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  1. We get Grundy because they want him gone simple and we don't need to over pay.
  2. can somebody please tell me why we are chasing Grundy? Is Max not able to ruck next year full time? I'm not a fan and think we can do more with the 600 or so grand we need to pay over 5 years making Grundy 34 and Max 35plus
  3. the conversion rate is a real problem already More inside 50s will make the rate worse unless our kicking for goal improves
  4. If he didnt have some understanding of what is obvious in terms of change, I for one would be extremely worried
  5. I agree I cant see how he improves us either no matter how hard I try
  6. we dont need to trade for Grundy in my view They will give him away eventually
  7. Some on here DD have a cargo cult attitude to the Staff and game plan You just cant question apparently
  8. Yes I am yet to be convinced that a high cost player ( First Round +$400000) is going ot address our current list issues
  9. Perhaps the Journo involved could have interviewed the accused as well to bring any other perspectives to light I just don't think making accusations alone is enough and like all of these matters rarely tested in open and fair environments because of the way it is brought to light. It will be interesting to see how this plays but damage is certainly a consequence
  10. Yes you may be right WD about game plan but Jordan has been doing it since he started and Spargo getting free space is also obvious in most games
  11. Some on here mustn't watch the games Jordon is a momentum killer extraordinaire. Not only does he wait, walk back and then ignore free players he has never played on and has never hand balled to a player running past WE need offensive pressure and he doesn't provide it At the moment he is a poor winger half back with great skills but no attacking footy nous. BTW i agree with D4life Spargo is free a lot and is criminally ignored At least that is something we should be able to fix
  12. So why wasn't he played at the end of the season??
  13. in the end he just another lawyer ho hummmm!
  14. Thanks Luci Really appreciate your ongoing work on this data base Invaluable reference for me and I'm sure many others on here. Have a great offseason mate see you next season
  15. Yet to see anything like that description from Smith Seven years in and he is looking like abust Enjoy the vFL Joel
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