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  1. The weid has had ample time to make it. Move on people. If he goes he goes, if he stays he plays for Casey.
  2. I heard McKay is gettable this trade period. If there is even the slightest chance. I hope we explore all options.
  3. Question for @binman If Petracca is more likely to play more time forward and ANB’s main job is to cover Petracca’s opponent defensively in the middle when he plays in the middle. Surely there is no need for ANB and he is first dropped after his last couple of games..
  4. I reckon Petracca has had about 10+ of these reset recovery sessions since last Friday. He’s giving Walt Disney a run for his money! My gut feel is he’ll run out looking like this tomorrow!
  5. JVR just ran out with a shirt that says “I am debuting in a final and will be the next Dermott Brereton”
  6. Average at best? He’d just kicked 11 goals in 4 games and taken 5 contested marks, was averaging 12-13 disposals a game. IMO he was in good form and building.
  7. I got in on my phone at 1006am. Got 3 in Level 2 almost where my membership seat is. No problems!
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