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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. That’s two ordinary showings from Oliver in a row. He ain’t the player he was.
  2. And he’ll likely be injured for the entire year. That hamstring/calf seems to be blowing out and on the back of no pre season will linger..
  3. We don’t need draft picks. We’re in the window “apparently”. We need a key or Mid sized key forward with natural forward craft.
  4. Petty has one arm inside of an Adelaide Crows jumper. It’s clear as day!
  5. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/25951124-162e-49b5-a052-312293cb40c8/gif#O9XyZi0H.copy
  6. If we are the real deal we should be coming out that with 3 wins.
  7. I’m not worried, as @binman often points out. “We are clearly in a high density loading phase..” What the club is loading, I’ll leave that up to Demonland to elaborate on. 3 changes in 3 weeks with 2 away games in those “12 days” which isn’t 12 days as we would have had 6-7 days leading into the port game. We can’t carry Oliver if he is going to serve up that garbage.
  8. Essendon lost again.. Cue up another Mick Warner and Robinson 6 day hatchet job about Melbournes “Drug Culture”.
  9. The AFL should have an app that lets you sync any of the stations up to it the game. My kingdom for when fox get to call every game.
  10. So far I think outside the Port game we”ve been favourites. The lid comes off if we beat Carlton off a 5 day break post geelong at the G.
  11. Better man than me. There was no internal laughter on my part! All outward!
  12. I just watched the Mitchell post game presser. He was pretty humble about his team getting their pants pulled down. His smugness came out when he said he thought Petracca wasn’t dominant today.. He’s had bigger games sure, but he walked it out of their “gun” midfield which is supposed to be their 1 wood and made them look like boys! I’ll never get sick of pumping the dorks! Watching their supporters have nothing to cheer about was the best part for me yesterday.
  13. I'm pretty sure we did get a free kick.
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