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  1. The 'Sack Goodwin' contingent has lost its voice. Thank de Lord!
  2. At first glance it looked accidental: after watching it a few times, Hawkins threw his arm back at May; that's no accident. And, Hawkins has form....
  3. I'll be succinct. When I was first introduced to the ways of the Catholic Church, in North Sunshine after we arrived as migrants, I listened to the nuns and priests talk about heaven and hell. Implied was that only nuns and priests and their ilk would get through the pearly gates: that was after strapping me, inflicting finger-nailed twists on my cheeks, in other words, behaving like depraved child molesters, I determined that if these f...kers went to heaven, I'd rather take the lift Going Down. I imagine you will be on the lift going upstairs: another reason I don't wanna be there.
  4. The scenario you mention would be a nightmare, I agree. In fact, I know of a case in South Australia where a daughter lied about her father. We do need a way to get beyond this impasse. My best friend at school was assaulted by a Brother in 1966. I was the first person he talked to about it exactly fifty years later. And it is a fact that only 14% of sexual assault cases get to court because the victims are too afraid or too horrified by the process to proceed. The fact that in the Canberra Political Bubble, a member of the Government's staff was raped in a Parliamentary Office and
  5. Scomo, Christian and Co are hiding behind that same smoke screen, Mister Better Days. The bottom line - if you'd care to confront some of the issues brought about by the women in Canberra recently - is that the law is still stuck in the he said she said quagmire, and it's the reason only 14% of such cases ever proceed beyond a formal complaint.
  6. You are trying to turn this into an issue of semantics using every slight of hand known by the Jesuits and the so-called legal 'Profession'. The bottom line, Crank, is you seem stuck on defending the status quo, a status quo which allowed the likes of Risdale and the men who brutalised the likes of Rod Owen to keep on getting away with it, while you and your like wear powdered wigs and call each other Your Honour while little boys and girls get raped. In the meantime, if the boys and girls who have survived their ordeals come out and seek justice, your like want to do epistemology, your versio
  7. The issue about 'the cameramen' is that, like I say, the complaints about Pell go back to the 60's when he was a mere apprentice priest. They include a life guard at Torquay where Pell went for Christmas holidays, who walked into the changing rooms and saw Pell prancing around boys in his naked splendour. The lifeguard ordered Pell to get dressed and [censored] off. The bottom line is that unless there was/is a conspiracy by a consort of people who had an issue with Pell, the number of times he has been identified as an offender goes beyond mere coincidence. There is also the baffling
  8. Yep: like the camera men at the Whitehouse who watched Clinton and Lewinsky. I don't think you get it. DC: the Pells of the world don't rape in front of cameras. FYI there is a list of complaints about Pell's behaviour which goes back to the 1960's. Obviously all this is a Leftie, David Marr, and ABC-inspired plot to de-frock the man Greg Sheridan wanted to be the next Pope after the German Pope said Let me outta here. And you can't keep hiding behind the specious defence that there were no witnesses. There very, very rarely are because people who rape kids and women always t
  9. 'He beat the System and he must be so proud of that fact' . The trouble is, Pell WAS the System in the Catholic Church and since his reign of Terror, it has been proven that the Courts and the so-called Justice System were in total cohorts with Pell and his rapists clan. The trouble is that it wasn't only Pell, and the Salesians, the Christian Brothers and the Marists etc, you had the same level of abuse in the Salvation Army and the other so-called Christian Churches as well. Other religious institutions were also involved.Funny how rape and religion go hand in hand in our 'Civilis
  10. ' Justice Weinberg in the Court of Appeal and 7 High Court judges all said the verdict was wrong.' As they always say when it falls into their 'Learned' laps. Your statement 'Well, our legal system is better than a lynch mob,' just about sums up your position, Crank. And you love adding ammunition to your detractors by ' or a Countrytown Cameraman's Court.' Well, your Honour, if it pleases the court, these are just Countrytown Cameramen: they know nothing about the finer points of the law.
  11. Um, you don't get a lot of things, Crank, because you have a very closed mind. Not only that, by quoting Eastman and CHamberlain, you are actually proving my point that the Justice System we are yoked to, is flawed. Why should it take repeated trials to 'get it right'? And last but not least, the catalogue of complaints about Pell is as long as the conga line of suckholes like you who point out that Pell is innocent because a couple of High Court judges said so. You live in a Fantasyland which automatically classifies the victims of evil maggots like Pell as liars. Men like you are part
  12. The bottom line is that the so-called Law regarding Rape is stacked in favour of the rapist. What has also magnified the damage is the guilt and shame the victims feel, their powerlessness, the fact that in Pell's Ballarat time, abuse victims were also victimised by the authorities they reported to, parents in some cases the victimisers. Pell basically got off because one of his victims had suicided and it boiled down to Pell's word against the remaining victim's. You may recall that in the early 2000's a retired judge heard a similar complaint about Pell and ended up coming down in Pell's fav
  13. Yep, indeed. THat's where true Demons lurk.
  14. Nah. Just had the funds available to hire the most notorious practitioners of the art of sophistry in Australia. The law as practiced in our English speaking 'civilisations' is ruled by the rich. And the so-called Law when it comes to sexual assault means in essence that the victim has to prove he or she is not guilty.
  15. The whole system - as has been highlighted by the drama in Canberra - is corrupt and stacked in favour of the perpetrators of these horrific crimes. Not much has changed: Pell was able to buy his freedom, for example.
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