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  1. Zimbabwe had a fair percentage of dutch people in its early days before Mugabe, but who cares, the kid looks of a good size and now we have the right development he will come on faster than say Watts who I would have liked to have seen with Mark Williams there now.
  2. shhhhhhhhh to early to go with that......🤣🤣
  3. Next year we will have our neck right in it because as much as we have a load of talent not all can get games so some will want to leave or we will trade some harsh but fact.
  4. Thank you, back story said I would get one if we won a flag nearly 65 now my daughter said she will get the same never had a tattoo but would love the help with it, this is my mobile 0403898961 my name is Peter Russell thanks again.

  5. No big deal we have another 12 of them......bit of luck could be quite a few more to come.
  6. Glad I looked this morning great tip I don't usually bet on horses but won $220 so I'm happy well done old dee what a year.
  7. Shilling!! you might have to explain that to the younger folk.......lol
  8. Have no doubt she will end up coaching, her comments in the third quarter I think where a passage of play with Landon running with the ball and had to choose between kozzie short or Tmac long even that muppet BT just said wow and she was right.
  9. It's called confidence in you kicking ability, also great pass to BB in the last.
  10. That is a great idea 40k or so watching the best B&F at the G that would be something special and a first for a club to do that.
  11. Duck your head mate mentioning Viney sensitive subject on here.
  12. Never worry about Karma over rated, no I don't feel bad about Jack I still see more upside with other players, in the end performance will be the factor if it is him so be it but you should always have your 😳😳😳😳 and mind open.
  13. Well you had to say it so, yes he changed his game style and was a better player for it, guess he read my posts and adapted good on him for that but it does not mean you cannot upgrade lets see how pre season goes before I change my mind.
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