the Same time They don’t need a review, it’s gone past that
  15. Says it all. This account looks at every game very carefully
  16. Agreed. This is a Fan exodus from the AFL Internally The MFC Football Department are probably happy to play in hostile territory against a serious opponent Us v Them
  17. We have been sent down to that Dump every year since before the Rev was coach Meanwhile other teams never play there!!! yet more inside Corruption
  18. Just had a quick catch up with Uncle, we will have drinks later tonight Me i am not venturing too far from the Hotel Pool it’s too hot during the day
  19. Would be very easy to get Walker into the Club. Just need to word the Contract very carefully. Any indiscretions and the deal is null and void. Ben Cousins lasted 2 years at Richmond, Walker isn’t at that level
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