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  1. It was a friggin boot camp, lowest common denominator mind games, physical torture stuff. Who in his right mind, with any self respect, would allow himself to be dictated to by a psychopath?????Maybe this is your idea of promoting 'conformity' and blind allegiance. Kubrick's film Thin Metal Jacket exposes the mindset you seem to condone. Never mind, the world is made of many compartments, yours is one I respect people for avoiding.
  2. Good on him. Why allow yourself to be tortured by psychopaths?
  3. Chandler played one of the last games last year. He was injured for the first half of this year.
  4. No use talking about or contemplating 'travel' excuses: the bottom line is we should not have lost to Sydney or Fremantle. This reminds me of 1976 in some ways when Bob Skilton coached Melbourne to within a whisker of finals. We needed to beat the E Coli Wobblers at Victoria Park which we duly did, despite them knocking out Laurie Fowler in the opening minute. It went down to a game at Kardinia Park where Carlton had a chance to win after the siren care of one Robert Walls. The jerkoff missed. I have hated him ever since. Footscray made the finals at our expense that year as well: and went n
  5. 6:Gawn 5: Salem 4: Fritsch 3: Petracca 2: Langdon 1: Brown.
  6. It's a similar call Hawthorn had to make. Interestingly, Hawthorn have gone downhill since Mitchell, Hodge and Lewis were flicked. However, good and loyal as Jones has been, the writing is large, the wall even larger. It would be more dignified if he said ta ta
  7. Yep, he was a million dollar player in 2018. Postseason surgery and many injuries later, and he's a shadow. I have no time for those who rubbish him these days. He is a very good player, struck down by ailments not of his making. I wish him all the best, I hope he can regain some confidence and rhythm. If he doesn't, it won't be for the lack of commitment and dedication.
  8. So crap on a man who is down on his luck? I don't accept that reality.
  9. I recall he had surgery post 2018 season, got injured again during 2019. He's hardly been able to jump off the ground since. You armchair critics are quite harsh sometimes. Do you think he's deliberately ruining his reputation? Your assessment, Rufus, indicates you may have never played the game. Am I right?
  10. Um, bad news for ya, lad; it depends on who does the thugging.
  11. It seems to have gone unnoticed that the Battleship Mumford was fined a Grand for punching Gawn in the back of the head in the second quarter. He sure dished it out on Saturday. It reminded me of the old lawless days when most sides had a hit man. The other thing I noticed is that Langdon simply plays old fashioned footy. He runs, he's great at finding space and when he gets it, he kicks it, the way Brian Dixon used to. I do wish, however, the lad would aim a bit straighter.
  12. He doesn't kick enough of them, though.
  13. 6: May 5: Oliver 4: Langdon 3: Rivers 2: Petracca 1: Spargo
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