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PRESEASON TRAINING: Monday 22nd January 2024

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20 hours ago, picket fence said:

Shane Mc Adams IS A FREAK,!! Just knows where to run, is stealthy, crafty and will make a HUGE impact this year.

Thanks so much Picket. Loved reading this about McAdams. Do you know which position Kossy was playing? 

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Windsor certainly looks the goods, definitely future winger or outside mid with pace and skill.

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We already know how good Trent Rivers is by the end of 2024 he will be known in the wider AFL community, he is a real beauty.!!

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On 22/01/2024 at 14:29, picket fence said:



Prelude: Picket Fence arrives at Casey Fields and finds THE VENUE OPEN!!

Storyline: Fence hears a faint swooshing sound in car park and a materializing object which is the Time Machine from the 1960s Classic movie of the same name.

Prospective Writers dialogue as follows

P.F What the??? Cheezus it’s the Time Machine from The movie, complete with a semi transposed Rod Taylor in the role of inventor George Wells.

George Wells. Where am I? and who are you?

P.F  “I am known as Picket Fence for reasons that aren’t relevant to this narrative. Well.. you are back in the 21st Century and to be precise Monday 22nd of January 2024. How did you get back? last thing I remember was that you went forward in time to look after Eloi from those nasty Morlocks.

George Wells “Yes that is true but the Metro Goldwyn Mayer have this plan to remake the movie using off cuts and creating another end scenario”

P.F “ I see, I spose it doesn’t matter that you are meant to be deceased”?

George Wells “ Look in this day and age if they can De age Harrison Ford in Indi 5 then I can be recreated, anything is possible in movieland!

P.F “ So why are you here”?

George Wells “ Well Metro are looking for extras to play the parts of Morlocks and they are of the belief that such people live in a locality known as Magpie Land , wherever that is, can you help”?

P.F “ Yep sure but I gotta do my training report for the late arvo edition of Demonland. Just to refresh my memory what do these Morlocks look like”?

George Wells. “Yep just look at this picture”


P.F (Gagging)” Geepers they are horrid allright. Yep I know exactly where to find heaps of them, so I’ll file this report and then we will go. I hope you have 4 wheel drive in that Gizmo?

George Wells “ Roads where we are going.. we don’t need roads”

Script Editor Sorry wrong movie!!


NO SHOWS Clarry, ( More later) T.Mac, Joel Smith, also didn’t notice Koltyn Tholstrup, also not sure I noticed Trent Rivers, Tom Sparrow was doing laps as well.

REHAB, Salem, ( Running laps) Jeffo ( On Bike and weights)Melky  Bike, weights and some sideways manoeuvers. Jake Lever ( Did what looked to be a minor leg injury and spent rest of session on the bike! Lachy Hunter did a mammoth running session and ball work at full speed and looked unhampered by his calf injury.Andy Moniz Wakefield laps


I’ll leave the small drills out and you get the idea of multitasking, just concentrating on small group drills, ball, skills and interweaving patters focusing on correct options and correct disposal. These open and Clozed drills are more of less similar to others that I have reported for all of my traing reports. Discrete nuances of slight differences seem to keep things charged up and would also alleviate the potentiality of same old same old.

Main Match Sims

There were several components of each of the following 4 training drills

1 Running in waves selecting correct handball , kick and creating excellent options using ground space and alternative entries into the forward half from transitioning out of defence

2 Precision kicking to multiple targets on the lead.

3 Stoppage work near goals and either resulting in players kicking goals or creating avenues to rebound out of defence.

4 Whole ground transitioning using a lopsided manpower whereby the white shirts were outnumbered 10 to 18 With Red shirts running in waves. What this meant was the defence were outnumbered many times so had to choose to run to the player most likely to receive from the ball carrier. This was interesting in itself and players rotated through Red shirts and White so everyone had an even go of defender or attack.


Jack Billings Put on a clinic today, was in everything and his astute positioning , skills and polish were phenomenally good.

Kyah Farris White  A quick learner, looks to be developing some skills, Pace and decision making. I thought some of his grunt and efforts were good today!

Kynan Brown Will of the wisp, but quick hands, elusive and explosive pace, Might surprise a few early here.

Taj Woey Looking like he belongs, has taken some incremental confidence into this year and links up well on the move!

Disco Turner I know I haven’t been a fan but he looked composed in defence and took a couple of good grabs and ran well out of the rebound.

Blake Howes, Likewise to Disco Turner looks like settling and created some good ball use movements

Josh Schache Took some great CONTESTED Grabs and also played well as ruck around when required could be a surprise packet this year

Adam Tomlinson, well I thought he trained outstandingly well today looked a complete and competent defender.

Marty Hore, Played bigger than what he looks and I thought was excellent on the Half back Flank.

Shane Mc Adams IS A FREAK,!! Just knows where to run, is stealthy, crafty and will make a HUGE impact this year.

Caleb Windsor Well I can see why we drafted him, full of class, and excellent by hand and foot. Will play games this year!

The usual Cast of Spargy,Kossy, Nibbler, May,Tracc, Gus and BBB also were significant.

Final word goes to Noah Yze. ON WHAT I SAW TODAY, he is a monty to be drafted by us, has skills, speed and is a very very good player already!

TRAINING HIGHLIGHT??? This one is for u WCW

FRITTA near centre of the ground, gathers the ball, CRASHES NOT 1 BUT 2 TACKLES and layed the ball off VERY CLARRY LIKE. Now just to get the great man back!!!


It remains to be seen if we have fixed our forward entries and conversion rates, some relatively easy shots just miss, but it is the just miss that bothers me, In close game like last years finals and just goal or just miss can make all the difference. Great to see 100 or so people enjoying training INSIDE the ground for a change, nice one MFC cheers to all P.F

P.S Slithers had the day OFF!

Great report PF, many thanks!


Great to hear someone else agree and SEE Billings, McAdam value — If they stay healthy they’ll 💯 add IMMENSE value and ROI wise could be the years best recruits!!!


Missing shots at training unfortunately has almost ZERO correlation to big-time shots on goal esp at pointy end — Just two very very different things so even if slotting them as you saw LY, we did for 6wks and very quickly went the other way, it’s between the ears come finals, mixed with luck!

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