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  1. To be fair to the club they did try to trade Oscar prior to delisting him but Oscar had no trade currency .It was obvious in 2019 that Oscar still wasnt up to it but the club honoured the final year of his contract .He has nothing to complain about and the separation should be on good terms ,Oscar has the draft open to him but i think his AFL days are over .
  2. the only thing that matters is that he stayed .All the remaining hyperbole is only a distraction and of no consequence .
  3. No I mean Jack Grimes .Jack Trengrove was a similar tale of woe ,a great player struck down by a seemingly innocuous injury .However I did not rate him as highly as Jack Grimes.If you add Mitch Clark and Jack Viney you will agree that we have been indescribably unlucky with foot injuries .No other club comes close .
  4. tough on Jack Grimes.More a case of injury coming rather than talent leaving .Jack until his foot problems was a very talented player .
  5. We kept Viney and that was the number one concern for me .If we had of got Saad but lost Viney that would have been a complete disaster .
  6. gee you are being generous to a number of players.surely kk and jetta and perhaps jones should also retire ,bedford hore chandler and hannan are not required and we should be working to get them off the list , nietschke can be moved to the rookie list . our top 10 are as good as any other in the comp but we have to make sweeping changes to the bottom half .
  7. He never became an AA defender .The deficiencies in his game with us are still his deficiencies at Collingwood ..
  8. I hope this isnt fake news .comes into the too good to be true category .
  9. Well actually he has been doing nothing in the past 2 years which is a significant form slump .No more c and d graders traded on to the list ,we have more than enough of these already .We are in the football business not the wishful thinking business and if a player can not be seen as in our best 22 there is no point in chasing him
  10. no loss purely from a football point of view .Harleys body was never right for AFL footy and i am confident that we would never be able to get it right no matter what was attempted .Another of our feel good stories that came to a sad end.
  11. interesting how AVB is quicker than Jayden.I should have went to Specsavers .
  12. the list isn't even close to what is required for a premiership and incremental improvement by a few players won't change that .The top half of the list is fine but we fall away too quickly .We have little in the way of draft picks so the only way to bridge the gap is via the trade period .A couple of trades to fix the pace issue will see us on the way .
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