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  1. I think I will wait till Salem gets back in to answer that question saves the headache.
  2. BB is a lead up forward and one on one in marking contests he is not a pack marker and that's part of our problem we still just bomb it in for periods of the game and that makes it hard for him, as for JVR leave him in the two to develop, lots of good signs in his game but let's face it north we're pretty hopless.
  3. No it's not what Weid does it's how he goes about it, for christ's sake we did beat, a side that's won two games I would like Weid to succeed but he needs to attack the pill as if he is going to hurt someone and chase the same when he is not in the contest.
  4. Wish he had some like his grandfather Murray he would own CHF but then again I don't think he would play many games the way it is umpired now....
  5. And that is the problem with him and Daw if they are out of reach they don't chase, they stop unless it goes back to them.
  6. The one thing I found interesting was when channel 7 went into the rooms after the a game and the interviews were on players were sitting in groups with the line coaches and were having a chat about the game this apparently is a normal thing for them to have a short debrief before the Monday training session, just a different way to tell them what went right and what went wrong and what will be worked on during the week.
  7. Neeld had his faults but the players ran the club during the Bailey/Neeld era until Jackson came in and appointed Roos thats when it started to change.
  8. and this is why he is the dumbest person in football, does not think it through just blurts out crap.
  9. Did not fade it was a case of a dysfunctional forward line that has not really fired all year, a quarter here and there ,you just cannot just keep bombing it in.
  10. I disagree Oliver's kicking is way behind Flower, Robbie was never rushed in is kicking always took that extra half second , Oliver still needs to take his time before kicking the pill he still has a tendency to rush it on the boot but he will get there.
  11. And Flower could kick a hell of a lot better, if Oliver can clean this area up he will go close.
  12. There were plenty of baggers giving it to the club about the trade and May!!
  13. No Langdon getting tagged is a good thing now it shows their hand it is up to coaches to work it out, get Langdon to run his opponent even harder in different pattens around the ground they cannot tag 3-4 players because it will upset their playing style in the end.
  14. Don't usually watch 360 but did Monday night Robinson is a complete tool and a waste of breath, goes from one side to another yells when he talks and just asks dumb questions, christ I can butcher the english language but he is on a whole new level.
  15. Flag was last year, teams move on we have got away with it for now, with amount of entries over the last few weeks we have to stop looking to kick to both pockets to deliver to, I know it's part of the game plan but sometimes you need more than plan A.
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