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  1. I like the look of this: It must be to our advantage to have Lewis involved.
  2. We ain't hear the last from this lunatic: all he has done is cleave the divide in the US straight down the middle. In an ordinary so-called Democracy, he would have been jailed for this fraudulent real estate shenanigans. Instead, in this lunatic asylum run by the chief lunatics, the Trump reigns. His resonance will reverberate for many years: it can only happen in a country which has and continues to lie about itself and will until its inevitable Armageddon.
  3. Langer was always a member of Australian Cricket Dark side: witness the bail removal against Sri Lanka. Paine's true colors have emerged - he is a typical spoilt brat Aussie sook - and to even contemplate Smith after his latest escape into follyland is bizarre. Give it to Cummins, a man who talks the mensch talk and walks it as well. I would love to see an Australian Cricket captain who has read Pascoe's Dark Emu and been affected by it. Can you imagine Clark, Warne or Symonds even reading?????
  4. Stan Grant nails the deep-seated wrecking ball which lies in the heart and soul of that sham people call US Democracy. The sick politics at the heart of this week's US crisis go deeper than Donald Trump By International Affairs Analyst Stan Grant Posted 4ddays ago, updated 4ddays ago The President's dangerous delusions are a reminder the US has always teetered on the edge of collapse.(AP: Jacquelyn Martin) Share
  5. He started spruiking FRAUD long before the election. Just about every time he has opened his mouth before and since becoming POTUS, he has told one hyperbolic lie after the other_ you may recall how he invoked the US Air Force for fighting the Brits during the War on Independence, he is a mental midget who knows only how to get his way by threat, cheque books, bullying and manipulation. He is an indictment of the US of America that they elected such a narcissistic, racist sexual predator to become their President. And, yes, I would never vote for any of the snivelling evil charlatans the
  6. I would maybe rephrase your last sentence by writing: I am as dumb as sh.t and leave it at that. As for your first remark, it belongs in the Hall of Fame of Non-Sequiturs.
  7. I fail to see how any of the people/pundits you referred me to are interested in healing. I understand them as people who keep asserting that 'our' way is and was always ok. My problem with this is to do with the total amnesia about not only the acts of Colonialism, but also the ongoing issues which victims of this Colonialism now face. You show me pictures and portraits of Black Americans who I assume think everything is A Okay. Well, they ain't baby, they never have been. I also saw in the one on one discussion I watched on You Tube between a Black Brit and whoever he was, reference to all t
  8. I saw a pile of herald-Suns near the checkout at my local safeway, saw that this 'headline' took up most of the front page. I thought it was a typically low act from an organisation with a history of action from the gutter. There is a whole lot more going on in the world than something Patton is alleged to have done.
  9. You also imply that while its okay for the US to have enough WMD's to blow up the Universe five times, it's a crime for Iraq to be able to defend itself. It's the same reason North Korea armed itself to the hilt because otherwise the US would have destroyed it again. So I now fully understand where you are coming from: you believe in White Supremacy, you believe only White people should be able to have arsenals etc etc.
  10. Keep wheeling out the Uncle Toms. Have you heard of BLM?
  11. In Quarantine, enforced by Dictator Dan. I am poeta Credlin, I am Andrew Bolt. I am Rudolfo, I am looking after your welfare. I may even be Devine!!!!!!
  12. I agree, they were so very respectful. Smashing windows and looting offices etc is no crime, nor is stealing property. Yes, Trump is gonna win, of course he is, P2J. Now, can I suggest a good lie down, an ingestion of about 15 valiums, and wash it down with your tipples of choice and when you wake up, the world might be a different place. You'll no doubt wake up in the heaven your evangelical mentors have prescribed and you can maybe have a game of golf with St Paul, maybe even Jesus, who, I hear, is gonna play at one of Donnie's Scottish courses, provided he doesn't have top self quarantine f
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