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  1. Somebody else’s turn. I am just bringing to attention, a rather bad smell has reappeared
  2. Don’t rub it in any further…
  3. Be prepared for anything It’s a Grand Final Leave everything out there
  4. Look who is back…. Don’t you touch our song
  5. J Viney 150 Make it your best Jack
  6. Just watched Robbo have a zoom chat with Allen Jakovich, sensational The great man will be at The Game Max Gawn has also given Jack Trengove a ticket ”he wants him there, part of The Demon Family “
  7. That Mark Knight Demon is a little disturbing. looks like he has popped about five eccy tabs 30 minutes ago
  8. Ohh that poster is awesome that will look great on the wall :)
  9. Just bought The Footy Record from the Newsagents. (Wish i was buying it at The Ground)
  10. I have heard the same. But have no idea what we are planning to give up.
  11. Could still get a game today. Not a problem. Never awarded a Brownlow, what an absolute joke. You will be watching on Saturday Robbie
  12. Not ready to think about 2022 yet, we still have a job to do…
  13. Bruce Woodley is a huge Demon Had a coffee with him before the Jeelong Preliminary Final We were both Nervous Wrecks!! :)
  14. Pumping that Playlist now The Neighbours will understand i am sure Gus is a Stones man. Excellent!!
  15. Schoolmates of my Uncle Played live in our backyard at Parties a few times…
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