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  1. Have you noticed Bowey never wastes a disposal will be elite in my opinion
  2. i said pregame that we should have started Jacko in the middle and Max forward exactly what they wern't expecting
  3. ye s to all of that but he is a very fierce character and is willing to compete
  4. Yes and the police and & news tell the truth Ho Hummmm Thats the problem Fake News
  5. Start Jacko on the ball and Max forward Really [censored] them up!!!
  6. Just watched the PF Jack could easily have been best He got so much ball and competed for 4 quarters Really great to see
  7. Melbourne supporters going to the snow!!
  8. Picket Have a look at some of Weids' games this year I just did and I can understand him not getting a berth His skills attack and body language are extremely poor I really wish he has some upside but I cannot see it and his whole year has been poor
  9. Now that the health advice will miraculously change in time to allow for small functions on GF day I will attend a small function How convenient for No plan Dan
  10. Last time we played Dogs Gawn had a fantastic game in the wet very similar to Friday nights We still lost for 3 reasons I ) DIdn't kick goals when we had the opportunity 2) Our midfield didn't take advantage of Gawns' dominance 3) The Bont won the game in the last 3 minutes with one goal and a fantastic goal assist
  11. Weideman is kicking up a stink at not getting a game. Is he kicking up a stink?? If so best way forward is to hold a few marks improve your attack on the ball improve your body language and KIck some goals
  12. There is currently as far as i know at 80% and that is Malta Most other countries are aiming and accepting lower threshold
  13. I will reply if that's ok with you Bin see Article regards Israel experience they are about 6 months ahead of us It is not as cut and dried as you purport
  14. Do you include the Black lives matter and the extinction protesters in this and btw there are as many epidemiologists' opinions as there are epidemiologists We must vaccinate as we do for all other diseases
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