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  1. Yes. I want to know whether the whole excercise is worthwhile
  2. Does anyone know How many AFLW Members we have, that are not MFC Members?
  3. As long as the game is played before the Bye Round each year. We cannot afford to give opponents a free ride.
  4. As a long time Resident of the Elwood. It is a big No. The area is actually below sea level. It is not viable
  5. When i hear “John from Epping” I turn off the wireless immediately Con the Fruiterer was far more intelligent
  6. Ben was a huge part of The MFC, from his very first day. Big shoes to fill
  7. It’s always hard to make any opinion off a small highlight reel, but Oliver takes one grab marks and pushes off the ground at the right moment. He could be a fantastic pick in future
  8. Lachlan Hunter for Oskar Baker My Bulldog Neighbour is absolutely furious!! Frothing at the mouth furious…
  9. Excellent way to Play Cards…Maximize the hand…
  10. There is obviously no deal signed off though. Why?
  11. Yep.. that was all I could think of as well..
  12. I think he was genuinely stoked we won the flag in ‘21 and i am sure he and Greg are both part of the WhatsApp group
  13. I heard this segment live. I am still trying to work out what was actually said. i don’t think Healy hates The MFC. He was offered a huge Contract from Dr Edelstien to go up North. But yes, the memories of he and Greg walking off the MCG together in 1987 have always stuck
  14. The AFL and SEN love betting They shove it Down our throats Daily Disgraceful
  15. As long as he has that number 13 MFC Jumper, it cool man…
  16. The Players have been offered $$$ to play an extra round. The Majority of Supporters won’t be there. Advertising Rates and Content will be off the charts
  17. Clubs get $500k Players get $200k Adelaide & Port get an extra home game have i missed anything?
  18. Should be a dual Brownlow Medallist Pathetic Situation
  19. Why would the Club make that information Public, just so SEN and Slob.bo can talk about it ad Nauseum The main problem we had in 2022 was that TMac went down in Round 10 and could not return.Sam Weiderman sadly was not up to it as a replacement. There would be other problems, but unless one is inside the Footy Department, no one can make any definitive observation
  20. Some on here think he is highly overrated, and we should trade him for whatever we can get. Pure Comedy Gold….
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