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  1. So do we need a replacement for BB and Weid or not? My view is we should already have one in training its unfortunate we didn't a few years ago Another chance in the mid season draft ! Did we look at any possibles?
  2. He needs more than that in my opinion You cannot play the same 22 every week for 22 weeks The FD needs to strategically rest some players and freshen the group Any that's my view !!
  3. Rest Max In Daw Weid out to pasture In M Brown Rest Sparrow In Melksham
  4. It appears to me we cannot use our standard game plan at the SCG It removes one of our strengths playing through the Wings
  5. Charlie Kicked 3 last time to break the Pies spirit There was no Max No Jackson Surely we smash this lot and send them back to the bottom Go dees
  6. Is our current pick available next year end of round 2 assuming we finish on top??? If we cant trade higher basically we wont be getting any significant talent Who can we trade for picks?
  7. So other than Weid we dont have a developing KPF we could have addressed it at the MS Draft!
  8. Yes Agree Cheesy Bowey a rplacement for Hibbo 2023 and Rosman a replacement for Langton. We also have Tomlinson to consider What about Bradke after Jackson is he still required ?we have put a bit of work into him
  9. Love Mitch Brown Always does his job unspectacularly
  10. Surely we need cover for T Mac Gawn BBB Daw who are all i the twilight zone I mean long term development players essentially
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