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  1. we would be a better chance if we sopped bombing it in indiscriminately
  2. I have never seen Joel play and acceptable game Has anybody else seen one?
  3. so we are a lil exposed in my view we have no back up ruckman in training we dont really have a creditable KPF and we have no replacement for May as yet No replacement for Oliver or Petracca that I can see The list looks and feels hollow
  4. TMAc shouldn't be playing at all Why do they persist
  5. So we will finish on 14 wins enough for 7th or 8th Not good enough Can't see any spark in the team at the moment or leadership that will change Gawndys asessment
  6. Difference is Goodwin is trying not to lose rather than the riskier trying to win WE lose drive method and control of tempo as a result The last 2 games have borne this out Look at the ladder based on Round11 last year to round 11 this year Shows exactly where the dees are ie nowhere
  7. The disturbing thing is that there is zero modification to the game style during the game when its obviously not working we keep doing the same things like robots I'm starting to blame the coaching.Now where is that thread "Is Goodwim ...........
  8. so about now we have 9,15,27,34 guestimate we are not in the trading mix for higher picks if this continues
  10. I'm already there mate!!!!🫡
  11. you cannot buy a scotch and soda in the MCC reserve Pacific Ale is the second worst beer in australia
  12. we have yesterdays game plan that is obvious
  13. Last week was the must win in my view we are now separated from the top with 3 hard games to come Agree 6th or 7th looks a real possibility
  14. Exactly what we did last year This coaching group dont seem to learn YOU CANNOT GO THROUGH THE WHOLE SEASON WITH YOUR MIDFIELD PLAYING EVERY GAME THEY NEED TO REST
  15. SO the rain was unforecast? WE went in too tall again has exposed poor selection and coaching Good =win was thrashed in the coaching box Sat like a stunned mullet just hoping something would change
  16. In my view Brayshaw should never ever play in the middle He is a great half back and they only move him to let Salem in How did salem play?
  17. So is Petracca injured? We are playing injured players again like last year Wow!!! Viney was managed out of the contest by Drew good coaching Brayshaw is a HBF not a midfielder Kossie is a small forward not a midfielder S May you can kick out to the other side if you want So predictable Max You got worked over by better coaching Harmes should have played TMAc shouldn't have played
  18. Agree completely Werridee High risk selections in a must win game. We didnt need to take any risk as we have others to choose from
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