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  1. WHAT ABOUT THE LAST TWO YEARS POLLY? They arn't part of the 5 years? They were supposed to be wern't they?
  2. According to some on here we are only a couple of players away from success! I very much doubt it myself and I think our list is not good enough particularly the bottom half A few players isn't in my opinion going to do it and we will waste another year before going back to the old drawing board.
  3. Quite right Dr. This team,in my opinion, is a long long way off a GF Everything will have to go right for us to even get close Players have to play above themeselves, develop markedly and gain some mental toughness I just hope it happens by magic
  4. So what happened last year? Did we not advise we were already in the final window? We completely over rated our list from 2018 particularly our bottom 10 players Now we start again Geesus! Who on here thought OMac and ANB were going to make it and a few others Very poor strategy from the footy department in my opinion We wasted 2 years hanging on waiting for them to come good. This in conjunction with a game plan that didnt suit our players meant a poor season again. Oh well as many on here say 'There is always next year!'
  5. Is there going to be a reserves competition next year?
  6. you forgot an esteemed Psychiatrist to fix the mentals
  7. Lord he has ben job hunting since August when family told me Goneeeeee!
  8. Your clarity of logic is wasted Mooney Doesn't get it
  9. Edison was a crook who was more interested in business than inventions Manipulated investors and fellow scientists stole and improved most of his work Urban myth?
  10. Nightmare for me is that we lose Oliver and keep JV for another 5 years Its obvious to me who is the selfish one.Also obvious whose skill we would miss most.
  11. absolutely correct I wouldn't touch Smith. Hunter is a gun so much upside and ready for a long future
  12. I still dont know what to make of him looks the goods then goes missing for long periods Has some usefull skills I would probably try to keep him
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