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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. There would not have been a problem with Kossie if he had continued the action of his arms up at contact instead of turning his body to allow engagement of his shoulder to his head. The decision on Maynard was wrong but if he also had contacted Gus with his arms up with the continuation of a smother Gus would still be playing, and would not have been an issue.
  2. Now how about we get a proper forward line coach to teach the kid how to use his body and positioning to help him to become a better forward.
  3. There is a fine line but a vast majority of kids coming into the system are not ready for the grind of AFL there are some exceptions and that will always be but in general yes I would hold them back an extra year I think the kids would benefit from it emotionally and physically, I know I am in the minority on this but it's my view....
  4. Young players come from a system where expectations sometimes exceed their ability, but in my view players can nurture and grow given the short amount of time they are given at AFL level but the one non negotiable aspect is when it's your turn to go into a contest or chase an opponent you go hard. This has been Schache's problem seems like a nice guy but lacks intensity at the contest and that has been his downfall at the lions, dogs and now us and unfortunately Jefferson looks a bit like him at the contest. I also believe that the under 18's competition should be scrapped and the under 19's competition replacing it as I think they are drafted to early, an extra year means they can concentrate on finishing school before they get into the system.
  5. And then the tigers, pies, hawks all would want to do the same thing so don't think that's going to happen......
  6. Well that rules him out of the seniors then....
  7. I think so, in fact a switch type of player but would give him a decent Crack as a forward.
  8. What I like about Turner is he crashes packs with force when going for a pack mark, he is also a good reader of the play and a good kick and mark.
  9. If anyone gives a glowing report on this enter them into Literature award for fiction.
  10. This is embarrassing for so called backup AFL players.
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