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  1. Just what we need in the forward line, another MOY candidate to compete with Kozzie
  2. Thanks Loges please advise the reaction on here. Kent doesn't Care!!!🙄
  3. I really am not bothered whether we get McAdam or not Maybe we should tell Adelaide exactly that
  4. we were negligent last time i propose.
  5. its a con the afl are corrupt in my view and the umpires are complicit in ,managing outcomes I wish it wasnt so but thats the optics
  6. Bias is a conspiracy with out a doubt incompetence parading as competence is prta of a conspiracy
  7. Yep he has been practising that for years Coached by the best almost team in the league
  8. we have a huge hole developing in our age profile 23 to 27 The premier ship window is lower now than last year cant see us top 4 next year and thats when your age profile matters
  9. what the hell for pay him out its so hard to watch him trying
  10. surely thats why we recruited him Max didnt want to transition it seems to me one knee injury form disaster as you stated
  11. agree with this assessment Ralph average 1.4 goals a game. Also doesnt improve our age profile
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