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  1. I loved it even more when Zorko got reported and TMac smiled in his face and offered to pick him off the floor.
  2. Watching it on anything is total stress for me: recall, I am a post 1959 veteran of wearing wines and losses and draws on both cheeks.
  3. 6: Petracca 5: Spargo 4: May 3: Oliver 2: Pickett 1: Rivers.
  4. Yes that's a good idea. Televised, I hope.
  5. WE won't mention what he wanted mummy to do to him all day and night.
  6. Maybe try a Motet by Rameau: he used to go out with Juliet.
  7. Not only did he write every clubs' song, he forgot the next day he'd done it. He used to come across a clump of his songs, read, play through them and say, Not bad. Who write these?
  8. I've just rewatched a minute or two after the 8 minutes to go mark and I'm confused. The interview I saw this morning began here and I now note it is an over 11 minute interview. THis time around, I found the opposite to what I wrote about above. Sorry, chaps and bonnie lasses.
  9. If I misheard the interpretation you heard then I stand corrected: I didn't watch the whole presentation and I definitely heard a few cheap shots at Melbourne. I was surprised, the reason I brought it up.
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