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  1. I would rather spend that extra 10 bux on petreon'ing The Dees Podcast & The Deebrief!
  2. The huge contract he signed to come across on.
  3. Normally you have to be able kick goals and hit targets to win a brownlow?
  4. Marvel is our spiritual home! haven't lost there in years!!!
  5. I spoke to membership today. I am an 11 year consecutive gold member & I was told you need to register on a monday/tuesday and the system will work as follows. Gold Members are Priority 1. will get first access at say 9-11am. Then Silver get access from 11-1pm and then bronze and so on. Apparently if you miss you slot you can try in the next one but you fall into that bracket etc.
  6. Tough Gig.. Must enjoy polishing [censored] lol
  7. My Surprise Packet will be Oskar Baker and my whipping boy will always be ANB.
  8. In a club that has 1 200 game player and historically a very high turn over of players. Nothing to hang his hat on.
  9. Melksham is definitely not one of our best players.
  10. Perfect! Put him on the long term injury list and get someone who tackles and can actually get more than 7 disposals a game in!
  11. Sounds too logical for Goodwin. I like it though!
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