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  1. And there lies the problem stats you can read into them all you want he is a tip watch the damm game and make changes when things don't work coaches sit in the stands and can see the overall ground you cant tell me they see a whole forward continually get sucked up the ground and Stafford thinks thats ok, inside fifties stat is the worst stat in the game means jack [censored]. What I am hoping is that they have built a hard block of training and it will now be eased off for the run home.
  2. Spargo is one of the few players who has composer and a football brain when the forward line was more open that's when he shines.
  3. It is not just my opinion but of many others he is a limited footballer but you need to stick at what you are good at I blame the coaches for the loss last week the dogs rely on Caleb and he was allowed to run free all night he is one their main barometers with how they are going gee even kicked a goal, the Bont allowed to stand alone a ball ups seeing he is on hell of a footballer why should that happen, Smith allowed to roam free with ease I think the coaches don't react quick enough but just keep on relying on their system, you should be able to tinker with it without losing the system. Kick outs everyone know out to the left out to the left thats all we do rely on Max to mark it, forward line the past few weeks have been sucked up to the half forward line in packs look at down the ground footage all bunched together why, how about BB stands in the goal square with and some other players wide on the flanks give our midfield other options to deliver to not just pockets at least try something at least give Tmac a chance to mark or lead for the pill. Having said that we can beat the other sides if we get our act together with our midfield and forward line
  4. No when Harmes went purely as a tagger he was ok now he is trying to do that and attack he does not have the ability to do both or have the football smarts.
  5. Bowie yes not sure about Declase but has some silk about him from what I have watched take Viney out and put Gus in the guts nearly would put ANB out and Chandler in. But doubt there will be to many changes if we go by Goodwins past.
  6. Forward and midfield coaching staff change places because Gawn has no idea where his midfield is forward line has no idea where to run to its just go to a pack and hope.
  7. . Stats are the most over rated thing in football it's what you do with it that counts. It's also what you do without the ball that is also important.
  8. If Daw gets a game we at the bottom of the barrel.
  9. Out Harmes, ANB and Hibbard, Lucky Fritsch and Salem IN Sparrow, throw open the other two Smith, Bowie. On notice coaching staff poor effort tonight.
  10. Harmes drinking his own bathwater Viney = rugby player Fritsch don't touch my hair or chase. Big composure from a top side just get ball and kick without looking or to the wrong side. Forward line coach hopeless Midfield going backwards remind me who's coach? But still not out of it YET first 5 min will tell.
  11. Wrong picket, if they work out a system on how to deliver the ball into the forward line that will go down as the great efforts of the season.
  12. And he does that a lot, this is not the first time.
  13. The real problem was that no change to the forward line when it was clearly evident that it was not working should have spread the players out instead of gathering in one spot we just got sucked in and that is a coaching error. If anyone has listened to Nick Riewoldt on how he played the one thing I took away and that was keep moving your opponent around on the run all day that is something we do not do, players standing still or standing behind their opponent. Next year I hope there are coaching changes with this area of our game.
  14. Viney could have run another 10 metres but no, just took the first option a poor one at that.
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