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  1. Sorry for enjoying life and not all Australians do that, and you talk about stereotypes.....
  2. 2+2=4 not 5 social media has done more harm than good it's turned people into conspiracy theorists on every subject.
  3. suggest you watch the replays from last year then we were gone before round 10 forward line was woeful, bit hard to lead into space when you only play the left side of the ground and force forwards to lead into pockets, as they say harder the angle harder kick for goal.
  4. Or Mick could teach Goody how to transfer the ball around the ground, between the two a match made in heaven.....
  5. Greg Williams wasn't to shabby, but agree, if he adds more goal kicking to his game he goes up another level, but Flower is the best melbourne player still...
  6. Contracts means nothing look at Grundy etc all it shows is good faith but can be broken anytime...
  7. Because under most constitutions you need a certain percentage of members of the membership to set these types of actions in motion.
  8. Turner for me, will turn out a very solid player in the backline, got a bit of mongrel in him.
  9. Wow 1950's you say, well I will take humour over the new generation of snowflakes anytime maybe try and get one.....
  10. Now that's the way the minority want it, so the football world that says if want to be a pie supporter you have to have no teeth, bomber supporters all take drugs, demon supporters go to the snow after round two etc, so we should all stop that, the world has gone mad and people are losing their sense of humour, and humour is what this country was built on....
  11. Jesus grow a hide, how soft is this world coming becoming if that throw away line offends you.
  12. After being on a board of a club I can tell you people ore only interested to be involved unless it affects them, for instance if the club were to merge etc otherwise it is something that they enjoy for 6 months of the year and thats it.
  13. Would prefer to have someone who knows how the play the forward role, but do we really think Stafford is going to be moved into a different role or replaced?
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