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  1. Nothing Surer. Will be the next Hayden Kennedy in 15 years..
  2. And I'd argue Ben Brown could consistently play this role better than Sam. Go to youtube type in Ben Brown 2019 highlights. If he could deliver half of that, he is already doing better the Weidemans Best season (which was 2020 from a goals point of view).
  3. Aside from Weideman's age. He doesn't have much going for him. Too Timid, no confidence or consistency. We aren't in a development stage anymore. The time is now. If Weid gets dropped sooks up and leaves, so be it. We need to pick the best side to trying a pinch a flag while we are in the window. Aside from the Big 4 (Rich, Hawks, Cats Eagles). Most sides only get about to years at their peak to win a flag. Get Ben Brown, Mitch Brown in. Who cares just get someone in that will have a crack!!
  4. De Goey isn't even fit to look him in the eye now!
  5. Yes Danger games sure, but now we only need to split the last 10 to finish top 2.
  6. Out: Melksham In Langdon. Weid actually presented attacked the pack and bought the ball to ground creating goals. Brown hasn't played for 3 weeks. They won't be bringing him in (Mitch or Ben). Weid needs to just start marking a few and converting and he is set. Coming off a restricted Pre Season and he wouldn't have much fitness from the VFL because of that stupid Zoning rule not allowing him to play a normal AFL system. Stick with him. Hopefully he comes good in a GF like Hawkins did!
  7. I like the fact he has random simpsons tatts!
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