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  1. ye s to all of that but he is a very fierce character and is willing to compete
  2. Yes and the police and & news tell the truth Ho Hummmm Thats the problem Fake News
  3. Start Jacko on the ball and Max forward Really [censored] them up!!!
  4. Just watched the PF Jack could easily have been best He got so much ball and competed for 4 quarters Really great to see
  5. Melbourne supporters going to the snow!!
  6. Picket Have a look at some of Weids' games this year I just did and I can understand him not getting a berth His skills attack and body language are extremely poor I really wish he has some upside but I cannot see it and his whole year has been poor
  7. Now that the health advice will miraculously change in time to allow for small functions on GF day I will attend a small function How convenient for No plan Dan
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