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  1. I couldn't agree more we are holding it all.Use the opportunity to get him on the cheap
  2. did so so sorry LN understand the trade now
  3. Why sweeten the CW deal? We don't have to as they have decided to push him we are the only suitor Give the minimum in my view
  4. Agree Sir They are struggling and have nothing to trade
  5. We get Grundy because they want him gone simple and we don't need to over pay.
  6. can somebody please tell me why we are chasing Grundy? Is Max not able to ruck next year full time? I'm not a fan and think we can do more with the 600 or so grand we need to pay over 5 years making Grundy 34 and Max 35plus
  7. the conversion rate is a real problem already More inside 50s will make the rate worse unless our kicking for goal improves
  8. If he didnt have some understanding of what is obvious in terms of change, I for one would be extremely worried
  9. I agree I cant see how he improves us either no matter how hard I try
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