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  1. Loving the overall positivity from the DL’ers today… very very nice to see! Some really positive signs, thanks Andy for helping get us info and pics etc — love your work as always! — Love that Kolt was up and about, pulled at HT so we’ll see him tonight! — I think Fullarton rucking all game is a HUGE footnote personally… terrific signs! Could be a R1 Smoky now for sure given fwd woes and McAdam 80% likely to miss.. — SURELY Clarry plays now, it’d be counterproductive to hold him back now and likely a slight kick in guts. I’d have him 85% likely at present since he says he’s pulled-up well. — Seston dobbing 3 is another lovely song, kid can finish & I think he might be a player if he can cont to build an AFL tank & physique, he is def closing in on both!!! We need all the natural kickers & finishers we can get… — Wrapped for Jeffo, have been a keen observer of his since pre-draft and think with Petty (if he stays), JVR & MJ we’re building a really unique, dynamic set of Key Fwds to them have mids and smalls play off of. Each brings something very different, JVR the leading, aerobic, natural talent, Petty the crafty strong hands with high IQ & Jeffo the mark at highest-point, Bean-pole with some panache & flair!!! — TMAC an important depth defender — Hore a natural fitting smart defender who adds something different & plays tall/small — AMW cont to grow that 1-3% a week towards being an AFL player. Confident he’ll get there and AGAIN is something different in his skill set, style & make-up to what we have in the smalls dept
  2. Well get used to it! It’s likely gonna shown at least early, reiterated by Richo & makes sense at stages given he keeps getting tagged out of games at HB
  3. Talk about a headline that makes you go ‘’MEH’ — Such a tool.. Goody has been safe, yes! But that’s not known cus of Lloyd, that’s for sure… I am looking fwd to seeing some of that change this year as I think its likely one of our biggest changes re having more gears to go to and less safe at times! But honestly Lloyd, is perhaps less on money than Cornes!
  4. Crazy! Shock horror neither Cornes or King had him in their combined top 10 finish Brownlow locks.. morons
  5. Yeah that Clarry.. he’s SO flaky I mean just look at his 7yr record 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Yep, we’re perfect — clearly! 😂 Your point about the pies is EXTREMELY narrow sighted, they needed LUCK more than they needed skill. Did their skill make 6 demon shots miss form spots that have a 70% avg success rate in a qtr? Did their grit ensure that they won nearly every 50/50 decision in the final 3qtrs? LUCK is king and never forget it, luck > skill equation only amplifies in small margin finals. It’s hard to swallow but it’s fact. Sure you get runs like us in 21’ but even that had elements of luck, the dogs failures to get that extra goal to put them 23 up, etc.. run and carry is a super-simplified term, we’re adding strings to an arsenal, gears to a chain.. to combat a 10-15% swing toward a more offensive overall brand..
  7. Yea, they were.. but it doesn’t change the fact we were the dominant side and we don’t really need to change much at all apart form what we clearly already are working on, being f50 momentum, chain & connection via addressing which players are in that dangerous space (Spargo, Laurie, Windsor, Rivers, Salem, Brayshaw etc) & who’s moving into the i50 space, and where ie shallow AND deep, 15-20m options off of a flare cut or a reverse-lead to create space horizontally, diagonally not just deep and straight or it a pocket, more outside 50m into 50m leads, more swinging of sides with blocks, fake blocks etc it’s an all encompassing strategy that enables more options & better shots, but we’ve still gotta kick em — doesn’t matter who you are, if you keep missing ANYONE will beat you ANY week, simples!
  8. Huh…? Your making MY point mate haha I don’t think you got my jib.. I’m not saying he’s a blvr, I’m saying that they’re all full of hot air — And that they all know we’re a good side & all this fluff about us dropping-off is exactly what you said, shock-jock sensationalism. My point is that underneath, they’re the same as any neutral supporter, ie they have no idea & just wanna make the next bold prediction knowing if wrong no one will remember & they’ll get clicks along the way. Ones like King, Cornes etc who specifically went hard on us LY, let emotion rule their public ‘opinion’ & they inflate their own self importance, so when they talk about us all hear like he did with Hoyne and asking if the predictive stats still show MELB are best side etc, when we lose instead of pointing to fact we just didn’t convert, he decides to go all out the other way and say we have a bad culture, that we’re a disappointment etc etc ergo my entire point is.. he like many more are entirely FULL OF IT!!! I’ve been anti-media for many years, so you’re barking up the wrong tree there amigo, just to clarify — hope that helps clear it up.
  9. I actually disagree wholeheartedly! I think our year depends largely on the next group stepping up, be it Gus, Rivers, McVee, Salem, Sparrow, Spargo, JVR, Kos, Langdon, Petty, Hunter, Billings & McAdam… May, Max, Lever, Trac, Viney, Oliver will do their thing no matter what — but the above group is where the heavy-weight of improvement or growth will come, then anything strong (top 10-15 player lvl of perf) from Windsor, JVR, Howes, Kolt, AMW, Fullarton, Adams, Disco is crème!!! But I suspect Windsor might have a roll to play already, which is hard to decipher if it’s a good or bad thing but either speaks to desperate need or a burgeoning, overwhelming talent.
  10. I mean dabble now have us $10 as it is.. 😂😂😂 do what I’m doing if it annoys you, take their money folks! I mean the SWANS are $9 FFS 🤣🤣🤣
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