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  1. So the senior coach has either not picked up on this weakness or ignored it. Why does it need Yze to point it out?
  2. Have Been invited to Richmonds' after a game or two and it is very busy for a couple of hours after the game maybe 500 or so DOnt know what they do with it other times!
  3. I wasn't aware T Mac was injured last year If he was why did they play him?
  4. That Damo is exactly how the footy department should approach this year Agree completely!!
  5. Certainly Weideman Brayshaw Melksham Harmes and hopefully Jackson There are a few that need a real rocket like Melksham. Impovement is likely if the coach decides to play the players in the right positions Need to see Kossie come on and the new men could be any thing A lot to look forward to in 2021
  6. Yes Darkhorse they have shrunk every year for at least 12 years and they are made of petroleum products I think! Certainly not a natural product Where are all the greenies when you need them?
  7. me to we have so many Just cant throw them out
  8. Very very good point BW Even when our guys are on top in a game there is always a critical turnover at some point in the game that we seem incapable of recovering from and then the momentum changes and we are very soon on the back foot defending grimly> How many times we see this. It is very frustrating to watch and if Goodwin cannot fix this flaw then our improvement and results will not be forthcoming
  9. And quite honestly given his condition and injuries why would they ask him to bulk up ? It would want to be a very compelling argument to get agreement form the senior player whose career was at the crossroads.
  10. if he is smart and knows his body of course he would argue against it!
  11. Given Toms' lack of mobility and injuries why the hell would Tom agree to putting on bulk? beggars belief and really its down to TOM.
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